7 Reasons Why I’m Loving ‘Too Small To Ignore’

Hi there, and Happy Tuesday to you! ❤ In yesterday's post, I shared some of the things I recently purchased at one of my favorite thrift stores, which you can see for yourself here! For today's post, I'd like to share a more in-depth reason for why one of the books I got, called 'Too Small… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why I’m Loving ‘Too Small To Ignore’

Blogging Challenge – Day 4: About My Family

My siblings and I all look alike. I can really only see the resemblance through pictures, but man, when we're out and about, we always get comments about how we look the same, hahaha! So, let's jump right into learning about who everyone is, as well as a little bit about our wonderful parents. <3… Continue reading Blogging Challenge – Day 4: About My Family

The Four of Us

Recently, someone thought that Joshua and I were twins. A few years ago, someone thought that I was his mother. I'm sure that multiple people have thought that Elizabeth is my daughter. This is the life of the eldest child in a group of four siblings that are very different ages. ~ The comments, remarks… Continue reading The Four of Us