‘Jay’ – A Short Story

The bedroom doors burst open, allowing a couple to come into view. The man, who was wearing a refined suit which glittered in the sun, fidgeted nervously with one of the doorknobs. He could not take his eyes off her. The woman was clothed in a sundress which brought out the barely perceptible color in … Continue reading ‘Jay’ – A Short Story

Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful day. ❤ Since I first started my blog two winters ago, I have been periodically sharing short stories - you may have seen a few of them! Browsing free stock photo websites to find images for my posts has not only made my blog visually-pleasing, but it … Continue reading Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

This is part three of 'Doors Away.' ❤ Enjoy! Kneeling beside the edge of the pool, she smiled at her reflection in the murky waters. Her rain boots were strapped securely around her feet, and she knew that her companion was just behind her on the trail. Even though he had warned her to stay … Continue reading ‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

‘First’ – A Short Story

This is part two of 'Doors Away.' ❤ Enjoy! “I didn’t know this place existed!” She stepped up onto the concrete, angling herself as close as she could to the sparkling water. “That’s understandable,” he said, and she noticed when he grinned slightly. “You just moved here.” She turned toward him again and graced him … Continue reading ‘First’ – A Short Story

‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

The hedge that separated them had always made her curious. Grinning in a silly manner, she once again stood idly upon her doormat and glanced, as best she could, over the barrier. The most frustrating thing was that the leaves were angled down toward her, creating a wall for her neighbor to easily hide behind. … Continue reading ‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

‘Jump’ – A Short Story

"Go on," he said softly, his deep voice resonating in my ears; "jump." I grinned brightly, and without turning to look at him, I shook my head. My hair, which was coiled into a ponytail at the time, swished across my shoulders. As it did, I sensed that it hit something. Before I could swivel … Continue reading ‘Jump’ – A Short Story