Spotlight Saturday – Christ, Crafts & Cuisine

Hello there, guys! I hope that you're all having a fantastic weekend. 💜 Wonder of wonders, I managed to have two Spotlight Saturday interviews to share with y'all two weeks in a row! *brain explodes* That's pretty amazing, and it was only possible because of the beautiful ladies I had the opportunity to interview. ❤ … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday – Christ, Crafts & Cuisine

Spotlight Saturday – Jirah from Jirah Merizz

Hi guys! How is your Saturday going so far? I'm off to some different stores today, and maybe the library, as well (I'm always going there it seems, ahaa). I probably won't get books to do a library book sale haul again any time soon, but hey, you never know, and that post was really … Continue reading Spotlight Saturday – Jirah from Jirah Merizz