Currently Reading Book Tag

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday. ❤️ Today's post is going to be a simple one, as I didn't have a lot of inspiration to blog very much over the weekend. I saw a fun book tag over on Jess's blog (you can check out her post here!), and she left her … Continue reading Currently Reading Book Tag

Loving The Little Things – October 2018

Hi there! 💛 Happy Sunday to you (: Since I was thirteen years old, I have loved celebrating the little things that make life worth living. This desire was first prompted by One Direction's song Little Things on their 'Take Me Home' album (I love all of those songs haha). While their take on the … Continue reading Loving The Little Things – October 2018

Favorite Posts From October 2017

Hi there! I hope you're having a beautiful day. 💛 In this post, I will be remembering some of my favorite posts from last October with you! 😊 If you've been visiting my blog for a while, you may remember that I blogged every day of October in 2017, as well - I truly enjoyed … Continue reading Favorite Posts From October 2017

Learning About My Kodak Camera

Hi there ❤ I hope you're having a beautiful day! 🙂 Back in February, I bought myself my very first camera, and I was so excited to begin using it! I could just imagine how many awesome photoshoots I'd hold, all of the special moments I'd capture ... but then something happened. I couldn't figure out … Continue reading Learning About My Kodak Camera

25 Fall Blog Post Ideas

Hi there! ❤ I hope you're having a great weekend. 😄💜 All across the blogging world, one of the most helpful types of posts you'll ever find is one containing blog post ideas. When you're in need of instant motivation to blog, there's nothing like reading a list of post subject/title ideas to get you … Continue reading 25 Fall Blog Post Ideas

My Goals For This Fall

Hello there, and happy Friday to you! It's the first weekend of October, and so far, the month is going beautifully. 😊💛🍂 The only thing that could make this time of year more perfect is if the weather would get cooler where I live, haha! It's still so warm here, and I'd love to begin … Continue reading My Goals For This Fall

‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

This is part three of 'Doors Away.' ❤ Enjoy! Kneeling beside the edge of the pool, she smiled at her reflection in the murky waters. Her rain boots were strapped securely around her feet, and she knew that her companion was just behind her on the trail. Even though he had warned her to stay … Continue reading ‘I Love You’ – A Short Story