Mindful Living Challenge – Avoiding Procrastination {Week Ten}

"Waiting is just delaying your desired result." - Kylie Francis Any time I have a project that I've been putting off working on for a long time, my automatic response to being reminded of it is, I'll do that another time. My closet is a prime example of this. It will take a lot of work … Continue reading Mindful Living Challenge – Avoiding Procrastination {Week Ten}

Staying Hydrated: My 5 Tips

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful day. đŸ’• I got so excited when I first had the idea for this post! For a very long time, I struggled with drinking the right amount of water. I couldn't bring myself to drink more water than I was thirsty for, which means that I really … Continue reading Staying Hydrated: My 5 Tips