Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day 😊💜 Earlier this week, my mom and I were discussing the fact that I never thought I’d have baby siblings at the age I am now. Elizabeth’s (2) and Isabella’s (eight months) presence in my life has completely altered where I spend my time, which has then impacted and changed me in many different ways.

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Going Biking With Joshua

Going Biking With Joshua

Hello! I hope you’re having a fantastic day. ❤ It has been a loooong time since I shared a post with pictures from a road trip, which is why I’m excited to have an experience to write about today!

Ever since I finally became more comfortable with driving again, I’ve been going a lot of places with my siblings. While I’d still rather not brave the interstate just yet (metro Atlanta is NO joke!), there are plenty of places we love to go that are off from back roads and state highways!

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Today, I’ll be sharing pictures spotlighting the outing Joshua and I went on early last week! We both had a great time – you’ll see why in the pictures below. 🙂

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Growing Up So Fast

Growing Up So Fast

Hi there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful week. 🙂 Today’s post is dedicated to the sweetest toddler sister I know! I don’t end up talking about her much on my blog, but oh my gosh, she adds so much light and happiness to my life. I’m talking about my adorable little sister Elizabeth, who will be turning two this coming June.

A few days ago while we were all outside, Elizabeth saw that I was photographing the only color our front yard possesses (which are these gorgeous pink bushes, haha), and decided to come join me in admiring their beauty. I had to stop myself from focusing too much on the flowers and instead took some pictures of the little sister I’ve been hoping to have since I was a young child.

On Halloween of 2015, I found out that my mom would be having another baby, and that following February, me and my family found out it was a girl! Before that, I had been sadly convincing myself that I was destined to have only brothers, because I couldn’t see myself being a teenager with siblings that much younger. However, the Lord had a different plan!

Throughout the lives of His children, the Lord draws us close through times of waiting. Teaching us the art of patience and letting our trust rest in Him is something that takes a lifetime! However, it is 100% worth it to look back and see His hand at work in my life, and even though it made me so sad to spend my childhood without a sister, I am more than joyful to have two little girly blessings in my life now.

Back in June of 2017, when I found out my mom was pregnant with her last baby, I had the most mixed response. My mom had just gone through a miscarriage a few months prior, in that March and April, and I feared that we would go through a similar loss that summer. I started out by strongly fearing things would go wrong, and I desperately wanted there to be no issue with her health. Because of this, I made the knowledge of her pregnancy sour for myself, and I deeply regret that now. However, I believe that I am not doomed to live with this self-condemnation.

With the Lord’s help, I am healing from how I felt that summer … and it is getting increasingly better as I fall more in love with Isabella, who turned two months old two days ago. ❤ It has been a struggle for me, for sure, but I know that His plan will prevail even in this. There’s no way I couldn’t love little Isabella now, although I will say that the pregnancy complications shook up our family more than once.

Knowing that the Lord was with us and by our side through it all makes the memories much easier to bear.

I am absolutely loving watching Elizabeth grow up. Times flies by most days, to the point where it feels like just yesterday she was learning to walk … however, that was nearly a year ago! She loves exploring outside, and she is the silliest toddler – the hilarious faces and sounds she makes cracks me up every time. As long as she’s not too mobile, she’s my favorite model for photoshoots – hence the pretty pictures I got of her a few days ago! She is slowly starting to say more and more words (from ‘woof woof’ for dog and ‘shoes’ when she wants to go outside), but for the most part, she has her own language still, lol. Watching her dance along to the shows she likes watching is always fun, and I am truly enjoying being home to watch her and Isabella grow up.

Thank you so much for reading! As you can tell by this post, I absolutely adore my sisters – I am very thankful the Lord blessed us with one another.

Let me know in the comments below why you love your sisters or your closest friends (who can be just as close as sisters!)! ❤

Have a blessed day!

— Maggie

Blogging Challenge – Day 5: Growing Up

Blogging Challenge – Day 5: Growing Up

If I were to include all of my adolescent years for the focus of this post, then I would say that I have had and am still having a very happy childhood! I’m currently seventeen, but next April, I will officially be an adult, which is so exciting!

I recently wrote a post about what I’ve been learning as I grow up, which you can check out here – and today, I’ll be talking a bit more about what growing up has taught me. 🙂

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Growing Up

Have you ever looked back at what your life used to be like and thought, Man, my priorities were so different back then? Sometimes, the differences are for the better, and other times, it’s for the worse. It all depends on our situation and how everything impacts us.

Well, as I have entered the teenage years of my life and left many of my childish and preteen issues (haha) behind, there are only four things left that honestly, truly matter to me. In no particular order, here’s the list!

1. My friends.

Over the years, I’ve had a good many friends – mainly online, but also in real life. They didn’t last, unfortunately, but I still greatly appreciated them while they were part of my life; they brought me joy, taught me lessons, and often left me with scars that won’t ever heal, but I’m a stronger person now because of it. From that perspective, I can look back at those crazy relationships with a smile on my face. Thanks to all of my beautiful blogging friends, the painful memories don’t hurt that much anymore. ❤

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2. My relationship with the Lord.

When I was a few months shy of turning twelve, I came to know the Lord, and my relationship with Him has rapidly grown from there. With each Bible verse that I read, through each trial that I experience, down to every prayer that I’ve ever said to Him, my faith is always growing.

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3. The Guatemalan children.

I can’t even begin to explain the connection that I have with these children that I’ve never met. I’ve seen a handful of pictures of them, but the love for them that I feel runs deeper than I can understand. One of the main reasons I’m learning Spanish so passionately is so that I can easily communicate with them when the day comes; I’ll know exactly what they’re saying, and they’ll be able to understand me, too.

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4. My family.

I’ve talked about them so much on my blog, especially recently, because of how much I adore them. I do believe I’m one of the proudest big sisters in the whole world.


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So, how about you? ❤

What matters most in YOUR life?

— Maggie

Blogging Challenge – Day 4: About My Family

Blogging Challenge – Day 4: About My Family

My siblings and I all look alike. I can really only see the resemblance through pictures, but man, when we’re out and about, we always get comments about how we look the same, hahaha!

So, let’s jump right into learning about who everyone is, as well as a little bit about our wonderful parents. ❤

You can read about what this blogging challenge is here.

About My Family

I am the oldest child, which is honestly pretty cool! I can be (and usually am!) the good influence, the leader, the future chauffeur of all their first dates … HAHAHA! Nah, I’m going to be an awesome big sis. If I ever do any chauffeuring (and I probably will), I’m gonna be a great one and not embarrassing at all. I think.

So anyway, I am seventeen and the mature (hehe) teenager around here. I love the arts, being creative, spending time with my family, competing in games, baking new treats, and having quiet time with the Lord.

Joshua is thirteen – that’s four years younger than me. When we were little, we were inseparable, but personality differences have drawn us apart in more recent years. He has been in my prayers often, and I am so thankful that we’re beginning to be closer again. ❤ He loves being outside, riding skateboards and bikes and scooters, gaming on a variety of devices (PC, tablet, Wii), experimenting with science, and joking around with all of us. (Watch out for his pranks!)

That picture is from when Joshua and I were about the same age that Samuel and Elizabeth are now!

Samuel is five; I was eleven and Joshua was seven when he was born! The age difference is wild, but I absolutely love it. Because I’m a great bit older, I have to really search to find something that interests both of us, but when I do, I love getting to play games and do activities with him. He loves being silly, playing games, watching kid movies and TV shows, and spending time with us – especially baby Elizabeth!

That brings me to the last kid around here, and she’s the most adorable little munchkin you shall ever meet, I dare say. Elizabeth is ten months old, and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter sister. I love being with her and taking care of her, and it brings me joy to know that she is nearly as content with me as she is with our mom. ❤

I took that photo yesterday morning after Elizabeth had just gotten up, and Samuel was playing Minecraft while sitting next to her. Isn’t she sweet?!

Now, on to my mom. Many of you have heard of her blog, Living Lighter in Atlanta, but if you have never visited it, it would bless me if you did! She is not only my mother, but also my best friend – not to mention my teacher! Even if we weren’t related, I’d still want to be her friend. 🙂 I can’t express to all of you how thankful I am for her! She is always so kind and loving to me, even though she’s constantly juggling taking care of all of us and keeping a clean house. I admire her greatly 🙂 ❤

My dad, who I for some reason don’t write about very much on here, is the best dad I could ever ask or pray for. He loves all of us to pieces, has a great sense of humor, is hardworking, loves a good competitive game, and is very interested in classic cars and how vehicles work. I love him so much. ❤

So, that’s it for us! If you have any more questions about any of us, make sure to leave them in the comments below!

Can you tell us about YOUR family?

— Maggie

A Year of Strengthening Faith

A Year of Strengthening Faith

I’m holding on to You…

It’s all I know to do.

— Leeland, “Chains Hit The Ground”

So far, this year has been a time of learning for me.

In multiple situations, my trust in the Lord has been tried, and through them, I know that my faith has already been strengthened. And these situations aren’t even over yet! But I’m consciously making the confident decision every day to leave them in His hands. I know that He cares for me, and that He has a wonderful reason for everything He has me going through.

As well as the art of faith, I’ve also been learning the art of patience this past month and a half. For a long while, I haven’t been able to get along very well with my 5yo brother, Samuel. I’m finally accepting that he’s much younger than I am and that I need to stop expecting him to act older than his age – thus, I can do activities with him now with a happy heart and a smile on both of our faces. ❤

The Lord is also teaching me to be understanding of where my younger brother, Joshua, is in his walk in life … and with the Lord. We have very different interests and maturity levels, but I’m slowly coming to accept him how he is right now and to be understanding of our differences. It’s definitely not easy, but the Lord is helping me.

The last thing I’ve been learning is how I want this blog to be, and where I should be taking it with what I write. I want it to be about my walk with the Lord, as well as the different things I’m interested in, the things that make me happy. 😊 I think I have a plan now: I’d like to post a recipe on Thursdays, a Little Accomplishments post on Fridays, a post about the Lord on Sundays, and a post about anything else that’s on my mind on Tuesdays. I’ll stick to that as best I can. Some weeks, I’ll post more, and some weeks, I’ll post less, but as a whole, that’s what I want my blog to be like.


Just like in our game of hopscotch on Friday, I’m taking this journey of learning to trust in the Lord and have patience with my brothers one step – no, let’s make that hop – at a time – and in some instances, it’s two hops at a time!

Life and hopscotch can be quite unpredictable sometimes.


Thanks for reading!

What has YOUR 2017 been like so far?

— Maggie

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The Four of Us

The Four of Us

Recently, someone thought that Joshua and I were twins.

A few years ago, someone thought that I was his mother.

I’m sure that multiple people have thought that Elizabeth is my daughter.

This is the life of the eldest child in a group of four siblings that are very different ages.


The comments, remarks and assumptions can be quite awkward sometimes – but I wouldn’t change these age differences for the world.

Without these three hooligans beautiful siblings in my life, I would be a completely different person; much more quiet, much lonelier, much more selfish … I’m pretty thankful for them.

True, we have our differences, and oftentimes, the range of maturity levels clash. But we’re all learning to accept each other the way we are, to understand where each person is in their walk in life, and that has brought us so much closer.

Would you like to meet all of us individually? Come read below!


Like I already mentioned, I’m the oldest! I have a passion for sharing God’s love, photography, and trying new things (especially new desserts). You can read more about what my hobbies and interests are here.

My first younger brother, Joshua, is the closest to me in age; we’re about four years apart. I used to be able to call him my ‘little’ brother, but man – he suddenly got so tall this past year! He’s a really sweet guy, and he loves sports, science, games, and movies! We easily squabble and get on each other’s nerves all the time, but underneath all of that, we love each other. Oh, and by the way, he has own gaming channel that I run for him – you should go check it out if you want a good laugh!

Samuel is my second little brother, and he’s still small – though goodness knows for how much longer that will be! At five years of age, he loves playing pretend, being silly, watching TV, and learning new things – right now, he’s learning to write! He’s the most adorable, kindest kindergartner you’ll ever meet.

The youngest member of our squad is baby Elizabeth. She’s a spunky 7-month-old with the fluffiest hair ever! Her facial expressions and vocalizations are the cause for much laughter and joy in our household. I love getting to watch her grow up! I’ve always wanted a sister, and she was well worth the long wait.


I hope you enjoyed reading this little post about us! I quite enjoyed writing it.

— Maggie