Little Accomplishments – August 25th, 2017

Little Accomplishments – August 25th, 2017

What have you accomplished this week?

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s Little Accomplishments!

I hope that you’re all doing well, and that your weekend has gotten off to a beautiful start! So, did you guys know that next Friday is September 1st??!! I truly cannot figure out where in the world 2017 is speeding off to! I mean, why is it in such a hurry? Haha!!

Whether your year has been a whirlwind or it couldn’t be dragging any slower, I hope that everyone’s last week of August is a great one. xx

Oh, and I wanted to add something that I noticed on my dashboard this morning – this post makes my 200th post on this blog!! 💖 thank you guys so much for coming along with me this far ☺️

Alright, let’s jump right in to this Little Accomplishments! And as always …

Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys – no matter how small!

These past couple of weeks, I …

  • learned the major piano chords. (Yas!!!! For some reason, this took me quite a bit of time to look up online and figure out, but once the light bulb in my head lit up, I had them memorized within two days! I’m so happy! Minor chords, here I come.)

  • caught up on Spanish. (As always. It’s essential, important, and considerably time-consuming, lol!)

  • began learning Portuguese. (WHAT?! Cool, huh? I want to know the basics of Portuguese because 1) I’m interested in learning the differences between this language and Spanish, 2) I love learning new languages, and 3) I’d love to have a basic understanding of it in the event that I meet someone who speaks it! For now, I’m learning Brazilian Portuguese, but I’d be all for learning Portugal Portuguese at some point, too.)
  • got back into the swing of blogging. (After my blogging break, then battling strep throat, it took me longer than I would have wanted to catch up on all things blogging, but I’m finally feeling on top of everything again! I have lots of different post ideas, I’m caught up on blog reading, I’ve interviewed some bloggers, and I have met some lovely new people, too!)
  • watched Finding Dory. (It was soooo sweet, guys! Finding Nemo was the first movie I really ever loved – little 4-year-old me was obsessed with it! – and the kid in me really approves of how they handled this sequel so many years later. It’s funny, the animation’s great, and Dory was fantastic. I love her character!)
  • finished reading The Merchant of Venice. (Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. The love stories were great, but the main plot dragged and also made me kind of nervous. lol!)
  • got a new app to track water intake. (I stopped using Plant Nanny a while ago because it wouldn’t let me customize how much water I needed daily; they gave me a set, unattainable goal based on height and weight. :/ However, I found a new water tracking app that I’m enjoying using right now called, simply, Water Tracker!)
  • organized my Goodreads shelves. (I love having a place to see what books I’ve loved reading, as well as books I’m looking forward to reading someday! Everything had gotten a bit jumbled, so cleaning out and organizing the digital shelves on my Goodreads account was something I’ve been needing to do for a while.)

Comment what YOU’VE done this week down below – last Saturday through today!
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Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Favorite Apps

Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Favorite Apps

Hi guys! I hope that your Saturday has gotten off to an awesome start. Thanks for coming by today’s prompt! Today, I’m writing about some of my recent favorite apps. (I don’t have an Etsy shop, so today’s actual prompt isn’t going to work for me lol! I hope you enjoy.)

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Apps

(all of these are available for free in the App Store. Not sponsored.)

Memrise. Since the end of December ’16, I’ve been learning Spanish with this app. I finished the first three levels and learned over a thousand words, and now I’m moving on to Spanish 4! It is, by far, the best language learning program I’ve used so far – and it’s free. I can’t wait to complete all of their Spanish courses – and I’ve even checked out their French 1 course, too, which also looks awesome!

Pocket Planes. I found this in the App Store a year or two ago, and not only is it a fun, addictive game – you can fly your little planes all over the world! – it has also taught me soooo much about the major cities in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – which is cool! Up until this game, I wasn’t very interested in world geography, lol. I’ve unlocked something like 60 different airports in those different regions; I love learning all the different names! (Although the actual pronunciation of them is way beyond me.) When you start the game, you pick what region you want to unlock airports in, and it only gets more fun from there. The graphics are my favorite part; they’re so cute!

Plant Nanny. It’s what finally got me to drink more water every day! You pick what little virtual plant you’d like to grow, and as you drink water, you can log that progress in the app, which then feeds your little plant. Make sure not to go too long without drinking; your plant could end up dying on you, haha

Pinterest. I’ve loved this website since I was eleven years old, but as of recently, it has been so helpful to have on my phone while looking at recipes, as well as inspirational quotes, blogging inspiration, and mission trip dreaming/planning!

Dancing Line. My brother introduced this one to me on Wednesday! It is an epic, fun music strategy game (reminds me of Guitar Hero, which is my all-time favorite game) where you tap to the beat of piano music, as well as violins and cellos, to lead your trail through a maze. It’s kind of hard to explain. You should try it out! I can’t get enough of it!!!

Thanks for reading, guys! I highly recommend all of these apps; I appreciate each and every one of them. How about you?

What are a few of YOUR favorite apps?

— Maggie

Blogging Challenge – Day 16: On My To-Do List

Blogging Challenge – Day 16: On My To-Do List

I don’t know about you, but I loooooove lists. Whether they’re of things I want to do, things I need to do, or things I’ve already done, they’re so tidy, satisfying, and orderly! I just love them, haha!

The little list I’ve come up with to share for today’s prompt will actually help me to be quite productive this week. You’ll probably see the outcome of these to-dos on this Friday’s (or next Friday’s) Little Accomplishments!

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

My To-Do List

( ) memorize the multiples of twelve (up to 12 x 10). At the lovely point in my schooling when I should have had them memorized, I took the lazy road and chose quick multiplication problems in the margins of my work paper over that memorization. I couldn’t stand math for a while, but I deeply regret this crazy decision now, lol. I can still make up for lost time!

( ) memorize the Spanish words for “first, second, third,” up to “tenth.” I attempted to first learn them on Memrise, but it’s going to take more repetition than that, apparently. 🙂

( ) plan a week-long blog post series to do this summer. You guys will be hearing more about this (and even getting to participate!) in the weeks to come!

( ) get the 700+ pictures off my phone and safely onto our computer. I’m freaking out a little because our PC won’t accept my phone when I plug it in because of some software problem, or something!! AUGH!

( ) finish reading Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. It’s for a reading challenge I’ll be writing about probably sometime this fall!

( ) get more posts ready ahead of time for this blogging challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with this challenge. Pro: It gives me content to post. Con: It gives me too much content to post.

Aaaand that’s it for today’s prompt! Phew! I’d better start getting some stuff done. I’ll let you know on my next Little Accomplishments post if I conquered this list, or not! 😀

What are a few things on YOUR to-do list?

— Maggie

About My Passion for Spanish + The Best Language-Learning App!

I’d like to start this post with a bit of honesty; I haven’t always had a passion for Spanish.

Yup. However, passions must start somewhere, right?

Initially, I really wanted to learn French; I’ve been fascinated by the language’s beauty for a long time. However, the ironic thing is, the same summer that I’d started learning the basics of French, I was also spending a lot of time over at a friend’s house whose mother only spoke Spanish. While there, I heard her talking to my friend and my friend’s siblings in a language I knew barely any of. In no time at all, I switched to learning Spanish, and thanks to the mini lessons my friend gave me on key words and different phrases I could say to her mother, a language I once wanted nothing to do with has been a big part of my life.

Looking back at that time of my life, it’s impossible for me to not see how the Lord was preparing me for my future. I had no idea at the time that I would be where I am today; dreaming of the day when I can serve Him in Guatemala. ❤ There’s hardly anything else that has strengthened my faith more than looking back and being able to see that God was taking care of me, even when I couldn’t see it.


In the past few years, I’ve used different websites and other resources to learn Spanish. Some were free, some I had to pay for, but the only one that I highly recommend is an app/website called Memrise.

memriseI was browsing the App Store last week, looking for a new language-learning app that hopefully wouldn’t cost a lot of money to enjoy using. Memrise was one of the top results, so I got it, and I absolutely love it!

I’ve already memorized so many words! (Over 250, I think it was.) It’s not that I’ve spent the past week of my life playing Memrise, nor does it mean that I was speeding through it to get to the next level. Haha! (However, I’ve been guilty of both of those things in the past.) It was simply that Level One was a thourough refresher for me, as I already knew maybe 85% of the words. I didn’t learn very many new things, but it helped me to remember more easily the pronunciation and spelling of several words, which I greatly appreciate.

If you’d like, you can follow me on Memrise! My username is ‘dancingjoyfully.’

— Maggie