Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful day. ❤ Since I first started my blog two winters ago, I have been periodically sharing short stories - you may have seen a few of them! Browsing free stock photo websites to find images for my posts has not only made my blog visually-pleasing, but it… Continue reading Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

The hedge that separated them had always made her curious. Grinning in a silly manner, she once again stood idly upon her doormat and glanced, as best she could, over the barrier. The most frustrating thing was that the leaves were angled down toward her, creating a wall for her neighbor to easily hide behind.… Continue reading ‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

Introducing: My New Story!

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful Tuesday. ❤ Recently, I have been thinking about covering topics on my blog that haven't appeared in my posts in weeks (even months, in some cases!). I like to keep a variety of focuses in my posts because otherwise, my content gets repetitive. 🙂 Ironically, I just… Continue reading Introducing: My New Story!

Your Summer Memories | Helping Grandma by T.R. Noble

Hi there, everyone! Welcome to Part Three of the Summer Memories series. If you'd like to learn a bit more on what this series is all about, click here! I will be sharing each story in the order that they were sent to me - just to make that clear! For today's post, we have… Continue reading Your Summer Memories | Helping Grandma by T.R. Noble

Spotlight Saturday – Eccentric Muse (Diana) from La Petit Muse

Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope and pray that you're having a fantastic Saturday!! Mine has gotten off to a great start. I don't know what my family and I will be up to as of yet, but hey, no matter what we do, I know that we'll have a good time. ❤ For… Continue reading Spotlight Saturday – Eccentric Muse (Diana) from La Petit Muse

Blogging Challenge – Day 13: My Dream Job

Over the years, my answers to the questions, "Where would you like to work?" and "What's your dream job?" have been quite varied. As many of you know, I'm interested in a great deal of different things, and that attribute has carried over into my view of jobs and careers. I don't ever have one thing… Continue reading Blogging Challenge – Day 13: My Dream Job

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Staying Inspired

Writing a story takes a lot of time, effort, and motivation. It takes allowing the characters to grow in your mind, imagining the type of setting/s you'll be placing them in, and deciding where you want the book to begin, go, and end. As I've found through the planning process of my own current novel,… Continue reading Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Staying Inspired

Beautiful People – March 2017

As the recipe I was going to share today didn't turn out, I've decided to post something a bit different! I hope you enjoy. ~~~~ Yesterday, Jaylee Morgan, an amazing writer that I follow, posted about a writers' linkup that she participated in this month. I loved getting to read her answers to the questions,… Continue reading Beautiful People – March 2017

My History With History

I think that history is absolutely fascinating. From learning about major events gone by, to time periods from centuries before, to all the people that have made the world a better place ... there are so many aspects of history that interest me. I love reading in-depth about specific eras, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, to the… Continue reading My History With History

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Research Tips

Sad fact: I've always struggled to plan stories. From the time that I was writing short stories about my pets as a kid, I've struggled to plan ahead; if I have an awesome story idea, I want to go ahead and start writing, regardless of whether the story has any structure, or not. Most of the stories… Continue reading Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Research Tips

‘Jump’ – A Short Story

"Go on," he said softly, his deep voice resonating in my ears; "jump." I grinned brightly, and without turning to look at him, I shook my head. My hair, which was coiled into a ponytail at the time, swished across my shoulders. As it did, I sensed that it hit something. Before I could swivel… Continue reading ‘Jump’ – A Short Story

‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story

I am easily inspired to write through photographs. When I don't know the story behind how a picture came to be taken, my mind takes off with a story of its own, creating characters, extending the setting, forming a plot, until it is impossible for me to not write down what I've come up with.… Continue reading ‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story