Summer OOTD #2 – Floral/Casual

Summer OOTD #2 – Floral/Casual

Hey there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ In this post, I’ll be sharing an ‘outfit of the day’ photoshoot with you! I haven’t done one of these in just over a year, which is crazy, but I’m glad that I have a new one to write about today. 🙂 My mom took these pictures for me while she and I were out with the girls yesterday (I’ll share where we went in an upcoming post!).

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Day 15 – Something You Are Looking Forward To | Blogging Challenge April 2019

Day 15 – Something You Are Looking Forward To | Blogging Challenge April 2019

To learn more about this challenge and join it yourself, visit this page on my blog!

Hey there! I switched yesterday’s and today’s prompts because, once again, I needed a bit more time to come up with a good answer. lol

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Summer OOTD – Pink Hues/Casual

Summer OOTD – Pink Hues/Casual

Hi there!! Happy Thursday to you! ❤ I have a very exciting post to share with you today 🙂 The last ‘outfit of the day’ post I did was back in November, haha, because I absolutely love fall fashion! However, I have been putting together some outfits lately for the warmer months that I’d love to post about on my blog, as well.

Today’s outfit is a beautiful combination of my favorite newest additions to my wardrobe! Bonus points for it being something I can wear on the hottest day in Georgia, haha 🙂 It has light colors, is fashionable, and can be worn most of the places I go! I hope you enjoy today’s post! ❤

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Fall OOTD #3 – Classy/Casual

Fall OOTD #3 – Classy/Casual

Hi there, guys! Hope you’re all having a beautiful week. 🙂 ❤ I have my third OOTD post to share with you today! This outfit is an absolutely beautiful one, I think – definitely the first of its kind in my wardrobe! – and I had such a fun time at the little photoshoot where my mom took these pictures! ❤ I hope that you guys enjoy!

Let’s take a look at the whole outfit first.

Just look at the sleeves, aaaaahh! ❤

This outfit is one that I created by taking different articles that I bought separately, which all went together perfectly. Three out of the four things were purchased over the past couple of weeks, and the other (the jeans) I’ve been loving for about a year. Haha! (Also, isn’t the lighting in the pics perfect? My mom did a wonderful job!)

I had to step out of my comfort zone to put together this ensemble. Basically everything that I wore are items that I wouldn’t have looked into purchasing even a year ago, and not just because they would only suit my age now, or something. For a long time, I have been in the habit of wearing and buying very simple outfits, and it was hard for me to shop for anything more than this. Recently, however, I have been slowly breaking away from that trend and creating my own style, which has been a beautiful, exciting experience!

Also, I love how my staple hairstyle as of late (messy bun) looks awesome with this outfit.

This is honestly such a pretty picture! ❤ Now, let’s take a look at where I got everything!

ShirtThrifted. When I came across it on the clothing racks at Goodwill one Sunday, I knew that I had to have it! Once I tried it on and it fit perfectly, I was more than happy to bring it home. (Too bad it wasn’t on sale, though, lol)

JeansThrifted. As I already mentioned, I’ve been wearing these for a while, and they are so comfortable!

ShoesOld Navy. My family and I went shopping around different outlet stores on a weekend in October, and while I was browsing the gorgeous sweaters at Old Navy, I looked up and found these awesome booties (aka little boots), in tan and black, on a shelf at my eye level. They are extremely comfortable and just my size! I love them!!!

Shoulder BagThrifted. I found this beautiful bag the same day I purchased the books I shared on my book haul post last week! I can’t get over how greatly I adore this bag; it is absolutely gorgeous, and I got it in fantastic condition. The only sad thing about it are the ends of the shoulder strap; I’ve had to sew them up, as they were very weak, but I need to still work on that a bit more.

Nail PolishWalMart. Yup, haha! This was the first time in years that I got my nails painted, and this was the very first occasion that I painted them myself! (Just shows that it’s been so long, hahaha) I loved the deep purple shade (All Vamped Out by Pure Ice). ❤ You can see a more up-close shot of my nails below.

Aren’t they pretty? And I seriously love that bag so much! ❤

Thank you so much for reading, guys! This was a fun post to write, and I’m so happy with how the pictures turned out! ❤ I hope that you have a beautiful day (:

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Little Accomplishments – April 28th, 2017

Little Accomplishments – April 28th, 2017

What have you accomplished this week?

I finally got myself to work on one of these posts throughout the week, hahahah! Welcome back to this Friday’s Little Accomplishments, everyone!

My family and I have slowly been getting back to normal, which I’m so thankful for. We visited different libraries, spent some time outside (which my sinuses didn’t appreciate, haha), and ran different errands around the city, just like we usually do. 🙂 I hope and pray that your past week has been enjoyable, too!

Let’s celebrate all of life’s joys – no matter how small!

This past week, I…

  • reached 300 followers! (Oh my goodness, guys! I can’t thank you enough ❤ )
  • got caught up on upcoming blog posts. (I end up waiting to complete posts until practically the day before I publish them, instead of having them ready days in advance! So, I prepared a little better this week: I’ve interviewed different people, baked some new treats, and browsed Pixabay for pictures I need in multiple posts.)
  • bought a watch. (I’ve been wanting one for a while. And this one was only $3!)

  • finished my Algebra II course. (Wooohooooo! Math + letters = not fun. HAHA)
  • checked out a lot of awesome books from the library. (From some kids’ novels for school (children’s literature), to some books that I’ve been wanting/needing to read for a while, our trip to the library on Monday was very productive! I’ve been reading more this past week than I have in a long time. [By the way, the one on the left is not a library book; it’s a devotional book from a friend. I just keep it beside my bed for easy access in the mornings!])

  • finished reading Anne of Green Gables. (I picked it up for a reading challenge I’ll be doing on my blog soon, and before I knew it … I was halfway through the book! I found all of the characters likeable within the first few chapters, and I just had to find out what happened next! [And, as you probably saw in the library haul pic above, I’m on my way to read the whole Anne series. lol])
this is the edition I read the story from. isn’t it beautiful?
  • dusted my desk and organized the drawers. (I usually have to do this bi-weekly – dust and stuff pile up fast!!)
  • further caught up on my Spanish. (Practically every week, I’ll fall behind a bit on memorizing words on Memrise [hah], then I’ll do my best to catch up again. However, I did just reach 500 memorized words on Spanish 3, which is pretty awesome!)

Comment what YOU’VE done this week down below – last Saturday through today!

— Maggie