December Photography Challenge || Week Two

December Photography Challenge || Week Two

Hey guys! I hope you all had a beautiful week. 🙂 ❤ This is week two of participating in my blogging friend Gracie’s December photo challenge. You can check out the photos she’s shared so far here!

As you saw last week, I’m posting my photos for each prompt on the Sundays in December. Let’s see what pictures I took last week!

Day 3 – Family

Because there are so many people in my family, it’s a challenge to get everyone in the same place (also in the same mood, haha) at the same time. However, Samuel was enthusiastic about posing in front of the Christmas tree with me! He’s looking a little beat-up right now because he lost his first baby tooth recently (he was so happy!), and he has a scar between his eyes from falling last month.

Day 4 – Angel

A birthstone ornament of my brother’s! I love the green of its robe, and the detail of the tree lights reflected in the glass of the angel’s body is just beautiful. I’m very happy with how this picture turned out!

Day 5 – Sky

The beautiful sky above our house that afternoon! Our weather has been pretty scattered and varied recently; some clouds, a bit of sunshine, lots of rain, a bunch of fog – and it’s slowly getting colder. I love when the clouds look like they do in the above picture; they appear to be a huge cotton ball blanket, or something. It’s so pretty!

Day 6 – Something Gold

You can see our Christmas tree reflected in a few of the bells! I love seeing this little decoration up in December; usually we have it on a door, not the wall, so that we know when someone goes in and out of the house / room. lol

Day 7 – Something White

My snowman mug! I’m not using it as a drinking cup currently, since I really like it as a decoration. It’s such a nice addition to my other Christmas / winter decor!

Day 8 – Under the Tree

Some of the beautiful presents we have wrapped! Samuel has really enjoyed getting to wrap all the presents he bought / made for us this year, and I love wrapping presents, too. It’s fun seeing these under the tree all month! (Well, until Christmas morning, hehe)

Day 9 – Something Green

This is Samuel’s favorite little elf stuffed animal! My mom got it for him last Christmas, and he was very happy to be reunited with it this year. It has such a cute little face, and it used to sing ‘Deck the Halls,’ but quit working when we got it out last week (which made Samuel very sad). Still, we all think it’s very cute 🙂

Thank you for reading, guys! I’m excited to get to share more photos next weekend. Until next time, I hope you all have a beautiful new week!

December Photography Challenge || Week One

December Photography Challenge || Week One

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday. ❤ I am very happy to share with you the first photography challenge I’ve ever participated in! My lovely blogging friend, Gracie, started this and invited all of her followers to join in. Go check out the photos she’s shared so far here!

I’ve decided to post my photos from every day each Sunday in December, as that will make it much easier for me to participate. Since there’s a photo prompt for every day of December, I’ve taken two photos so far. Let’s see what they are!

Day 1 – Something Red

Our family’s tree skirt! I really like this one. We got it last year, I think, and it’s so pretty and festive. Very picture-worthy! (And I loved finding a way to make all the lines straight; I love symmetry in photos.)

Day 2 – A Wreath

I’m slightly embarrassed to say that this is the only Christmas wreath we have in our house right now, hahaha! I do like it – it’s a craft I made when I was five – but it’s pretty minuscule when juxtaposed to gorgeous nature-y wreaths made of real pine boughs and poinsettias. lol I’ll proudly continue to hang this on my bedroom door, though – it makes me happy (:

Thank you for reading, guys! I’m excited to get to share more photos next weekend. Until next time, I hope you all have a beautiful new week!

Updated Desk Tour ~ Nov. 2017 ft. My First Laptop!

Updated Desk Tour ~ Nov. 2017 ft. My First Laptop!

Hi guys! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day. (: For this Thursday’s post, I am so excited about sharing my new desk setup with all of you! Every few months, I change things around to keep the look fresh, so that even if I haven’t purchased any new decor, I can have a new setup to look at. I love getting creative with organizing the accents I usually keep on my desk, as well as the minimal wall art surrounding it. Let’s take our first look at this wonderful updated desk tour!

I can’t believe how different I was able to make it look using everything I already had, haha!

Well, except for one thing.


Last week, my dad bought me my very first laptop!!! I could not be more grateful, and I absolutely love it. I now have my very own space to write blog posts, work on stories, organize photos, and anything else I might like to do! Organizing the top of my desk around the space where I keep it turned out successful (hence this post, hehe) – it is such an inspirational place to work now! I can’t wait to show you guys an up-close look at the little details. 🙂 So, without any further introduction, let’s jump right into this!

This is the first time that I have put my writing utensils box over to my right. It never really looked right before, but I love how it looks there now with the laptop to its left!

Let’s work our way over from left to right.

This is where I keep my blogging planner (one of my top favorite things), my copy of Invisible (one of the prettiest music albums ever), my beloved chickadee figurine, and my tiny ‘Dream Big’ sign. All of these things, especially the latter, always seem to have a place on my desk. Just above these things, on the wall behind them, you can see my printable calendar. I’m always needing to figure out which blog posts should go up when, so this is helpful!

Immediately to the right of these things are my laptop (*gentle hug*) and some inspirational quotes on the wall. You can also see my little whale mug, where I keep my hair ties, and the pretty purple computer mouse my dad got for me!

On the right side of the desk are the rest of the things on my desk, which I have featured before.

We have one of my all-time favorite picture frames, my writing utensils box, some notebooks, and a pretty greeting card.

Above my whole desk, one can see my usual assortment of wall decor!

That ‘grateful’ sign is so pretty. I never get tired of looking at my button collection, and I love that bit of cacti art!

That’s all for today, folks! I absolutely loved writing this post. I hope that you all enjoyed my updated desk tour (: I’ve mentioned it before, but they are definitely my favorite kind of post to write, as well as to read. I’ll see you guys again this weekend! ❤

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