50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part Two}

Here's part two of this post! I'll be answering the second set of 25 questions to learn more about myself, as well as share better insight into who I am. ❤ Click here to read the article that provided these questions. 50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part Two} 26. What inspires you the… Continue reading 50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part Two}

Mindful Living Challenge – Embracing Boredom {Week Three}

"Perhaps the world's second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore." - Unknown For a long time, I've struggled with staying occupied. I remember as a kid, I'd be hanging out in my room doing an activity or playing with toys, then suddenly I'd stop and feel like there was not a… Continue reading Mindful Living Challenge – Embracing Boredom {Week Three}

How People Reached My Blog In 2018 {Funny Search Terms}

Since I started my blog two years ago, I've been fascinated by the statistics. Yes, the view/comment count is quite exciting, and I've always liked seeing which countries people have viewed my blog from ... but the funniest thing about blog stats, by far, is when you look at your search terms. In short, 'search… Continue reading How People Reached My Blog In 2018 {Funny Search Terms}

Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup For A Year + What It Taught Me

"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical." - Sophia Loren I have suffered from lingering allergies and sensitivities my entire life. Every day, I am in some way affected by how my body responds to my environment. Whether it's triggered by something I ate, something… Continue reading Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup For A Year + What It Taught Me

50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part One}

On Wednesdays, I'm currently blogging about tags and awards! For this week and the next, I'll be answering a set of 50 questions to get to know myself better. It will be a great exercise for me, as well as a way for new readers to learn more about this writer! Click here to read… Continue reading 50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part One}

Mindful Living Challenge – Maintaining Eye Contact {Week Two}

"The people whose first instinct is to smile when you make eye contact with them are earth's greatest treasures." - Unknown The thing I always love the most about people are their eyes.People may have great hair, an amazing figure, shining white teeth, or the funniest laugh you've ever heard, but I have yet to… Continue reading Mindful Living Challenge – Maintaining Eye Contact {Week Two}

Celebrating My Two Year Blogiversary!

Two years ago today, I shared my first post on Dreaming of Guatemala!In the first official post I wrote (see here), this is how I started my blogging journey: This blog will be both an outlet for me to express what makes me joyful in life, as well as to keep track of my journey… Continue reading Celebrating My Two Year Blogiversary!

Blog Coaching Session {January 2019}

Early last summer, I tried out blog coaching for the first time. I was very happy with how it went, and in the months since then, I've thought about doing it at some point again. When thinking of what I should post this weekend, this is what came to mind! When I did this last… Continue reading Blog Coaching Session {January 2019}

Let’s Swap Blog Buttons!

One of my resolutions in 2019 is to meet (at least) one new blogger every day! Last year, my involvement in the WordPress community was very scattered and oftentimes faint. My family's situation brought about a lot of emotional turmoil in my heart, which means that blogging was not one of my main focuses for… Continue reading Let’s Swap Blog Buttons!

Inspirational Blogger Award

A blogger I recently met, the lovely Autumn (check out her blog here!), has nominated me for the Inspirational Blogger Award! I'd like to truly thank her for thinking of me. Her motivational, fun posts are among my favorite to see pop up in my Reader; she brings a lot of positivity and warmth to… Continue reading Inspirational Blogger Award

Mindful Living Challenge – Reducing Screen Time {Week One}

"Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention." - Rachel Naomi Remen Early last month, I got some soap in my eye. Strange way to start a post, huh? Haha! But it's true, I tell you - I was just casually washing my face, and right into my eye the… Continue reading Mindful Living Challenge – Reducing Screen Time {Week One}

A Year Of Skies {2018 Edition}

Last year, I finished off my first year of blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala by showcasing the photos I took of the sky in 2017. It was a beautiful way to wrap up a year full of so many wonderful memories, because one of my absolute favorite things to do is photograph the sky. It… Continue reading A Year Of Skies {2018 Edition}

What I’ve Been Loving – December 2018

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them." - Steve Manaboli Happy December to you! In all honesty, I have felt pretty distracted when it comes to blogging this month. That's probably due to it being the holidays, so I've been out shopping, being with family, and planning out… Continue reading What I’ve Been Loving – December 2018

Please Pray For My Dad

"But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." - Isaiah 40:31 Hey ❤ I wanted to write this quick update post to share two things. One is about blogging, and the… Continue reading Please Pray For My Dad

To All My Fellow Dreamers: Let Him Dream For You

I read this post and decided it was absolutely worth sharing. ❤ Much of what the author expressed are the exact same things I’ve been praying about myself! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Mirroring Jesus

Dreams.  Anticipations.  Excitement.

I dream of my future, my ideas, my plans, my outcome… but do I ever stop and hand it all over to Christ?  Do I ever ask Him what He wants me to do?

I recently wrote this in one of my many (many) journals:

Plans.  Dreams. Visions.

How easy it is for me to dream dreams and have visions for what I’m going to (or might) do, yet I’m simply trying to get rid of this life I’m living now, and get on with the next phase… Jesus tells me to serve Him where I’m at.  Not to waste time wishing I was further along in my life and my walk with God.

But, in order to be further along in my faith in the future, I have to be pursuing Him now.  His return is sooner than I think, much sooner… Am I ready?  Would…

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She Calls Me ‘Kiss’

She Calls Me 'Kiss' When I look at Elizabeth, What I hope to see Is the sweet child that hides behind The eyes that gaze at me. When I look at Elizabeth, What I would love to see Is the girl who's chosen a nickname Which means so much to me. Elizabeth is slowly learning… Continue reading She Calls Me ‘Kiss’