Mother Theresa Quotes That Inspire Me

Mother Theresa Quotes That Inspire Me

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂 In this post, I am happy to share some quotes by Mother Theresa with you! I was originally going to create a roundup of inspiring quotes this morning, but when I went on an internet search for a specific quote by Mother Theresa, I found many more that I love by her and decided to dedicate this post to her. There are so many beautiful things we can learn simply through her quotations!

I hope that among the quotes I’m sharing with you below, you’ll find one that really speaks to you. ❤

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I have known for quite a while that there are seasons in life full of sorrow and heartache, of pain and suffering, of trials and tribulation.

But I never expected to get hit like this.

I keep wondering why these things are happening to me and around me, all at once.


I’ve stood on the shore and asked this question over and over as I look out to the One Who holds everything that I am in His hands … and despite the fact that I’ve been hurting, despite the fact that I still am, I’ve found that my faith runs deeper, my love for Him is stronger, and my resolve that His plan for me is far better than my own, is much, much greater than the awful things I have been experiencing. I’ve looked straight into the eyes of evil and come out stronger than ever before. Why?

Because at the very beginning of each hardship, I fell on my face at the feet of Jesus, with tears streaming down my face, asking that He would protect and take care of us … and of me.

More than ever before, I’ve seen my faith at work. For the first time in my life, the hardships weren’t teaching me valuable lessons; they were teaching me what trusting in the Lord does, and how having faith in His plan positively impacts a person’s life.

I don’t trust Him less after all of this; I trust Him even more. I can’t fully understand why, but instead of trying to figure that out, it is just something else I’m putting in His hands. My life, every single thing that it consists of, is in His care; there is absolutely no other place I would rather it be.

And so, I am using the stumbling blocks the enemy has put in my way as the foundation for my home – a house that is a symbol of my firm reliance on my God. It isn’t much, but it’s all that I can give. I know that I cannot face this life for a single second by myself; without Him by my side, I am absolutely nothing: a coward, the odd-man out, a loser. But with His strength, I am steadily conquering everything that has ever troubled me and coming up stronger every single day.

Man, this Sunday has gotten off to an emotional start for me. How’s your day going so far?

— Maggie

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