Day 4 – What You Wore, In Detail | Blogging Challenge April 2019

To learn more about this challenge and join it yourself, visit this page on my blog! Hey there! As I made a note of yesterday, I switched up these two prompts so I could take the pictures for it. 😊 I think this prompt is a different way of saying "Outfit Of The Day," haha, and since … Continue reading Day 4 – What You Wore, In Detail | Blogging Challenge April 2019

Summer OOTD – Pink Hues/Casual

Hi there!! Happy Thursday to you! ❤ I have a very exciting post to share with you today 🙂 The last 'outfit of the day' post I did was back in November, haha, because I absolutely love fall fashion! However, I have been putting together some outfits lately for the warmer months that I'd love … Continue reading Summer OOTD – Pink Hues/Casual

Fall OOTD #3 – Classy/Casual

Hi there, guys! Hope you're all having a beautiful week. 🙂 ❤ I have my third OOTD post to share with you today! This outfit is an absolutely beautiful one, I think - definitely the first of its kind in my wardrobe! - and I had such a fun time at the little photoshoot where … Continue reading Fall OOTD #3 – Classy/Casual

Fall OOTD #2 – Earth Tones/Casual

Hey guys! I hope that you're having a fantastic day! ❤ I am very happy to bring you my second Outfit Of The Day post on this fine Tuesday! I had a blast having the pictures taken for the first one I did (which you can check out here). My mom was the awesome photographer … Continue reading Fall OOTD #2 – Earth Tones/Casual

Fall OOTD #1 – Comfy/Casual

Hi there, guys! Thank you so much for coming by today's post. ❤ I am SO excited about this one in particular!! I've enjoyed writing all of the different posts for October (which is awesome, as I was wanting it to be fun haha), but this is one I've been wanting to do practically the … Continue reading Fall OOTD #1 – Comfy/Casual