5 Tips On How To Enjoy Blogging With Two Blogs

5 Tips On How To Enjoy Blogging With Two Blogs

Earlier this week, I announced that I created a new blog, which is called Living For His Delight! This was a huge decision, and even though I doubted at first that I’d be able to balance life with two blogs, I decided to put the effort and thought into figuring out how I could make it work for me. After making lots of lists (haha) and doing some major decision-making, I have come up with five tips to share with you today on managing two blogs and enjoying it! I hope you enjoy this advice, and hey, if you haven’t created a second blog yet, this may inspire you to. haha

5 Tips On How To Enjoy Blogging With Two Blogs

#1: Make sure that every post you share on each blog makes you happy to write.

The day after I created my new blog, I began writing down the post ideas I had for Dreaming of Guatemala. What surprised and disappointed me, however, was that I was putting a lot more thought into what I wanted to share on Living For His Delight, so the post ideas for this blog were – how shall I put it … mediocre. I mean, they matched my niche, and some of them were even part of different ongoing series I share here, but I wouldn’t have been proud of them if I’d written them. I was trying to create more content than I was capable of instead of balancing out my schedule to accommodate a second blog. So, I definitely recommend that you make sure that the posts you’re writing for both of your blogs is what makes you happy to blog about!

#2: Don’t feel bad if you go back and forth between favoring one blog over the other.

If your presence on your blogs keeps teeter-tottering, don’t worry about it. Post schedules are helpful, but if they take away our peace, then they’ve defeated their purpose! I’d love to find a balance in enjoying both Dreaming of Guatemala and Living For His Delight, but there may be weeks where I write five posts for this blog and only one for the other, or vice versa. The point of having two blogs is to give yourself two different platforms to write about what you love, so don’t worry about keeping your content even; let the inspiration come.

#3: Keep up with organizing your blogging thoughts/plans.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough! It is an essential part of blogging if you only have one site, but when you add another one into the mix, then you have to start keeping your thoughts organized in two different ways, haha! You have to answer questions like, What post/s do I want to share on which blog/s? and, Should I have a post schedule for one and not the other? Figuring things out as you’re able to is the key to staying sane in blogging. (Bet you didn’t know it was that simple, and I bet you’re surprised I gave that to you for free haha)

#4: Don’t share content just for the sake of having post material.

This should be a given, but we’ve all had those posts where we only wrote it to continue a series, or we’d been thinking about it and decided it was “decent enough” to post, etc. Blogging should always be enjoyable. It’s tempting to share lots of posts, but please don’t do it if it means you’re rushing them out! I’d rather have one long, thorough, amazing post from a blogger once a week than seven short posts that don’t have much depth from the same blogger. Quality over quantity applies very well in blogging!

#5: Decide if post schedule/s work for you.

I have a love-hate relationship with post schedules. Sometimes, I thrive with them; other times, they drag me down. It is very beneficial to try schedules out, but it is equally important to drop them when they don’t work. Right now, I’m transitioning into having two blogs, so I don’t have a schedule for either blog (except for the Mindful Living Challenge on Tuesday’s – self plug!).

I hope these tips have inspired you! Let me know if you have any questions related to running multiple blogs, or if you have any blogging questions in general. I’d love to help (: