Homeschooling: My Experience With Learning

Hi there! ❤ I hope you're having a beautiful day. 🙂 We're four days into my decision to blog every day of this month, haha, and so far, it's going well! I've been wanting to share a post like this for a while, and I decided that it was time to do it this October. … Continue reading Homeschooling: My Experience With Learning

Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Hello there, everyone! How is your Tuesday going so far? I hope that you're all having a fantastic week(: For today's post, I will be talking all about the subjects I'm taking for my first semester as a high school senior!! I've been wanting to share this post with y'all since the beginning of August … Continue reading Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Chemistry 101 ~ A Student Review

Homeschool product reviews are most commonly done by homeschooling teachers, so I'm breaking the mold a bit here, haha! As an 11th grade homeschooled student, I just recently finished a science course that was absolutely amazing, and I knew that I just had to give my review of it. Today's post is all about Chemistry 101: An Overview of … Continue reading Chemistry 101 ~ A Student Review