Homeschooling: My Experience With Learning

Homeschooling: My Experience With Learning

Hi there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 🙂 We’re four days into my decision to blog every day of this month, haha, and so far, it’s going well!

I’ve been wanting to share a post like this for a while, and I decided that it was time to do it this October. I hope that you enjoy!

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My Language-Learning Journey

My Language-Learning Journey

Hello guys! I hope that you’re having an absolutely beautiful day. 🙂 It has been quite a while since I talked about language learning (except for in practically every single Little Accomplishments, haha), so for today, that’s what I have written about! I’ve touched on this in the past, but it was one of the very first blog posts on my blog (haha), so I will expound on that post, go back a bit further, talk more about the present, stuff like that. If you’re interested, especially if you are learning or would like to learn a new language yourself, I’m sure that you will enjoy today’s post!

Exclusive English Speaker: My Childhood

Like many Americans, I grew up in a household that spoke only English. The only other languages I heard were fragments of conversations out in public, as well as the infrequent use of a foreign phrase, which really doesn’t count. As a whole, I had very minimal exposure to any language but English from the time I was a baby.

That is, any spoken language.

Do you know what ASL is?

American Sign Language and Learning New “Words”

When my little brother was a baby, and I was three to four years old, my mom discovered the world of baby signs. It is very much like American Sign Language (ASL), but only includes the basic signs babies and young children would want and need to use the most. She began using some signs to communicate better with Joshua, such as “more,” “eat,” and “drink,” and I was captivated. It was like this secret hand language that only my family knew, and while I can’t remember when exactly my fascination first began – maybe the first few times Joshua signed back? – but I quite quickly found it to be a lot of fun.

It wasn’t long before I’d learned to count to 10, sign off the alphabet, and express basic feelings and emotions, and my interest in this unspoken language has never gone away. ❤

The Art of ASL

Over the years, my family and I have learned so many signs. I have never sat down and attempted to list all the ones I know, as that would be quite a feat, but I’d say … maybe two hundred?? I have no idea. Anyway, I wanted to add to this post that ASL isn’t just a silent way of communicating; in my opinion, it is also a beautiful form of art.

Back when I was maybe eight or nine, I remember watching my mom sign along to a song we were listening to in the car at the time. I thought that this was the coolest thing EVER! It’s basically like dancing along to a song with your hands – I mean, tell me, isn’t that insanely cool?! In the years that followed, I have signed along to songs I know the lyrics to, and also looked up signs to be able to do it more fully. It is an absolutely amazing experience, and absolutely free of charge, as well!

If for no other reason, I find that ASL comes extremely in handy when I need to ask my mom or brother something wordlessly. This can either be when I’m eating, or halfway across the room, or I have to be quiet for some reason. However, if I try to spell something in ASL, or use a complicated sign that only I know, it can get confusing really quickly, haha!! Still, they know all the main signs, so communicating simple things isn’t a big deal.

Taking A Second Language For School

My love for American Sign Language almost carried over into my education in 8th grade. The spring that I finished 7th grade, my mom told me I would need to take a second language as one of my subjects the following fall. So, I thought, “Oh, that’s cool! I’ll just take ASL.” Turns out, that’s not an official language you can learn and get academic credit; they just teach and approve spoken languages. lol I was extremely disappointed, though.

That summer, I checked out a French language course from the library and proceeded to teach myself the basics. I already knew that my mom wanted me to learn Spanish for school, not French, as it made more sense for where we live (little did we know it would make more sense for my future, too, haha), but I decided to go ahead and learn a bit of French, as well, as it’s a beautiful language and, at the time, I despised Spanish. I thought, why learn a language if it doesn’t look cool or sound pretty? I mean, what’s the point? xD

Ohh, younger me. There are so many points.

However, I didn’t enter 8th grade hating learning Spanish and barely living through the lessons. I didn’t keep up with French and secretly dedicate more time to that than my studies of the language I was actually required to learn. You know what happened?

My Introduction to Spanish

In 2013, I became friends with a family in our neighborhood whose parents only spoke Spanish. Over the course of the next few weeks that summer, I went from wanting nothing to do with the language, to needing to know as much as my friend could tell me so I could have short conversations with her family.

Looking back, I first thought that this immersion experience was a wonderful coincidence. I dropped French like it was hot (lol) and began learning Spanish that fall with ease. Getting to talk to someone who spoke the language and them understanding what I said when I spoke was (and still is!) one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, knowing another language and being able to communicate in a different way is an invigorating experience for me.

At the beginning of 2017, when I almost simultaneously found the app Memrise and learned of the Lord’s plans for me and Guatemala, I corrected my observation and acknowledged the fact that His hand has been at work in my life for years. ❤

Meet Maggie: Aspiring Polyglot, and Servant of The Lord

To some, it may appear that I simply love learning new languages – and I do. But that’s not the whole of it.

Someone greater than I can comprehend has ordained this for me. He has a purpose for my life that I can only begin to imagine. Every second is vital, and this time of waiting is not meant to be wasted.

I love learning Spanish because He has placed the passion in my heart. I love Guatemala because of where He has lead my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It blesses me exceedingly to be able to do my part, and watch Him do the rest. ❤

Now, before I go, I’d like to cover two more things in this post: what languages I know and how much of each (estimated, haha), and the resources I’ve used for learning Spanish over the years. Let’s get into this!

The Languages I Know

{in order of fluency}

English – I have been speaking English my whole life, and there are now few words I don’t know. My only drawback is that because I read so much as a child, I “taught” myself to pronounce different words a certain way, which ended up being the wrong way. I occasionally misstep on how a word is said, and I get sooo embarrassed, haha! I’m an ace at punctuation, and I’m quite the expert at grammar, but the grouping terms (adverbs, participles, etc.) are way beyond me.

Spanish – For the past four years, I have been teaching myself Spanish with various digital resources (listed below). It has not been a consistent process – I’ve taken time off when I grew weary or lost interest in the program I was currently using – but it has been a great journey as a whole. I know all of the basics by heart, am quite good at tenses, and could probably hold a pretty decent conversation with a native speaker, although I haven’t gotten to do that in a while.

American Sign Language (ASL) – I’ve been learning signs since I was four years old, and while I couldn’t hold a real conversation with a deaf person, they would get a pretty good idea of what I was trying to convey, lol.

Portuguese (Brazil) – I have been teaching myself the basics for the past few months. It’s exciting when I’m able to catch on to the similarities of this language and Spanish, but I’m taking it slowly because I fear I will mix up the two languages in my head, and I don’t want to do that.

French – For the last couple of years, I have acquired the knowledge of basic phrases and some. It won’t get me very far, but I’m fine with it for now.

Dutch – I went through a phase back in ’14 where I read a lot of books by an author who was from the Netherlands, and I quickly fell in love with the country and its language. I took a few lessons on an app on my phone and learned the basics, but that was it, and my understanding is quite dusty by now.

4 Language-Learning Courses / Apps
That I Have Used

  • Instant Immersion. This is a complete course you can buy on Amazon for less than $100, but I would not recommend it. The information is good, yet the setup is poor; the man and woman speaking the phrases make unnerving facial expressions; and I actually doubt the legitimacy of some of the words and sentences now. It was a nice introduction for me, but please, get something else.
  • Fluencia. This is an online course that has different package deals (you pay for how long you intend on learning the language), and while I used this website, I was really happy with what I learned! I love the setup, the voices and phrases they chose, and the review sessions were amazing. The main thing I learned that has proved extremely helpful now was tenses. I’m so thankful for what it taught me! However, when I wanted to take a break from learning after nearly a four-month streak, my mom went to cancel our subscription, and they basically said because we weren’t going to be paying them money anymore, they terminated my account, which made me lose all my progress. DON’T GIVE THESE GREEDY PEOPLE ANY MONEY! I was planning on returning to using Fluencia after my break, but then I saw how awful the people behind it were! Please, invest in other language-learning software!
  • DuoLingo. This is a fan-favorite for people wanting to quickly pick up a language, as it’s free and the courses are pretty thorough, but I honestly think it could be better in so many ways. The woman’s voice they chose for the Spanish course is very monotone and puts me to sleep. Also, there are too many phrases that were irrelevant. For example, I’M NOT GOING TO USE “I AM A POTATO” IN REAL LIFE. xD As a whole, I did enjoy it for a while, but now I know that there are better options for me. If you want to try out DuoLingo for yourself, go for it. If you already love it, that’s awesome! Personally, I don’t enjoy it now, but to each his own.
  • Memrise. You guys have heard me rave about this, but if you want to hear me get all excited about it again, I highly recommend that you get Memrise! It is the best one I’ve tried so far, all the best features are free, and there are so many languages to choose from. Please, if you have an Apple or Android phone, or if you’re interested in doing it on your PC (they have an online version, which is also free! – not sponsored!), definitely try it out!

That’s all for today, guys! (And at almost 2k words, I should certainly hope so, lol.) Let me know in the comments below:

What language/s are YOU learning?

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Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Hello there, everyone! How is your Tuesday going so far? I hope that you’re all having a fantastic week(: For today’s post, I will be talking all about the subjects I’m taking for my first semester as a high school senior!!

I’ve been wanting to share this post with y’all since the beginning of August (when I started back to school) because the nerd in me (it turns out that I may actually be 100% nerd guys, haha!) is thoroughly enjoying taking these courses. I’ve been learning so much, and they’re all so interesting!

Before I keep rambling on lol, I’d better tell you the awesome part about this post! I’m collaborating with my wonderful blogging friend, Jirah from Jirah Merizz, because we thought it’d be cool to both post about the subjects we’re taking for our senior year! Before (or after) you read my post, you should definitely go check out what she wrote today, guys!! 😀

Let’s jump right into this!

12th Grade High School Subjects,
First Semester


Hey Maggie, so where do you go to school?

As a matter of fact, I don’t. I’m a #homeschoolerforever!

That’s cool! Do you like homeschooling?

YES!! I absolutely love it. I always have, and it actually makes me sad that I’ll be done with school in less than a year! Adulthood is a strange place!

So … what curriculum do you use?

We don’t. My mom gets books, DVDs, textbooks, etc., that go along with the required subjects for each grade in US schools. It’s all cool!

Interesting! Last question,
do you get to do school in your PJs?

Never in my life, mon ami.

Haha, that aside, I’ll go ahead and tell you all about what I’m taking this semester!

My Current School Subjects

  • PSYCHOLOGY. Prior to reading the textbook I was assigned (pictured below), I have very little history with studying or understanding psychological/physiological human processes! (Such a fancy way of saying it!) I have read three chapters so far and have already learned so much. Most recently, I have studied how our childhoods and heredity strongly influence the kind of people we’ll grow up to be.

  • AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. This was something I was never interested in until the beginning of this school year, so even though everything I’m reading is new to me, I’m totally fine with it! The chapters I’ve read so far have established the background of our government (everything the Founding Fathers did, wrote, signed, etc.), which hasn’t been too interesting, but still essential for me to know. I’m stoked about learning more about how our government works now!

  • PERSONAL FINANCE. You should have seen how excited I was when my mom told me this was going to be my math subject for this first semester! I’m not having to work any problems; I’m just learning about how to stay out of debt, make smart spending choices, maintain savings, and more. It’s awesome! With all of this new knowledge, I’m going to be the smartest one of the smartest spenders on the block! (Yes, the book [pictured below] does say that it’s for people in their twenties and thirties, but all the information is for anyone wanting to become a smart spender! I can’t really believe I’ll be in my twenties in just a couple years! WHAT)

  • TEACH WITH MOVIES. As this one doesn’t have an official name, and also seems a bit abstract, allow me to explain. For my first semester of literature, I was going to take a Books-to-Movies course, where I watched films that were based off of books, then analyze them by answering questions. That didn’t work out for me personally because my mom and I couldn’t find enough movies based off of books for me to watch! Instead of doing that, she found different movies for me to watch (I’ve seen The Sound of Music, The Sting, and Deep Impact so far) that I can answer questions on after seeing them. It’s basically Books-to-Movies, but not quite!
this movie cover is so cool
  • PHYSICS. I have been wanting to take this DVD course after I loved the biology and chemistry ones by the same guy! I actually wrote a review of Chemistry 101 earlier this year, which you can read by clicking here. So far in the Physics 101 course, I’ve learned about what physics is, as well as a basic introduction to colors, mirrors, and lenses. Not super interesting so far, but I’m positive that it will get better in the days to come!

Typical School Schedule

I get up most days at 7AM. By 8:30, I’ve usually woken up fully, eaten my breakfast, and started getting ready for the day. By 9:30, if I’m really on top of everything, I’ll work on as many subjects as I can before lunch. Most days, I finish before noon, but others, I’ll have to work on something in the early afternoon!

Thanks sooo much for reading, guys! Definitely go check out Jirah’s post; you’re going to love it! I hope you’re all having an awesome day. xx I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Favorite Apps

Blogging Challenge – Day 20: Favorite Apps

Hi guys! I hope that your Saturday has gotten off to an awesome start. Thanks for coming by today’s prompt! Today, I’m writing about some of my recent favorite apps. (I don’t have an Etsy shop, so today’s actual prompt isn’t going to work for me lol! I hope you enjoy.)

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Apps

(all of these are available for free in the App Store. Not sponsored.)

Memrise. Since the end of December ’16, I’ve been learning Spanish with this app. I finished the first three levels and learned over a thousand words, and now I’m moving on to Spanish 4! It is, by far, the best language learning program I’ve used so far – and it’s free. I can’t wait to complete all of their Spanish courses – and I’ve even checked out their French 1 course, too, which also looks awesome!

Pocket Planes. I found this in the App Store a year or two ago, and not only is it a fun, addictive game – you can fly your little planes all over the world! – it has also taught me soooo much about the major cities in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – which is cool! Up until this game, I wasn’t very interested in world geography, lol. I’ve unlocked something like 60 different airports in those different regions; I love learning all the different names! (Although the actual pronunciation of them is way beyond me.) When you start the game, you pick what region you want to unlock airports in, and it only gets more fun from there. The graphics are my favorite part; they’re so cute!

Plant Nanny. It’s what finally got me to drink more water every day! You pick what little virtual plant you’d like to grow, and as you drink water, you can log that progress in the app, which then feeds your little plant. Make sure not to go too long without drinking; your plant could end up dying on you, haha

Pinterest. I’ve loved this website since I was eleven years old, but as of recently, it has been so helpful to have on my phone while looking at recipes, as well as inspirational quotes, blogging inspiration, and mission trip dreaming/planning!

Dancing Line. My brother introduced this one to me on Wednesday! It is an epic, fun music strategy game (reminds me of Guitar Hero, which is my all-time favorite game) where you tap to the beat of piano music, as well as violins and cellos, to lead your trail through a maze. It’s kind of hard to explain. You should try it out! I can’t get enough of it!!!

Thanks for reading, guys! I highly recommend all of these apps; I appreciate each and every one of them. How about you?

What are a few of YOUR favorite apps?

— Maggie

Blogging Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Books

Blogging Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Books

This is probably THE hardest thing you could ever ask of an avid reader – to pick their favorite books!

That’s like picking a favorite child. Or trying to decide which puppy is cuter. Or which iced latte tastes better.

It cannot be done!

But for the sake of this prompt – this lovely blogging challenge that I’ve gotten myself mixed up in – I will go ahead and choose a few from my hoard of favorites to satisfy the prompt, as well as my readers. Because I certainly love many books, but it is a pain to pick a only a few!

(Just kidding. I love talking about my favorite books.)

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Favorite Books

  • ‘Anything but Typical’ by Nora Raleigh Baskin. This one is always at the top of my favorites list! It is quite melancholy, but for some reason, I love the main character and how his story is written. I’ve read it multiple times, yet I always manage to forget the ending. It’s very strange! Although, that might be because I wish his ‘happily ever after’ was happier. Who knows.

  • ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare. This is the play that got me into reading Shakespeare. I cannot rave about Hamlet enough! It makes me laugh, cry, grin, and scream (in my head, at least). I own six different editions of it. (Yep.) The cast members are fantastic, the Prince’s wit is phenomenal, the plot is gripping, the setting is eerie and fascinating … it may be a tragedy, but I have never loved a story as much as I love this one. If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying Hamlet, please please please go to your library today and get yourself a copy!!!

  • The Holy Bible. It wasn’t the first to come to mind as I don’t consider it to be a book, exactly; it is my survival guide. I turn to it every day for wisdom and encouragement; I go to it to hear from the Lord, and to pray over the verses that I find there. If I had to pick only one book to read for the rest of my life, it would be this One.

  • ‘Return to Me’ by Lynn Austin. It’s over 600 pages long, but Austin had me hooked from the beginning! It’s a story based on the true events of the prophet Zachariah. If you would like to read more about him (I knew nothing about him until reading this book!), I highly recommend Return to Me – it doesn’t feel like a fictional retelling at all. Lynn Austin did a phenomenal job. 🙂

So, how about you?

What are YOUR favorite books?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

— Maggie

Spotlight Saturday – Angela from lifeofangela

Spotlight Saturday – Angela from lifeofangela

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Spotlight Saturday! I’m so happy to get to share these interviews with you guys, as they’re a joy to write, and the people I’m having the opportunity to interview are pretty awesome! If you ever have any questions for the blogger I’ve featured, feel free to ask them in the comments below; they’d be happy to talk to you!

So, this series is a way for me to spread the word about the wonderful bloggers out there. With short, fun interviews that I do with them, we give you a chance to get to know them and their blogs a little better. Even if you’re already following them, I’m sure that it would still be nice to read! You can get more of a feel for who they are and what their blogs are all about.

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.


Spotlight Saturday #2

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming by this week’s Spotlight Saturday. I have someone very special to introduce to you today – she’s a lovely newlywed, a daily blogger, and an early childhood teacher! Please welcome Angela from lifeofangela!!!

Hello fellow readers of Maggie’s blog! Thank you for asking me to take part, I’m so excited to get into this!

You’re very welcome! I’m happy to get to interview you today. So first off, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Okay, let’s see. Interests and hobbies. I watch a lot of TV shows. I can binge watch them in very few sittings. I also love to play games, mostly on my PC. Sims is my favourite. I also enjoy doing crafts. Like cross stitch, jigsaw puzzles, and I really enjoy colouring books. Blogging has been my favourite hobby as of late. I’ve also always been into photography a bit. I’m no professional, but lately I’ve been really focusing on trying to take the best photo I can. I only have my phone at the moment, but I would love to invest in a proper camera one day.

Those are all awesome! I love photography, as well. I’m looking forward to the day I can afford a DSLR! Now, I’d like to know some more about your blog. What are your favorite things to post about, and what are you looking forward to posting in the future?

I love posting about anything and everything, really. But let me try to narrow it down. My favourite things to post about are of my travels, personal life, and those tags/awards. I love sharing my experience of where I’ve been, and that I get to look through all my pictures and memories, and write it all down in a blog post. Same with taking about my personal life. I love sharing tidbits of my life with Rory, and with my family. Last of all, I also love sitting down and answering questions about myself, does that sound weird? It’s like my own way of getting to know myself better, I think about my answers for a long time, then I just ramble out my answer. It’s a lot of fun. As for the future, I am excited to post about future travels. I really want to visit Milford Sound in the South Island at some point this year. As well as whatever is in store for Rory and I in the future, like possibly buying a house in the next year. That would be really cool.

That’s wonderful! I love all the focuses of your blog; getting to read a variety of posts from the same blogger is great, because then fellow blog readers can get to know you better! So, I know that you’ve been running lifeofangela for a couple of months now. What have you loved about getting to meet other bloggers all across WordPress?

It’s only been two months since I started daily blogging. At first I didn’t really know how this platform worked. I got a few likes on my first post, so I followed them to their blog and saw what they posted. That’s how I first discovered how amazing other blogs are. Each one is so unique and different. Some have themes, some are like me and just share their thoughts. Then I discovered tags and the Daily Post and thing snowballed from there. I still love finding and discovering blogs. I love looking at the pictures and reading stories from people around the world. I feel like we can be more open about ourselves here. There’s that sense of security and safety about doing all this from the comfort of your home or wherever you blog from.

I feel the same way – and I absolutely love getting to connect with people all around the world. 🙂 So, out of all the posts you’ve written so far, what are a few of your favorites?

I have quite a few favourite posts. Trip of a Lifetime is one. It’s the beginning of my Peru Adventures series. That is still my favourite trip I have ever done. Our Wedding is another favourite for obvious reasons! Honeymooning through Food is another good one, because all the food we had was amazing! The last one I’ll say is I’m Getting My First Tattoo (Part 2). I was really excited and happy with it!

Those all sound exciting! I’ll have to look into those posts for myself. My last question before we finish up this interview is this: what are two reasons why you’d like for people to come follow lifeofangela today?

Two reasons. Okay, First, I update daily (sometimes more than once if I’m really excited about something), so there’s always something new for you to read. It’s often a surprise, because I don’t plan these things out most of the time, but I hope they’re enjoyable to read! They’re also on a range of topics since I have never-ending interests haha. Second, I really love finding new blogs to read and support. Every like, comment or even follow I get, I will probably follow you back to your own blog and have a look around XD At first, I went through tags to discover new blogs, but over the past few weeks, I’ve been in a lucky position that new people keep finding my stuff, so now I’m constantly finding new people and blogs! It takes me ages every day to read all of them, but I’m having so much fun doing it!

I also love catching up on all the new posts my favorite bloggers publish – including yours! Thank you for letting me interview you today; I very much enjoyed writing it and learning more about you. Is there anything you’d like to tell my readers before we go?

Just that I hope everyone is having a good morning, noon or night or whenever you’re reading this 😀

Same here! Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope that your day is going great. 🙂


Thank you all so much for reading! It would make both of us very happy if you could visit her blog for yourself. She is a very sweet daily blogger, and she would love to talk to you in the comments sections of her posts!

Have an awesome Saturday, everyone!

— Maggie

8 Awesome Second Language Learning Activities

8 Awesome Second Language Learning Activities

If you are interested in finding new ways to expose the little one/s in your life to the beauty of a new language, then you’re in the right place! On this post, I’ve compiled a list of 8 awesome second language learning activities that I’ve thought of, looked up, and tried out myself. 🙂

Typically, when you think of immersing children in a language that’s new to them, you think of high-cost programs, interactive TV shows, etc., but those aren’t the only resources out there! There are plenty of fun, free ways to teach children and let them have a great time, as well.

Related Post: 6 Ways To Make Second Language Learning Fun

Just remember that you don’t have to be proficient in the language yourself to teach your child! You can learn songs, read short books, do finger plays, play simple memory games, etc., and be learning right along with them. That’s what I’m doing, and I’m enjoying it just as much as my five-year-old brother!

I hope you enjoy this post!


{Language Learning Activities}

1. Songs. This is a great one for all ages! From nursery rhymes to hit pop songs, there’s a large music selection out there across a whole variety of languages. I’ve been listening to GallinaPintadita on YouTube recently because I’m teaching my younger siblings Spanish, and “Los Pollitos Dicen” has been our favorite so far!

2. Finger plays. Look up “finger plays” in the language that you’re teaching and see what you find! I just did that myself, and I found an article on Google that I’m going to have to read later hahahah

3. Simple conversation. Teach them words that they’d like to know in the new language! Bring up how to say different subjects that they’re interested in, from cars, to toys, to animals, and anything else, really. 🙂

4. Digital activities. Computer games designed for young children can easily be turned into a language learning experience if you talk about what they’re seeing and playing in the new language, even if the game itself is in English (or whatever language you two primarily speak). Be creative!

5. Books. This one’s my favorite! If you can get your hands on books written for children in the new language, then that’s a perfect way to immerse your child (as long as they’re enjoying it!). However, if you have to get picture books or wordless books to discuss with them because you can’t get any in the language that you’re teaching, that works, as well. Visit your library and see what they have (unless you’re teaching a very young child, in which case I’d browse board books online).

6. Games. There are all sorts of games, from board games to card games to word games! Browse Google and see what you can find.

7. Flashcards. Depending on the child, flashcards can be very fun, or very boring. If you think your little one would enjoy flashcards (alphabet, animals, words, etc.), definitely give it a try! And if not … I wouldn’t recommend them. But don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of other fun ways to teach them.

8. Television. I don’t highly recommend this one, as studies done on children who watched foreign language shows have shown little to no signs of further language development, I thought I’d go ahead and list it as a possibility. This is because if you were to watch one of those shows with your child (Dora the Explorer or Handy Manny, for example) and talk about the show as you two watch it, that will be a way better experience for them than if they watched it themselves!


The key point throughout this whole post is that children will not be as receptive to a new language when left to learn it on their own. TV shows, books, computer games, interactive apps, and movies are awesome resources for doing with your child, not off by themselves.

Just like when adults are learning a new language, children also learn best through experimentation; trying out new words, letting new sounds roll off our tongues, and growing more confident through praise and understanding. Simply watching and listening doesn’t provide the same experience.

I hope that this post has helped and inspired you. If you have any suggestions of your own, please leave them down below!

How would YOU teach your child a new language?

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!

— Maggie