Quotes That Inspire Me, Pt. 1

Quotes That Inspire Me, Pt. 1

Hi there, everyone! ❤ I hope that you’re doing well. 🙂 Today, I will be talking about some of my recent favorite quotes!! Because I’m always browsing Pinterest for inspirational quotes, I have acquired a lot of favorites over the years! For this post, I have chosen five that are very relevant for my life right now, and I’ll also talk a little about why I love them so much. Let’s jump right into this!

My Top 5 Current Favorite Quotes

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Throughout September and into October, as well, I have been working really hard on changing different negative behaviors that have become too prevalent in my life. From impatient responses to judging others, there are different ways I feel and act about things and circumstances without realizing how it’s impacting my life. If I can get myself into the habit of thinking before I respond, then I won’t make as many bad mistakes as I do now. Tracking my progress, both the highs and lows, really helps me to keep going, which is why I bring it up on my blog from time to time. 🙂 I’m thinking about doing my Making the Change posts again, but I’m not sure yet. I probably will!

Let life surprise you.

Are you like me, in that you want things to go according to plan, and when things change, whether for better or worse, it really messes you up? I struggle with this all the time. It could be about my school work, or the blogging plan I made for myself. If something gets changed, or added or moved, I get really disoriented and oftentimes upset about it. The reason this quote speaks to me is because I want to do a better job of letting life surprise me! Most things don’t go exactly according to plan. I desire to accept the little changes 🙂

Be nice first.

If I can get into a better habit of taking the plunge and being nice to people I meet first – whether I say hi to the person behind me in line, or I compliment the waitress’ hair – I could really beat my social anxiety in leaps and bounds! It’s definitely something to work on, and quotes like the one above really help me to stay motivated!

If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.

I always find myself getting in over my head about all sorts of things. I keep my room too tidy. I keep my blog schedule too tight. I spend too much time organizing pictures. I become over-dedicated to all sorts of things, to the point where I don’t even like the thing I was dedicated to anymore, haha! It’s a sad existence. So, the moral of the story is, yes, I would love to have a clean room, and a blogging schedule and organized folders of pictures, but they tend to cost me my peace. By working on a bit at a time, and finding joy in the length of time it takes me to become inspired, or feel well enough to clean up, etc, is what I need to work on.

His will. His way. My faith.

This is a quote that someone based off of Jeremiah 29:11, which is an absolutely beautiful and comforting verse, and I love this quote, too! I am happiest in life when I’m trusting in His will and following His plans for my life. Whenever I try to step aside from the path He has ordained for me, I am always disappointed. It’s not like something bad happens to me if I make a bad choice, or something; the Lord isn’t like that. I just end up feeling down, almost like I can just see that He had something greater planned for me, but I chose to go somewhere else. After an experience like that, I’m always more than ready to return to following Him again! ❤

So, those are my favorite quotes! I had so much fun finding those five and talking about them. Let me know in the comments below:

Which of those quotes was YOUR favorite?

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Fall OOTD #2 – Earth Tones/Casual

Fall OOTD #2 – Earth Tones/Casual

Hey guys! I hope that you’re having a fantastic day! ❤ I am very happy to bring you my second Outfit Of The Day post on this fine Tuesday! I had a blast having the pictures taken for the first one I did (which you can check out here). My mom was the awesome photographer behind that one, and this one, as well! She’s really good at it, and I’m thankful that she agreed to do this for me. 🙂

This fall OOTD holds special meaning for me; I wore it for the first time last year when I met my favorite music band, Leeland! I assembled the outfit just for that day, which is why it makes me think fondly of them every time I wear it now.

So, let’s look at the outfit!

We took these pictures while visiting one of our favorite libraries a few weekends ago. It was finally beginning to feel like fall outside, which is what prompted me to wear this outfit that day, haha!

If you read my first outfit post, then you probably remember seeing those Nikes featured on that one, as well. I have attempted to wear the rest of this outfit paired with my pair of light gray Keds in the past, but they really hurt my heels, so I decided to wear my comfy shoes that day, instead. #mypoorfeet

Also, this is what happens when you’re trying to figure out which is your best side, while also battling the sunlight …

I don’t even remember making that face, but my mom obviously caught it on camera, haha! Below is my response when I realized how squinty I was making my eyes –

I’m not the most photogenic person, but I do love to laugh, haha

While my first OOTD is my favorite 2017 fall ensemble, today’s outfit was my top pick from 2016! I found all of the pieces that created it over the course of that year, and I feel so confident and happy in it. Some of the items took me on a scavenger hunt to find, and others, I simply stumbled upon. As a whole, I love it, and definitely look forward to wearing it in the fall months!

Let’s look at where I got everything!

Kimono CardiganThrifted. I was so stoked when I spotted this on the shirts rack at one of our favorite thrift stores! I couldn’t believe my luck; I never find things like this while thrifting, and this one makes me so happy. It is so light and airy (and very pretty!), and the material doesn’t make my skin bothered at all. (Woop!)

Tank TopKohl’s. Finding this one took a while; I tried on four other tan/white tank tops at our local Kohl’s before choosing it! I needed a light tan shirt to go with the kimono cardigan, and I was very happy when I found this one. Although it is a bit tighter than I would prefer, I only wear it with the other shirt. The material is very soft, and I appreciate that it isn’t see-through like many other shirts of its kind!

NecklaceFamous Footwear. I bet you didn’t see that coming, haha! The same day that I bought the Keds mentioned previously in the post, I spotted a jewelry rack to the left of the front counter. I used all the money on me at the time to purchase it, and I don’t regret it! I love the golden leaf, little amber/pearl beads, and the gold-colored tassel. It’s a perfect fit for this outfit!

Jean ShortsThrifted. I have never been more in love with a pair of jean shorts before – and they’re Faded Glory, no less. They fit me perfectly, go with everything, and I’ll be very sad they day they’re too worn to wear. If I could buy a few more pairs, I totally would!

Shoulder PurseThrifted. I wear this purse with many of my outfits, as it goes with practically everything I own! It’s the perfect size and has just the right amount of compartments and pockets for me. I love it!

SunglassesKohl’s. Before I got this pair earlier this year, I was struggling to find a pair that didn’t squeeze just behind my ears, or make me look like a bug-eyed fly. The struggle was real, lol! But these were made for me, I’m sure of it – they fit me so well, have a cute floral design on the inside of the arms, and do their job, too; 100% UV protection. haha

ShoesFamous Footwear. They’re extremely comfortable, breathable, and go with everything!

As a bonus for the end of this post, I took a selfie of myself in this outfit:

Thank you so much for reading, guys!! This may be my last OOTD for a while; I’ll have to see what else I can put together. I hope that you’re all doing well!

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Tour of My Pinterest

Tour of My Pinterest

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day. 🙂 For today, I have such a fun post to share with you guys! Pinterest is an awesome website, and I always have lots of fun browsing the endless pictures that have been ‘pinned’ there. Anytime I get on there, I get lost in them, haha! The idea I had for incorporating Pinterest into this blogging challenge was to give you all a tour of my Pinterest account (come follow me over at auburnskies18)! Let’s jump right into this. xx

My Pinterest Profile

This is how my page looks when you visit it on PC.

Just like with most websites, Pinterest has gone through many design and layout changes, lol, and the current one looks pretty good.

I think that my boards are organized by day of creation right now, so there isn’t really any rhyme or reason as to where they are, haha! (On the first account I had a few years ago, I was very particular about how the boards were arranged, but the content itself matters more to me now.)

The first three boards at the top are:

adventure is out there – I collect all of my wanderlust and travel pins here! They’re all very aesthetic, and I love adding to it from time to time.

the misty mountains. – the title is a fan reference (you’re awesome if you got it!), but that’s my Lord of The Rings / Hobbit board. I pin things about the books, and the movies, too! It’s such a neat fandom.

educate me o wise one. – I haven’t decided if this board title is reverent or sarcastic yet, haha, but either way, I gather the deepest inspirational quotes I come across here.

My 4 Current Favorite Boards

Depending on my mood, the season, etc., I will browse a variety of topics on Pinterest! Recently, I have had three that I really enjoy looking back at and pinning to frequently. Here they are:

My Humor Board:

One of the first pins I ever looked at on Pinterest was one showcasing mini illustrations of the different types of coffees, and how if each one had a personality, they would look a certain way. Since that pin, I’ve been in love with finding humor on Pinterest, as it never fails to crack me up. My current funny board is called – l a u g h . You should check it out if you’re looking for hilarious (and clean) jokes and memes!

My Calling Board:

I have seen so many people who have missions-related boards, where they pin evangelistic quotes and pictures of people from the country they have or desire to serve in, and until now, it really didn’t make sense for me to have one. Now that I know of a place the Lord desires me to serve at one day, the board above is one that I absolutely love having! It’s called to be called.

My Relateable Quotes Board:

I seem to always have multiple quote boards going, lol, as I enjoy categorizing them instead of all of them being meshed together! This specific board is almost always my favorite one, because on it, I pin the quotes that are most relevant to my life at the time that I find them. It’s my most vulnerable board; you can easily see how I’m feeling by what I’m pinning. lol That one is called – s p e a k | to | me

My Blogging Board:

This one is such a nice resource for me as a blogger! I gather all sorts of post ideas here to check out later when I need the inspiration. If you’d like to see what pins I’ve found for blogging inspo, definitely go by that board yourself! It’s called – b l o g g i n g

My Boards

For the last section of this post, I will go over the rest of my boards (as quickly as I can, I don’t want this to be boring haha) in four snapshots. I love how pretty they all look right now; I chose bright board covers for all of them, so they are very cheery and pretty!

(If I already described what a board is about, then I’ll say ‘see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.’)

i n f l u e n c e – all of the inspirational quotes I find that don’t fit a specific category.

a m o r o u s – I pin very sweet love quotes here that all make me go “awww!”

unnamed wip – weird board name, I know lol (and ‘wip’ stands for work-in-progress, by the way), but I didn’t want to delete it yet because I might use the pins there for a story at some point.

j e d i – yes, I am a lowkey Star Wars fan. I have some cool stuff on this board!

literature rocks doe – just a board for bookish things.

i l l u s t r a t e – this board is for all the beautiful drawings and paintings I come across.

book / i n s p o – a collection of all the story inspiration I find that doesn’t fit any particular novel, but that I’d still love to base a book off of one day!

something rotten in denmark. – my very small Hamlet board because I wanted a place for pins about it, but I haven’t found very many. lol

l a u g h – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

t e l l y – this has been a fun board to add to recently because I’ve been watching so many new movies for school lately, and I’ve loved the majority of them! (If you visit it, beware: you’re about to be bombarded by Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Julie Andrews hahaha)

m e l o d y – for all the pins I find that relate to music I love.

g o / l i v e – pins that revolve around couples, and simply enjoying life, as well.

s n a p s h o t – I share beautiful photographs I come across that don’t have another place on my account.

being godly. – this board has lots of pins on godly relationships!

s p e a k | to | me – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

outwit the warleggans. – another board with a fan reference title! This is my Poldark board, because I had so much fun watching the first series.

crafts/articles for today. – this is one of my two DIY/article boards so that I can accurately organize these types of pins I want to save. The ‘today’ board is for crafts I know I can make, and articles I will definitely read soon.

crafts/articles for someday. – this is my dream craft board, haha!! I couldn’t help but save the pins on there, but it isn’t likely that I’ll do/read them any time soon.

g a l a x i t e – that’s the name of a fantasy/historical fiction novel I’ve been working on for a few years, and that board contains all of my current inspiration for it.

how | l o v e l y – mainly fashion/pretty pins … basically my miscellaneous board.

to | c u l t i v a t e – one of the focuses in Galaxite is gardening, so this board branches off from that storyboard!

m a d e / dat – I just realized that I gave this board a very lame name, hahah! However, it has all the pins that I have made/tried/crafted, as I didn’t want to lose them.

w r i t i n g / help – these pins are informational and will definitely help me with different parts of the story writing process. My other story boards are visual inspiration, while this one gives me mental inspiration.

to be called. – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

my | n e w | favorite instrument – when I first began playing the piano a few months ago, I made this board. It contains some piano photography and relateable jokes, haha!

t i k a l – all about my Mayan story! There’s a lot of inspiration and information on Guatemala on this board. I absolutely love it.

trusting Him in all things. – pins about having faith in the Lord, for the times when life is hard on me.

growing up. – I made this board when I was having anxieties about adulthood, but the pins that I found and saved on this board comforted and encouraged me.

r e c i p e s – all the treats/dinners I’ve found on Pinterest and am definitely considering making one day!

b l o g g i n g – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

love – my most recent inspirational quote board. I wanted a place to put the quotes that inspire me currently. ❤

Thank you so much for reading, guys! I would love to see a tour post like this of your Pinterest, too, so if you’re interested in taking my idea, definitely give me a link to your post!

You guys should let me know in the comments below:

Which board is YOUR favorite?

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