Sunshine Blogger Award, Pt. 2!

Sunshine Blogger Award, Pt. 2!

Hello there everyone!! How’s your Monday going? (: The weekend is sadly over, but hey, it will be back before we know it! On top of that, always remember that we have the power to make today the best day ever, even if it is a Monday. ❤ Just a bit of weekly motivation for you there, as I definitely need it at the beginning of the week!

For this post, I’m back with another award, as I’ve really enjoyed doing these lately. xx Two different wonderful bloggers gave me this award, so I’d like to shout out to them here!! Patsy from Patsy Arts is a lovely girl that I recently met in the blogosphere – she shares all of her beautiful artwork and photography over on her blog. I really like her site! The other blogger is Princess Blabbermouth, whom I’ve known for a bit longer. Her posts are always cracking me up. I love her sense of humor, and reading all the different posts she shares is such a joy! I highly recommend that you go check out those bloggers and their awesome blogs.

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Now, let’s do this award!

My answers to Patsy’s questions!:

  1. What is your favorite Disney movie? Ooh Robin Hood, most definitely! It never gets old; I could watch it all the time.
  2. Do you prefer cooking or baking? For most of this year, it was strictly baking, but now I love a good balance of both.
  3. How long do you do blogging? Do you mean on a daily basis? ‘Cause if so, then too much, haha. In case you meant how long have I been a blogger, seven years.
  4. Favourite memory? Meeting my favorite band (Leeland) was one of the best moments of my life so far. I still need to write a post on that experience!
  5. Are you a gamer? I love a good strategy game every now and then, but no, I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer. I’m just a person who loves playing games sometimes. I think there’s a difference? haha!
  6. What social media do you use? Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads!
  7. What is your favorite quote? “Invest in those who invest in you.”
  8. Do you play any instrument? Yes; the piano keyboard.
  9. Use three words to describe yourself. Creative (especially in writing), funny (I’m always cracking a joke), and curious (I love coming to better understand the world around me).
  10. Do you watch any YouTubers? I used to, but I don’t anymore.

On to the questions Princess passed on!:

  1. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to their readers? I have a few things: good content, a solid online presence (whether that’s posting a few times a day or once a week, it depends on the blogger), and thoughtful conversation in the comments section!
  2. What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog? I read lots of other blogs and am always talking to my buddies here on WordPress, and many of them come by my blog, as well. I also tag accurately so others can find me through the Reader 🙂
  3. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why? If I’m always showing up in your notifications, then you are someone I truly admire as a blogger! Y’all know who you are ❤
  4. What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic? Well, for months I loved writing posts about the Lord, and that has slowly (sadly) gotten harder to do. It may be because I have so many different topics to write about that that one gets pushed to the side, but I really think it’s simply where I am in my walk with the Lord. 🙂 To answer the question, writing about one’s favorite topics can actually be harder than one would think.
  5. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I am seventeen years old, I love the Lord and my family, blogging is my favorite thing to do, I’m always listening to music, and one day I desire to work in the mission field. ❤
  6. What would be your ideal working environment? Probably a place that serves coffee – basically, a cafe!
  7. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year? I’d love to develop more patience and understanding for those around me, as well as for myself.
  8. Tell me about your proudest achievement? I completed five Spanish courses on a language learning app over the course of about eight months! That’s over 1700 words and phrases!
  9. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging? Since I answered that above^ I’ll give a blogging achievement here: keeping up with a blog for this long (all of 2017 so far) has been an absolute joy, although quite difficult at times! (Remember the May blogging challenge, guys? haha)
  10. What’s your best advice for making money online? I have very little knowledge of maintaining an online business or anything like that, so I really couldn’t say. However, bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and YouTubers all get lots of greenbacks for what they do, so becoming one of those might be the way to go!

I nominate:

The Beyoutiful Gal, CC&C, Kittyp0p, and My Blessing By Grace! all four of you lovely ladies add SO much sunshine to my Reader! xxx

My questions for you:

  1. What’s something you did recently to make someone else laugh or smile?
  2. Where’s somewhere that you loved visiting?
  3. What are your bag/purse essentials?
  4. What’s at the top of your bucket list?
  5. One of your favorite inspirational quotes?
  6. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
  7. Which celebrity crush have you had for the longest?
  8. Favorite type of treat?
  9. Your favorite song to listen to on road trips?
  10. What was the best moment of your week so far?
  11. What’s one piece of advice you have for other bloggers?

Thanks so much for coming by my blog today, guys! I have a very fun post to share with you tomorrow; I loved writing it and can’t wait for y’all to see it. 🙂 Also, congratulations to my nominees – thank you so much for doing what you do!!

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Spotlight Saturday | Christ, Crafts & Cuisine

Spotlight Saturday | Christ, Crafts & Cuisine

Hello there, guys! I hope that you’re all having a fantastic weekend. 💜 Wonder of wonders, I managed to have two Spotlight Saturday interviews to share with y’all two weeks in a row! *brain explodes* That’s pretty amazing, and it was only possible because of the beautiful ladies I had the opportunity to interview. ❤ Last week, it was Shannon from Kittyp0p, and this week, it’s … well I’ll let you find out in the rest of the post below!

Have fun reading 😀

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.


Spotlight Saturday #13

Hi guys!! Thanks so much for coming by this week’s spotlight(: Today I would like to introduce you to one of the sweetest bloggers I know on WordPress! She loves writing about the Lord, DIYs she’s done, recipes she makes … haha actually, that’s all in the name of her blog! 😂 Please welcome the lovely writer behind Christ, Crafts & Cuisine!

Thank you, thank you! I am so honored to be here! Thanks so much Maggie for your kind words and this opportunity, you rock! I want to give a big “HELLO!” to all of you fabulous readers out there! I hope you find this just as exciting as I do!

You’re very welcome! Ahh yes I’m excited as well 😀 My first question for you is, why did you decide to start your blog, CC&C?

I decided to start this blog because it seemed like a really fun idea! I loved the idea of posting things and people responding and getting inspired. I really enjoy sharing my passions with so many people as well. I hope that through this all I may have the honor of inspiring people to live a life dedicated to following God, eating “healthier” alternatives, and getting creative 🙂

That’s wonderful! I have loved blogging for years (I made my first blog in 2010!), and I’ve always had fun with it. 🙂 I love seeing your posts pop up in my Reader! They always inspire me. xx My next question for you is, what are three posts that you really enjoyed writing, and what are they about?

You have been blogging for a long time, that is awesome! I am so glad you like them!

As for my top three posts that I enjoyed writing:

Living With Actions– This post is about an amazing youth service I had gone to and an important life lesson I learned

Revelation on Worship– This post is about a mind-blowing revelation God gave me, concerning true worship, and how it all came about.

Vegan Cookies– This post is a yummy cookie recipe, plus I got creative and slightly strange and wrote a really fun introduction!

Overall though, I enjoy writing all of my posts!

Hehe yes, I am quite the experienced blogger! Ooh those all sound like amazing posts. The Revelation on Worship one has such a beautiful and powerful message! ❤ Next, I’d like to know, what are your favorite things to do when you’re not blogging?

Thank you so much 😊 My favorite things to do when I’m not blogging are: Baking-of course, walking, watching YouTube videos, singing using the StarMaker app, taking pictures, searching Pinterest-only for a few minutes 😉,and hanging out with family and friends!

You’re welcome! Aww that’s all amazing! xx I’ll have to look up StarMaker; never heard of that before:) My next question for you is, do you have any advice for new bloggers? And what have you learned during your time of blogging?

Oh yes, it’s an awesome app! My number one advice for new bloggers would be to not stress yourself out. Unless you plan to make blogging your career, do what you can, when you can. That is something I am still learning 😂 

A great thing I have learned from blogging is that there are many other Christians, particularly my age, going through the same things that I am going through. For example, you Maggie! It’s so good to know that I am not the only one. 

Awesome advice! Stressing myself out with blogging is something I’m guilty of too often 😂 I’m still learning, even after all these years! And I agree, it’s so comforting to know that we’re not alone in whatever we’re going through. 💖 My next question is, what inspires you to blog?

Oh, I am pretty sure we all are guilty of that one!! It really is. I would say my followers are a big inspiration.

I love when they respond to my posts and interact with me. Just knowing that people are interested in what I am saying is so inspiring. It gives me that boost to keep going, which is definitely needed at times 😊

Followers are a huge encouragement to me, too! Having a community of blogging friends is so much fun. 😊💕 Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, girl! This has been so much fun. xx Do you have anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Yes, it is! All I have left to say is: This was so fun! Also, thank you so much for thinking of me 😊 I am so thankful for the opportunity to be introduced to some fantastic followers, on a wonderful blog and not to mention the amazing, God-loving young lady behind it all. Thanks, Maggie ❤️


Thank you all so much for reading, guys! It would be a big blessing to both of us if you could go by her blog for yourself. She’s always coming up with unique, interesting post ideas – I’m sure that you’ll find something you like there!

So, are you following CC&C? Let me know
in the comments below!

Happy Saturday, guys! I’ll see you next week. ❤

Spotlight Saturday | Shannon from Kittyp0p

Spotlight Saturday | Shannon from Kittyp0p

Hi there guys!! Happy weekend to all of you(: My, but it has been a while since I did a Spotlight Saturday!! I’m so happy to have done the one for this week because I had so much fun writing it with the featured blogger! Hope you guys enjoy. xx

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.


Spotlight Saturday #12

Hello everyone! Welcome to another one of my Spotlight Saturday posts. 🙂 Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview a very kind blogger whom I’ve really enjoyed getting to talk to recently! Please welcome Shannon from Kittyp0p!

Hellu, I’ve never done anything like this as I’m still somewhat ‘new’ to the blogging world. When Maggie asked if I would do an interview, I was more than happy to oblige and excited to do a collaboration with her. So thanks a bunch for including me, girl!

You’re very welcome!! I’m excited to get into this. 🙂 So first, I’d love for you to tell us a bit about yourself. What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Some of my hobbies and interests are of course blogging, and I know it might sound super boring or like a chore to some people- but I love to organize. I wouldn’t consider myself a “neat freak”, but I do enjoy having a place for everything and categorizing my belongings as well.

My interests include spending time with my loving boyfriend of almost 2 years as we both work a lot, we don’t get too much time together- but after moving in together this past June, that hasn’t been as much of a problem. We get to come home to one another and when our schedules match up for a day off, we either work on cleaning up our place or go out downtown to have a dinner date!

Haha I’m the same way with organization!! I absolutely love it and finding new ways to organize. 🙂 Your boyfriend sounds like the sweetest guy ever!! I’m glad you two get to spend time together. My next question for you is, what is your blog all about? And what are your favorite types of posts to write?

Thank you, it’s good to know I’m not alone! He really is a dream haha and I have no idea what my blog is about. It’s basically just become a vessel for my photos and thoughts on things I’m using or what’s going on in my life. It’s become my favorite “social media” if you can call it that.

I like writing my favorites cause I like reading those type of posts to find new and cool things to try and experience (: but I also enjoy sharing my photos of random days off and outings we’re enjoying, whenever I can.

You’re welcome! And that’s so funny; I tend to feel the same way with my own blog. It’s all over the place!! I love how you share so much of your life on yours – it’s great to get to know a blogger like you so well! WordPress is my favorite social media now, too. It may not be the one everyone uses, but I love getting to connect with others that way! My next question is, what are a few posts that you loved writing recently? Please share them with us!

Thank you! It’s so encouraging to have such a supportive audience.

Being comfortable sharing my thoughts and experiences is vital, and I think that’s why my blog shows so much of the real me. I really liked doing the awards posts recently- it’s such a honor to be recognized by other bloggers (including yourself) and answering their questions has been a blast! I also think it’s great to spread the word by nominating other blogs. It’s a lovely way to show your audience the blogs you think deserve to be seen and heard from. 

Aww yeah, award posts are always so much fun!! x Next I’d like to know, what are two different posts of yours that you loved writing, and what are they about?

Totally! My favorite post I’ve ever posted is called B0yfriend backst0ry and it’s just that- the story of how my boyfriend and I met and eventually started dating.

I love it because it’s a nice read and I put together a lot of my favorite photos of us for it.

Another one I really enjoyed was my G0dsey supply post.

Even though it’s a short one, the shoes I mentioned are awesome and the business is only growing and becoming more user-friendly. The online store is ever expanding, they’re doing flash sales now, and customer service is 10/10!

I’m actually waiting for two more pairs to come in the mail soon, so I’ll probably make another post about them when I get those. I’m so excited for the new ones!

I absolutely loved the post on you and your boyfriend!! Ooh I’ll have to go check out the second one you mentioned. 🙂 That sounds awesome! Next I’d like to ask you, what are a few things you’ve learned about blogging that you’d like to pass on to other bloggers?

Definitely give it a read and check out the site too. I wasn’t into sneakers til I started shopping from there haha and thank you again, my boyfriend appreciates all the sweet comments as well!

Something I’ve learned in my short time blogging is that you’ll get genuine followers if you’re genuine. Putting yourself out there can be scary, but the community here on WordPress is so open and non-judgmental. Which is super refreshing for a social media outlet!

I definitely will! And aw you’re very welcome(: I agree, the blogging community is amazing! ❤ I’ve had so much fun interviewing you, Shannon! Thank you for doing this with me. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we go?

This has been a blast for me too! I just want to say thank you again for considering me and my blog for this interview- it really means so much coming from a blog I enjoy so much and a blogger that’s such a lovely person (: keep it up xoxo


Thanks for reading this week’s interview, everyone! It would make me so happy if you’d go check out Shannon’s blog for yourself. She is so sweet, posts weekly insight into her life, and would love to chat with you in the comments section of her posts!


Happy Saturday, guys! ❤ let me know in the comments below if you checked out her blog, or if you already follow her! 😊