New Things #1

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about focusing more of my attention on the new things in my life. It can be very easy to do just keep doing what I’ve always done, return to what I’m comfortable with, etc., but I’m finding that also being open to new things and being excited about unique experiences is beneficial, too! Even if I find out that something isn’t as great as I’d thought it would be (I can’t think of a current example, but it does happen lol), it was totally worth a shot.

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How An Introvert Finds Comfort In Everyday Life

How An Introvert Finds Comfort In Everyday Life

For quite a long time, my understanding of the introverted and extroverted personality traits was only through stereotypes. I thought of ‘introverts’ as being primarily reclusive individuals who didn’t like others very much and preferred their own company. On the flip side, ‘extroverts’ seemed to be party animals who could never calm down – they were always excited and always talking.

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