Please Pray For My Mom (Oral Surgery)

Please Pray For My Mom (Oral Surgery)

August 11th update: She’s feeling a lot better and is in much less pain now! She’s still taking OTC pain meds to cope with aching in her jaw and gums, and her diet mainly consists of very soft foods. 😊❤️ Thank you all for your prayers!

Hello! 🙂 ❤ In this quick update post, I’d like to ask you to please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday afternoon, she had a molar and a wisdom tooth extracted. The surgery was successful, but because she has a history of low platelets, she had prolonged bleeding at the surgery sites for hours afterward. She had to keep replacing the gauze every hour or so until late last night, which was quite painful and difficult since her gums are so sore. She’s been able to drink some water and is taking OTC pain meds, and while she had some yogurt last night, she hasn’t been able to have anything else to eat since then.

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Please Pray For My Dad

Please Pray For My Dad

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

Hey ❤ I wanted to write this quick update post to share two things. One is about blogging, and the other is a life update.

First, family: my dad fell at work this morning (he slipped on mud and concrete outside) and broke his right wrist. He’s doing alright right now, although I’m honestly kind of still shaken by the news.

I shared one of his favorite Bible verses at the beginning of this post, because it always makes me think of him.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers! This isn’t actually the first time he’s broken a wrist; he broke his left one in 2014. I’m truly praying that this injury won’t be as hard on him as that one was.

I desire to trust in the Lord with this situation. The unknown scares me, and I really want my dad to be okay. However, I’m focusing on leaving it all in the Lord’s hands and not getting stressed about it. I know He’s caring for my dad and our family.

The blogging update I mentioned is because I wanted to say that because I’m working on posts for the end of December and first week of January, I’ve been a bit absent lately. I can’t wait to share all the posts that are coming up!

Thank you so much.

“The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation; this is my God, I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.” – Exodus 15:2

Life Recently | Little Life Updates

Life Recently | Little Life Updates

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 💜 There has been a lot going on in my life recently (most of which have been good things!), so I knew it would be fitting to share an update post today.

(This also may or may not be the post idea I’ve fallen back on because I didn’t have another more thought-out post ready for today. haha whoops)

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Missions Monday – Part Nine | My Dream, 21 Months Later

Missions Monday – Part Nine | My Dream, 21 Months Later

Hi there! I hope that the beginning of your week has been beautiful so far. ❤ The last time that I wrote about missions on my blog was in June – although it feels like much longer ago than that!

In looking back at how I first felt in January of last year, then fast-forwarding to how I view the situation now, so much has changed. That was bound to happen, since a lot can change anything in our lives after nearly two years of it being around!

I decided that for today’s post, it would benefit me (and inform you!) if I were to write about my Guatemala dream and what it means to me now.

Are you ready? Let’s get right into this. ❤

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Happy October! | Posting Every Day + Blog Updates

Happy October! | Posting Every Day + Blog Updates

Hello there, and happy October to you! ❤ I have some exciting announcements to share with you today! (If you haven’t read this post, you may be confused. lol, it will clear up any confusion for you!) To get this little update party started, haha, I’ll go ahead and share the biggest news:

I’m posting on my blog every day in October!

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If We Were Having Lemonade | June 2018

If We Were Having Lemonade | June 2018

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ It has been nearly a week since I wrote a blog post, which is quite unusual for me, haha. Tuesday’s post was pre-written, so I did respond to comments and I have been reading posts, but I had actually written that post in the week before!

The craziest thing about the highs and lows of blogging inspiration is that typically, I’ll take some time off from blogging because I can’t think of a thing to write. Throughout June, however, I have had several ideas, but just couldn’t focus enough to write any of them! This is because of the different things that have been going on for me and my family (all good things!), which took away my writing mindset completely. You’ll see why in today’s post!

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She’ll Be Here So Soon! | Little Life Updates

She’ll Be Here So Soon! | Little Life Updates

Hi guys, and happy Tuesday to you! ❤ How’s your week going so far? 🙂 I hope you’re well. I wanted to do a quick post on this lovely afternoon to let you know what’s been going on with me and my family over the weekend. ❤ Hope you enjoy!

As you might know, my mom is pregnant with my last little sibling (once the baby is born, I’ll be the oldest of five kids!), and my mom will actually be full-term tomorrow. It is quite possible that the baby will be born in the next week or so – tonight is even a possibility, haha!

We have been getting things ready here at the house (as I talked about in this post), and the anticipation has slowly gotten stronger. We all can’t wait to meet her, and I am truly looking forward to how Elizabeth (she’s 1 1/2) will respond to there being a baby in the house! I’m sure she’ll love her, but Elizabeth’s responses to things are always so sweet and usually surprising.

Late on Sunday afternoon, my mom was quite certain she was going into labor. The contractions were very close together, so she and my dad went to the hospital while Joshua and I stayed at the house with Samuel and Elizabeth. They were there from five to around midnight, and as the contractions had stopped and labor wasn’t progressing, they came home.

It was a whirlwind of an evening to say the least, haha! It was stressful at times, but as a whole, everything went well with them, and with us as the house, as well.

We have no idea when she will have the baby, but it will definitely be soon. I can almost sense that it’s coming, which may mean that it could be in the next few days, which would be awesome! I know how hard the last trimester is because I know how my mom felt when she was in the last month or two of pregnancy with Samuel and Elizabeth, so I’d love for the baby to go ahead and be born so that we can meet her and my mom will feel better. ❤

It would bless me so much if you could keep me and my family (especially my mom and the baby!) in your thoughts and prayers! I’ll let you guys know as soon as I can when she has been born:)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a blessed rest of your day. xx

— Maggie