50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part One}

50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part One}

On Wednesdays, I’m currently blogging about tags and awards! For this week and the next, I’ll be answering a set of 50 questions to get to know myself better. It will be a great exercise for me, as well as a way for new readers to learn more about this writer! Click here to read the article that provided these questions.

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Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that some are taking their first breath.

Today is the day that others will take their last.

Today is the day that marks a beautiful turning point in the lives of countless people.

Today is the day that disaster will strike for those we’ll never personally know.

Today is the day that some will spend carrying out the mundane tasks their lives require.

Today is the day that others celebrate the fact that they’re simply ALIVE.

Today is the day that we should never take for granted.

Today is the day we can recognize that millions of others were not as fortunate.

Today is the day we should begin living.

Go live. Today is the day.

I wrote this post after thinking deeply about the fact that the present is just that – a gift, a blessing! I’m always looking ahead at what is to come, what excitement my future will hold, instead of recognizing the fact that I’m still here.

I have good physical health; I’m in a great place mentally and emotionally; I’m in a supportive family situation; I have all the necessities I require on a daily basis available to me …

I am grateful beyond words.

I am not simply alive, although that in itself is something I marvel over. Something as simple as the sinus infections I get almost yearly, which are complications of the common cold, would have done away with me years ago if it weren’t for the antibiotics brilliant people have created.

So, I have been saved countless times from minor disasters and complications of difficulties … but I also feel truly alive.

There’s a difference between breathing, moving, functioning normally, and actually feeling like you’re here with a purpose. These last few years have seen a huge improvement in how I see my life, what I have been created to do, and how I can fulfill that purpose today.

Today is the day. Whatever that statement may mean for you, I pray that it would speak deeply to your heart and encourage you this weekend. 💖

Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day 😊💜 Earlier this week, my mom and I were discussing the fact that I never thought I’d have baby siblings at the age I am now. Elizabeth’s (2) and Isabella’s (eight months) presence in my life has completely altered where I spend my time, which has then impacted and changed me in many different ways.

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