Teach Me To Be Gentle

Teach Me To Be Gentle Teach me to be mindful of every word I say. Teach me to pause in moments of anger and simply stop to pray. Teach me to care for my siblings when they’re sad. Teach me to think first instead of getting mad. Teach me that there’s more to life than … Continue reading Teach Me To Be Gentle

Cultivating A Joyful Life | Establishing A Heart of Gentleness

There have been many moments in my life when I have wished that my initial, natural response to situations could be described as gentle. When I picture someone who exhibits gentleness, I see someone who loves considerately, moves with grace and precision, and is easily likeable. I see someone who thinks through what they say … Continue reading Cultivating A Joyful Life | Establishing A Heart of Gentleness

Making the Change ~ Week One

There is something that has been part of my life for quite some time now. It bothers me, affects each day, and negatively impacts my family - especially my sweet younger siblings. At first, I wasn't aware of it, and when I finally was, I couldn't have been more disappointed and upset with myself. For a … Continue reading Making the Change ~ Week One