How I Stay Organized As A Blogger

How I Stay Organized As A Blogger

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, and unleashing your creativity!” – Unknown

Staying organized as a blogger takes a lot of hard work.

To the casual onlooker, it may not seem like much – I mean, you have the dashboard to keep everything organized, right?

No, not at all.

What happens when you have an idea for a blog post out of the blue? Where do the loose pages with collected blog post ideas even end up? And where in the world are those pictures you saved for a post so long ago?

Things get lost so easily when you’re a blogger, which is why finding effective ways to keep up with all the inspiration, as well as keeping the essential supplies organized and close by, is an important part of being a blogger.

In this post, I share with you some of the tips I’ve come up with from my blogging experience over the years.

(And yes, the picture of my little rainbow lorikeet may seem irrelevant to you. It is not synonymous with ‘blogging’ in the traditional sense, but it certainly is for me! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’ll remember him [or her] from my header, where he watched over my blog for a long time. 😉 )

How I Stay Organized As A Blogger

#1: I have a folder on the family computer with all of my blog-related photos.

This includes profile pictures, featured images, various photos used in past posts, as well as any images I saved but haven’t used in a post yet. This ensures that they won’t get deleted from my phone or lost in the rest of my digital photos, which I’ve deeply appreciated while blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala! I wouldn’t recommend saving EVERY picture you’ve ever used in a post (if you’ve been blogging for as long as me), but I would definitely backup the most important ones – anything you might possibly want to have the original file for and not just the one in your blog’s media library.

#2: I consistently go through my drafts.

If I didn’t do this, then I would have dozens of post ideas that I ran out of motivation to write long ago. lol It’s normal for a blogger to frequently change their mind about what they want to post, so I’m sure this happens for most of us! By keeping my drafts tidy, I only have the ones I’m actually wanting to work on over the next week or two. (I do think it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive list of post titles somewhere – either on paper or a document on your computer – but it can get very distracting if all of those long-term ideas are in your current drafts.) That leads me to my next point:

#3: I change up how I document my ideas.

This may seem vague lol, but I’ll explain it to you! In the first six months that I was blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala, I liked the thought of having a single place where I jotted down all of my blogging thoughts. It seemed like a very organized idea, because then it’s all in one place, right? The more time I’ve spent coming up with post ideas, I’ve noticed that I stay more inspired to come up with content when I give myself various places to do so.

Here are some examples:

  • A single draft on your blog. (I have one of these started for future topics for my mindful living challenge!)
  • A notepad. (This is a great idea for quickly writing all of your current ideas for posts.)
  • A pretty notebook. (This is the main reason I switch up where I blog plan; staying inspired! A notebook with a pretty cover just does that.)
  • A loose piece of paper. (I know, this can get risky lol, but I keep them safely filed in my desk drawers! I’ll decorate the top of the page with my blog name in pretty calligraphy, which creates a fresh space to track my blogging plans.)

#4: I update my categories from time to time.

Have you ever created a category too hastily, only to realize months later that you only shared one or two posts under it?? I’ve done this several time, which is why occasionally going through my categories and combining tiny ones with main topics keeps me focused. It’s also a good idea to create new categories every so often, because keeping your content up-to-date with what you’re currently learning about means that you’re focusing on blogging about what you love!

Thanks for reading! I hope this could provide greater insight into who I am as a blogger (:

How I Shared Posts Every Day This October

How I Shared Posts Every Day This October

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 💛 If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few weeks, then you’ve seen that I shared a blog post every day for the entire month of October. I wanted to do this because I did the exact same thing this time last year, and I had an awesome time! I’m happy to say that it has now been a fun blogging tradition two years in a row. 🙂

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5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

Hello! Happy Saturday to you 🙂 ❤ I have some blogging tips I’d love to share on this fine weekend! I was thinking about how it’s hard sometimes to write posts and comment on blogs as much as we’d like to, so below, I have shared five tips that may help you find a better way to balance blogging with the rest of life!

If there’s ever a blogging topic you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments, because I’d be happy to help. ❤ I hope you enjoy today’s post!

5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

1. Frequently re-evaluate why you’re blogging at the moment. Are you working on growing your audience right now? Or are you writing to help cope with something going on in your life? Your answer to this will help you see just how much time and effort you should be putting into blogging currently. There’s no shame in blogging less when life needs more of your attention; we all understand that our blogging friends go through stressful situations at times, and we’d rather them take a break when necessary than to keep posting. ❤ Juggling blogging with the rest of life can be a challenge, but we’ve all been there before!

2. Keep a list (that works for you!) full of blogging inspiration. For you, this could be post title ideas, topics you want to cover, photos that inspire you to write, some quickly-started drafts on your dashboard – whatever fuels your creativity! I’ve found over the months that a written list of potential titles and topics inspires me the most, so finding what works best for you is important. Try some of these ideas out and start (or continue) writing that inspiration down!

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3. Choose a time during the week to write / blog. Having a certain day, or slot of time, etc, that you write the week’s post and read others’ blogs is something I’ve found to be helpful! That consistency helps create a wonderful habit, because then you’re training yourself to remember and make time to blog! This usually helps me the most with reading my friends’ blogs, which I love doing over one weekend instead of spreading it out through the week. It helps me to stay focused on what I’m reading (:

4. Hold yourself to a usual standard, without it being a burden.For example, at the moment, I’d love to share three to four posts a week. However, it may end up being more or less depending on what I write, and by reminding myself there will be differences in my blogging schedule per week helps me to remember that there will be inconsistencies. Keeping in mind what you’d like to share weekly / monthly is great, but never let it get to the point of making blogging unenjoyable.

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5. Work on posts in steps. If you’re a blogger who has at least experimented with formatting, customization, and all of the other little things that go into constructing a blog post, then you’ll understand the benefits of this tip! Sitting down and writing it all in just one sitting is quite a feat for me, since I put so much into each post. So, if you’re like me, you’d probably appreciate breaking it down into steps. For example; come up with the title, write basic ideas, get pictures for post, write post, format text, choose tags, then post. These could be done over the course of a few hours, or a week! It depends on how much time you have available, and what you’re inspired to do. The key, as I’ve mentioned, is finding what works for you. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! Praying these tips will help you to blog happier and more comfortably (: Let me know in the comments below:

What are some of YOUR blogging tips?

— Maggie

9 Awesome Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

9 Awesome Ways to Write Better Blog Posts

Hey guys! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day. (: I have some more blogging tips to share with you! I’ve really been enjoying coming up with these tips, because I’ve learned a lot in this past year of blogging. ❤ Knowing I can help my readers and other bloggers makes me so happy!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have written different posts with tips on growing your audience, and staying organized with blogging, too. For today, I have nine tips for you on writing better blog posts! These are meant to encourage you to stay inspired, find when/how to write posts, and also decide on the best atmosphere to blog in. Timing, space, and inspiration are three of the most important things to consider when starting work on a post! 🙂

I hope you all enjoy!

9 Awesome Ways to
Write Better Blog Posts

1. Write posts in the same place/s.

I have found that it inspires me immensely to write in the same one or two places in my home whenever compose a blog post. At the moment, the two I enjoy most are my writing desk and our dining room table. Anywhere else (i.e. the couch, the den) is distracting. Just like I once read somewhere, when one gets in the habit of regularly writing in a particular place, it trains your brain into being in that zone every time you sit there.

2. Have a basic idea of what you
want to work on each session.

If you know what you’re wanting to work on in the blogging world each time you get on your laptop, phone, or whatever platform you use to blog, that will really help you to get things done. Instead of simply having “blogging time,” where you set out to accomplish whatever comes to mind, make a mental list. What posts do you want to start writing or finish working on? Does your blog dashboard need some work on regular upkeep? Decide on a handful of things you could get done in the amount of time you have to work, and you will be much more successful.

3. Listen to music that keeps you inspired.

Whether that’s your favorite band’s newest album or some awesome instrumentals, choose what works for you! This is always changing for me, as my favorite songs change and alternate weekly, so listen to whatever inspires you in the moment. After a while of listening to the same songs / track, find something new to blog to. It will keep things interesting and creative!

4. Create post templates for your blog series.

This tip has saved me so many times. It is an essential if you regularly keep up with post series! Keep template/s in your drafts which you can easily customize and add to whenever you feel like writing an addition to those series. It saves time, and can even save your inspiration, as well; when you don’t have to worry about formatting and choosing a picture, you can write freely!

5. Come up with good titles before working on posts.

My mom taught me this one early on when I began blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala. I have been so thankful for this bit of advice again and again! It can be tempting to write out a post, and then pick a title, but it’s way easier in the long run to have titles and then write posts that go with them. Acquiring titles before posts helps lead the way the post will go. I highly recommend practicing this! (Also, if you realize after writing a post that you have a much cooler title than the one you first gave it, don’t worry about changing it. Simply having an original title is something to keep in mind.)

6. Write when you have the inspiration.

There have been days when I was planning to write at a certain time, once I finished up with whatever I needed to do … but then the inspiration fled. When/If this happens to you, don’t stress it; don’t force the inspiration. You can’t force creativity; it doesn’t work. However, when you have a time of dead inspo like this, it may do you well to write down ideas, or read others’ sites; I’ve done this from time to time. Planning whenever works for me, but with writing the posts themselves? You have to be happy, inspired, and in a creative mood. It matters. ❤

7. Break post-writing into steps.

For example, this could be to find the pictures you want to use, take notes on where you want the post to go, start the draft, brainstorm some more ideas, then begin writing the actual post. You could combine or skip some of these steps – it depends on your preferences and the post. For me, I really appreciate working on posts in increments. It saves time, which makes it much easier. 🙂

8. Keep your posts fresh.

For a while, I covered basically the same thing every week on my blog. I had certain types of posts I put up every day of the week, and I usually got those posts written. Before long, however, the weeks were beginning to blend together. There was minimal variety, and it wasn’t long before I moved on to other series and post focuses. If you ever feel like you’re writing too much of the same thing, seek out post inspiration! Browse Pinterest, read posts from others in your niche (my mom suggested this one – it’s a great way to become re-inspired!), bring back an old post by writing an updated version or a part two – get creative, be original. ❤

9. Proofread thoroughly.

My mom and I both agree that this is a crucial tip for good writing. Once you’re done writing a post, read it back through again. And again. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes, make sure you’re allowing your point to come across the way you desire it to – make your writing the best it can be. ❤

Thanks for reading, guys!! Have these tips helped you? They have really helped me to become the blogger I am today. 🙂 ❤ I hope you have a beautiful day! And let me know in the comments below:

What has helped YOU
become a better blogger?

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

Hey guys, and happy December! I hope that the new month has gotten off to a great start for you. 🙂 ❤ I have a fun blogging tips post to share with you today! Over the months that I’ve been blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala, I have learned much in the ways of blog schedules and consistent posting. It has been a rocky journey, with highs and lows of inspiration, but that is to be expected, and as a whole, I’ve appreciated every minute of it.

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This journey is what inspired today’s post, where I will be sharing with you my 7 tips for staying organized with blogging! These can all be followed loosely and are simply meant to help you stay focused on finding your post style and sticking to it. (: Let’s check out these tips!

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

1. Decide on what topics to cover.

Having at least three topics you will enjoy focusing on will help you when thinking of posts to write! Simply knowing the overall focus of your blog (i.e. mine is Christian lifestyle) is too broad. Break it down a bit – make a list, if you wish. Allow it to be flexible. You could browse post ideas online (I have a good amount on my blogging board on Pinterest!).

As I’ve been blogging, I have tried out topics, switched them around, gotten rid of them altogether, come back from time to time – blogging about what you’re passionate about and inspired by is important. Don’t be afraid to switch this up from time to time!

2. Develop a basic posting schedule.

This could be as simple as knowing which days of the week you want to put up a post! If you’d like to go a bit further, you could decide what focus each day will have, as well. For example, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I like to share inspirational posts, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I share personal posts – when I have them to share. Having this consistency on your site helps your readers stay interested, and it keeps you inspired.

3. Keep track of all post ideas.

Every blogger has their own style with this. For me, I like to write down potential titles, lists that I’ll expound on later, and also small descriptions of where I want the posts to go. Experiment and find what works best for you! The way to determine this is see how well these methods help recall to mind what you wish to write later. For example, if recording title ideas inspires you more than descriptions do, only write down titles.

4. Buy, print, or make a blogging calendar.

This helped me immensely when I bought one this past summer! Buying one is not necessary, however; you could print one for each month, or draw a diagram of your own – whatever works for you and your wallet. I love my planner, which is a nice size (18 months) and has a pretty pineapple design on the cover, but I have also used printable calendars, and I love those, too.

5. Allow for changes of plan.

Writing in your planner with a pencil is an essential!!! It isn’t half as pretty as colored pens or markers, but I don’t mind, because then I don’t have to use Wite-Out. When I write in what I want to post in the next week or two, there always ends up being at least one post that is removed or moved somewhere else. It can be discouraging, as it makes one feel scattered and unorganized, but it really isn’t like that at all. Deciding what posts will be good for certain days is important – even if you have to erase and re-write three times.

6. Don’t feel bad for moving posts around.

This goes along with my last tip. The main reason I have had to move posts around is because I’ve been working on developing a weekly post schedule for the past couple of months, and I’m finally at a place now where I can do so. Before that, I was experimenting with posting different posts on different days. Don’t come down on yourself for inconsistency; it’s all part of finding what works best for you!

7. Schedule posts ahead of time.

The WordPress feature of being able to schedule posts for a later date and time has saved me so many times. I deeply appreciate being able to do this in the event that I forget I’m posting one morning, and it’s also a great way to plan ahead. (Not too far, though; you might forget it has been scheduled!) Once you have a post completely written and you know what date you want it to go up, scheduling is very easy and efficient. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading, guys!! I hope that these tips could help you. 🙂 ❤ They have helped me a lot when it comes to blog organization. Let me know in the comments below:

How do YOU stay organized
with blogging?