The Privilege I’ve Been Given

The Privilege I’ve Been Given

Hey there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend 🙂 With summer having just officially arrived, I can’t help but think about all of the fun possibilities this new season holds for me and my family! I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the chance for all of us to go on a fun vacation together. ❤ However, we have to take into consideration the youngest ones, who find it hard to stay in their car seats for too long. (In fact, I’m not the biggest fan of long car rides either. haha!) Even if we don’t take an official “vacation” of sorts, I’m certain that we’ll have fun going out on at least one day trip. 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you’re planning to do this summer! Intro aside, I’m happy to introduce you to today’s post. I hope that you enjoy!

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Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Surgery | My Thoughts

Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Surgery | My Thoughts

I have had this surgery now and am recovering beautifully! Come read my update post here.

Hey guys ❤ I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I don’t usually aim to share two posts in one day, but that’s just how today has gone. The one I posted earlier is about how I’ve been thinking about my responses to my family lately. While talking to my mom a few moments ago, she was encouraging me to write a post on how I’m feeling about the surgery tomorrow … so that’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m more worried now than I was when I found out that the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I figured this would happen, and it makes sense, but I wish my anxiety hadn’t grown. I’ve been reading the Bible and listening to uplifting songs these past couple of days, and that has definitely given me peace, but my fears have been giving me trouble.

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Thankful For Prayers Answered

Thankful For Prayers Answered

Hi there! Happy Friday to you! ❤ Yesterday morning, I received some news that granted me mixed emotions. Very shortly after sharing this post, where I talked about surgery being in my near future, my mom found out through a phone call to my insurance company that there was an update on my wisdom teeth surgery.

After talking to the oral surgeon a few weeks ago at the consultation we went to, I found out that my insurance is known for denying approval for the surgery that I need. Because of this, my mom and I were expecting to receive a call letting us know that the insurance would cover one tooth, or three of them – maybe even denying the request altogether. It was really a hit-or-miss situation, but I was expecting the insurance not to cooperate. Either way, I knew the Lord would provide regardless. ❤

So, when my mom came back inside after the phone call with my insurance company yesterday, I was surprised to see her beaming. My hopes were raised at the same moment my fears settled into the pit of my stomach. The next thing she told me was exactly what I wanted to hear, while at the same time was not at all what I was expecting.

My insurance approved the request and is paying for the surgery in full.

“I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.” – Psalm 40:1

When we bring our requests before the Lord, He is faithful to take our hopes and dreams into His hands. Even when I had little faith in what my insurance was willing to do, the Lord used their approval to bless us.

Next Tuesday, I will walk into the same oral surgery office with financial peace – and with the Lord by my side. I can’t tell you how much this experience of learning to lean on His strength has already blessed me. I’m truly not afraid anymore, and I’m willing to do what He will have me go through – all for His glory.

When I wrote this post about overcoming medical fears, I had no idea the Lord would bring me this far. Nothing is impossible for the living God!!!

Prayer Request: The only thing I’m truly worried about is how the IV in pre-op will go, because I’ve never had one before. I would truly appreciate it if you could pray that would go well for me! ❤

Thank you so much for reading! It blesses me to share how the Lord is working in my life 🙂

— Maggie

Overcoming Medical Fears | My Story

Overcoming Medical Fears | My Story

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday to you. ❤ The topic of today’s post is something I’ve never written about before (and this will probably be the last time, as well, haha!), and that is medical fears. I will be talking about how I used to feel as a child, and why I feel so much better about it now.

If I can be an encouragement to you – any readers that have medical fear/s, for most people have at least one! – then that is absolutely wonderful because I hope I can inspire you. I know how hard it is to feel better about something that causes us to be fearful, but I would love for you to hear me out – just take into consideration what I share here.

Thank you in advance for reading! I hope that you enjoy.

Overcoming Medical Fears | My Story

Fearing Pain: My Childhood

Growing up, I always struggled to be okay with discomfort. I found it extremely unbearable on various levels to trip and scratch up my knee, bump into a wall and get a bruise – even a paper cut was aggravating. This trait troubled me for years because I was unwilling to move forward in my perception of pain to any degree.

I didn’t like doctors. I became upset when I hurt myself. It was even worse if someone accidentally hurt me – I always saw their mistake as my burden. Looking back, I truly regret being stuck in that mindset up until about the age of sixteen.

Yes. I spent over a decade in underlying agony.

It’s a painful thing when you can’t take any discomfort in stride, and then along the way, also being unable to forgive others … and yourself.

But this was my reality.

Where I Am Now

Very recently (especially this past week), I went to the doctor multiple times – and for various reasons. From getting my eyes checked to attending a consultation at the oral surgeon’s, I needed (and still do) different work done – and I’m not too keen on much of it. Some of the things were slightly invasive, and others were simple check-ups. I experienced a bit of discomfort a few times, but nothing excruciating, for which I am extremely grateful. I realized that fear laced many of my thoughts these last seven days, which I’m not proud of, but it got me thinking.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more tired I’ve become of living in fear of medical things.

Visiting the doctor and needing something fixed from time to time is not worth the stress that I put on myself. Even when a procedure isn’t going the way I’d prefer, it is very important that I visit the doctor – I have no idea what we’d do without them!

Because of this, I have lately been scrutinizing the exact reason as to why I am afraid.

Do I have legitimate reasons for feeling as frightened as I do?

Do appointments always end up going just as poorly as I project they will?

Will I ever be able to say I was happy to have been so anxious about these doctor visits days before they happen?

No – that is the answer to all of them.

To make a long, painful story of my life short, my perception was greater than my pain.

Finding Comfort in The Bible

There is something absolutely calming to me about the Lord’s Word. I find it impossible to read the Bible with a frown on my face, with anger clouding my thoughts, or with unforgiveness in my heart – you can’t do it. The times that I have approached Bible-reading time with that countenance, my behavior automatically became better … and I have no other explanation for it except that His Word changes me.

Whenever I open the Bible to a passage of scripture, whether I’ve been there thousands of times before or I’ve only visited that page once, I’m always struck with the unshakeable fact that these words were breathed into being by the Lord God Himself. I can’t explain to you what a pleasure it is every time to know that He is the One behind every book, every chapter – each and every word that I find there. Regardless of which part of His Word I read, I become awe-struck every time – and I love it.

I have recently taken to perusing the Bible deeply when something troubles me. When I’m not having a good morning, I turn to His Word. When something has shaken me so bad that I’m literally trembling, one of the only things I know to do is open my Bible. I have come to rely on its everlasting wisdom and encouragement, regardless of what I’m going through.

It has become a habit over the years for specific verses to come back to mind – especially when it comes to current trials. If I’m scared, hurting, anxious, or in any way upset, there are passages that I know to turn to that will calm my aching soul. The Bible never fails to be a shining light to me even on my darkest day.

The Lord knew that we would need a place to turn to when life gets rough. That is why one can find constant, immediate encouragement throughout His Word – you can’t get very far before a verse has caught your attention and slowly works its way into your heart. My favorite verses are always changing, because that’s how much studying His Word means to me.

So, how has this led me to where I am today?

No Longer Living In Fear

I have learned, especially through the power of the Holy Spirit, that it is not His will for me to live afraid. I can’t walk this earth having anxiety about the next few (and even several) steps I take, and this is something He has been helping me with lately. I have been able to go through a few minor medical procedures this past week that I would have been completely horrified by even a year ago … and that is absolute PROGRESS for me. ❤

Looking back even on these recent times, I can see how He has been at work in my heart … and that is a true blessing to me, even in this present moment.

When it comes to aggravation toward myself and others for accidental pain … that is still something I’m working on and praying over today. Yes, steps have been made forward, but I still have a long way to go … and I know that the Lord is already by my side.

So, to the ones reading who have disliked all things medical like I have for so long – have you truly taken a look at how you perceive doctors? I know how easy it is to be physically, emotionally, and mentally unable to bear some of the procedures that must be done, so I know where you’re coming from. But I would like to encourage you today to think deeply about how you look at these situations, versus how they actually are.

There are times when we’ll feel left alone to carry the weight of our burdens … but that was never the Lord’s plan for us. One of my favorite scriptures can be found in Matthew:

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
– Matthew 11:28

I hope and pray that I have been an encouragement to you today! 🙂 Even when we feel lost in the mentalities we’ve had for years, there is so much hope to be found in the loving grace of Jesus Christ. If you’d like to talk about any medical things you have gone through or are currently going through, I would be happy to listen – I know how comforting it is to talk about things like this with someone.

Thank you so much for reading!

— Maggie

Returning To His Word

Returning To His Word

Hello there, and Happy Sunday to you! ❤ This is going to be a quick, update-type post because there’s something on my heart I’d like to share with you this morning.

Over the last few weeks, through prayer and talking to others (thank you, God’s Warrior!), I have slowly been on a journey that is returning me to find enjoyment in reading the Bible. For the longest time now, I have felt lost when it comes to where to read, what I can still get out of the books and chapters I’ve previously studied, and just how to begin finding the Old Testament interesting. It has been a struggle for me, for sure, but I am now more than ready to put my all into loving His Word.

I have decided to begin this journey with Isaiah. By reading one chapter a day, I’m already making progress, which brings me great joy. Certain chapters and verses from this book have meant a lot to me for years, and getting to know exactly what this book is all about will be a wonderful learning experience. While I was tempted to choose a book in the New Testament to read again, I must start looking at the Old Testament, which still has so much to teach me, in the right light. Haha!

In my time of knowing the Lord, I have become so accustomed to spending all of my Bible-studying time reading the books about Jesus and Paul’s church letters that I haven’t taken the time to learn lessons from the books written hundreds of years before. Aside from the Psalms and Proverbs, I know very little about the Old Testament – aside from knowing the names, which I memorized from Genesis to Revelation! Anyway, while I might not have been up to deeper studies of these older studies as a pre-teen – I’m quite sure I would not have understood them! – I can definitely do so now. It blesses me that the Lord has led me to this point.

The verse I ended up loving the most from Isaiah 1 is actually verse 17. “Learn to do right! Seek justice, relieve the oppressed, and correct the oppressor. Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.” It was a good reminder that the Lord gave to the people of Judah through Isaiah.

Thank you for reading my post today! I would be happy to know where you’re currently studying in the Bible. Which verse has stood out to you the most recently? ❤

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

— Maggie

My Thoughts On Life Recently

My Thoughts On Life Recently

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well. ❤ Happy Saturday to you!

To begin this post, I want to first share the fact that my silence absence these past few days was not planned. I had different ideas I was wanting to write and share the latter part of this week, but none of those posts got written. That usually happens when my days end up being more full than I had anticipated, which results in very little time to brainstorm ideas then sit down at the laptop and work on them.

I don’t mind when I don’t have posts to share (although posting daily would be fun!), but it does end up being more frustrating when I thought I was going to.

While thinking about possibly writing something to share today, I realized that some of the things that are going on in my life right now, as well as things that are soon to happen, have been consuming many of my thoughts and filling a good amount of my time. Being able to talk through them with you here would really help me, and your prayers over some of these issues would be much appreciated!

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage (I’ve chosen a caramel frappé for this occasion), and let’s sit down for a chat.

The seasons of stress in my life are finally coming to an end. It wasn’t until a discussion I had yesterday with my mom that I realized how anxiety-ridden these past few years have been for me. Since I was about fourteen years of age, I’ve gone through some really hard things, where the elapsed time between each one was often non-existent.

Severe injuries, difficult pregnancies (not my own, lol), toxic relationships, heartbreaking experiences with church – I can recall many things that stressed me out in my later teenage years.

Some of these situations I’ve mentioned made it hard for me to approach the Lord. There are days when all I want is to be in His loving arms, but I don’t have the ability to even form a prayer. Then there were other situations that made me go running to Him, where I was able to express everything I was feeling. Through it all, though, I’m thankful for both types of trials, because no matter what my response was to each one, I know now that He was always there with me.

Following the birth of Isabella, my youngest sister, I have seen a definite difference in how I feel about everyday life. It’s almost as if I’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel – a point I didn’t even realize I was running toward. While I don’t think it took me four years to get here, I do think this marks the end of my deep-rooted concern for my mom when she was pregnant. The complications that came from her pregnancies with Elizabeth and Isabella truly did stress me out, as I wanted my mom and my little siblings to be in good health. Now that we’re all here and she’s done having babies, I honestly feel like I can breathe again. I had not noticed just how tense I was about it all until now!

I have various doctor appointments coming up. One is to go to a dermatologist (I have so many eczema-related skin conditions), another to the eye doctor, and a well check-up two weeks from now. The biggest one is for a consultation this upcoming Tuesday so that I can hopefully get my wisdom teeth out this month. I’m praying that it all goes well! I don’t have any concerns about the surgery or recovery itself, but I’ve actually never had an IV before, so that’s the main thing I’ve been praying about. May I be able to go through with it, and may the person who does it do it right! Your prayers would be much appreciated. ❤

I’ve been spending more time with Joshua. He’s my fourteen-year-old brother, and he and I have been able to go places together once I finally got more comfortable with driving! So far, we’ve picked up dinner a few times for the family, went to one of our favorite thrift stores once, and earlier this week, we took our bikes and went riding on some trails. We definitely had a great day, and I’m looking forward to other outings like this! We don’t get to do enough together otherwise, so I’m thankful that we have this. ❤

I’m considering doing a blogging challenge in May. The one I did last year with a few blogging friends was a huge success! It taught me a lot more about how I want to blog, and having a post to share every day really got me connected with the blogging community. I’ll share an official invitation post closer to the end of the month if I do decide to do it, but I’d love to know right now: Would you be interested in doing one with me? 🙂 I’d enjoy reading what you guys would write about for the prompts, and I’d be sure to link to your blogs when I do my posts, as well!

That’s what I have today for an update post – I hope that you enjoyed reading. ❤ I really enjoyed talking about these different things! Let me know in the comments below how you’ve been doing lately.

Have a blessed weekend!

— Maggie

Quotes That Inspire Me, Pt. 4

Quotes That Inspire Me, Pt. 4

Hey there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ Thank you so much to all of you for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday! I had an absolutely amazing day – everything that I got to do with my family could not have gone better. 🙂 I’m so thankful!

On this lovely morning, I wanted to finally write a post sharing a compilation of my current favorite quotes. ❤ I’ve been meaning to these past few weeks, but other posts took its place! I adore writing these from time to time because I’m always being inspired by what I see on Pinterest’s motivational side (you can go follow me here!), which is evident by the other three posts I’ve written in this series.

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You’ll have to let me know in the comments below which quote spoke to you the most! I’m loving each and every one of the seven I found to share with you this morning. ❤ I hope you enjoy!

My Top 7 Favorite Quotes

“Life becomes more beautiful when we stop anticipating the worst.” – Matt Hattersley

cannot tell you how good it is for me to be reminded of truths like this! I am always quick to worry that circumstances and situations will go as poorly as possible, which is awful because then I’m living in fear in even the most exciting of times. Taking a moment to remember how things have gone well in the past is a practice I don’t often keep up with, even though I would so appreciate it!

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Most of the people who died yesterday had plans for today.
Don’t take life for granted.

This one is a bit deep, but goodness, it has me absolutely floored. It’s one of those quotes that easily gets me thinking deeply, along with quotes like one of my favorites: “If the words you said were tattooed on your skin, would you still say them?” We are living this life with purpose … may we never fall into the mentality that we are left to wander this earth alone. Please, keep it intently on your mind just how precious life is!

Remember what it feels like to be excluded so that you can help build a community where everyone is included.

It is well known that we can only truly empathize with others when we have first gone through what they’re facing. With this in mind, I am encouraged to remember the times when groups of people were unwilling to accept me – just how lonely and forgotten it feels to be in the presence of others who don’t wish to give you the time of day. The next time I’m around someone who has no one else to turn to or talk to, I want to be there for them – may I be the reason they can smile that day. ❤

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Very little is needed
to make a happy life.

I have seen the beauty and truth of this through two things. First, through observing how having more than enough makes me feel, and two, being open to how my minimalist-minded mother views life. Surrounding myself with things that make me happy, without the number of possessions being overwhelming, is truly an art. I see complete value in experiencing life over owning things, in appreciating things I can afford without feeling a total attachment to them for extended amounts of time. I’m still experimenting with how I wish to live and spend my money, and I’m enjoying the process.

Your mistakes do not define you.

While other quotes have got me thinking more than this one, it is quite possibly the one I need to read the most. When I misstep and lose my way, I am well known for judging myself on my way back to the right way to live. I cannot improve and live the way I desire to with self-condemnation. This is why the Lord is helping me immensely to leave this trait behind.

Be the change you want to see.

I can easily begin judging others for doing wrong instead of focusing on improving my own behavior! It’s not good to live a life that condemns other people – even when it’s easy, it doesn’t feel right to look down on others in that way when we have our own issues. Where you can step in and do right, regardless of what others are choosing to do, is where we can thrive.

Do all things
with purpose.

It is so easy to fall into the habit of going through the motions. However, what if we were to live with the intention of doing all things with great love – with purpose? I know that our view of life would become so much more beautiful! Knowing we’re making a difference in the lives of our family and friends is absolutely wonderful. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I had fun getting to share these quotes with you. I hope you have a blessed Wednesday!

Let me know in the comments below:

Which quote was YOUR favorite?

— Maggie