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Hello and welcome to Dreaming of Guatemala! I’m Maggie, the writer behind this site. 🙂 I’d like to give you a fun little tour of my blog if it’s your first time here. (And hey, even if you’ve been following me for a while, this could still be helpful!) Be sure to also visit my About page or 25 Fun Facts to quickly learn a bit about me.

Top 10 Recommend Categories

By checking out these topics, you can get a feel for what my blog’s all about! In the categories below, you will find topics I still write posts on, as well as handpicked post series that I’ve completed over the months and recommend that other bloggers check out.

  1. Blogging Tips. I’ve been blogging for eight years, so I’ve had a lot of experience with blogs, on WordPress specifically! From time to time, I’ll share my best blog tips, which are easily accessible under this category.
  2. Blog Life. I share all kinds of bloggish posts here, and they’re all related to my life as a blogger.
  3. What I’m Learning. This is where I share a lot of inspiration from my life. I’m always learning something, and usually when that happens, I also blog about it!
  4. Wisdom Teeth Surgery Survival Guide. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed in May 2018, and in this three-part blog series, I share in-depth about my experience, tips on recovering, as well as food suggestions while your mouth’s healing!
  5. My Calling. I often get questions related to the name of my blog, so if you have any questions about the name, I’d direct you to this category! I talk about missions and what the Lord’s teaching me through Guatemala.
  6. Mindful Living Challenge. This is something I’m doing every Tuesday in 2019 – I choose various topics that relate to being more mindful of the way we live and write encouraging posts on them.
  7. Missions Monday. This blog series is an extension of the My Calling category, where I talk even more about Guatemala and missions!
  8. Positive Reviews. I love writing an occasional book/movie/TV show review, and this is where they’re categorized! I never review something unless I loved it, which is why this topic is named the way it is.
  9. Tags and Awards. These are always a lot of fun to write (and read!), and through these questions, you can learn a lot more about me. They share more about me than my About page does, haha!
  10. Writing. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old, so that hobby has always stuck with me. On my blog, I’ll share the occasional poem or short story, which I always adore receiving feedback on!

My Favorite Posts:

Among the posts below, you will find inspiration from my life, articles I’m very proud of, and any other posts that stood out to me as being special in my two years of blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala. It would help me so much to receive more feedback on these posts, since they mean so much to me!

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