Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ Since I first started my blog two winters ago, I have been periodically sharing short stories – you may have seen a few of them! Browsing free stock photo websites to find images for my posts has not only made my blog visually-pleasing, but it has also inspired the writer in me, as well ❤

I decided to share a post about the process of writing these stories because I’ve yet to talk about the process – I’ve just shared the finished products! All six posts contain the short stories and nothing more, so I haven’t discussed the making of them at all. That’s what I’m doing today!

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‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

This is part three of ‘Doors Away.’ Enjoy!

Kneeling beside the edge of the pool, she smiled at her reflection in the murky waters. Her rain boots were strapped securely around her feet, and she knew that her companion was just behind her on the trail. Even though he had warned her to stay away from the cold water, especially on these smooth stones, she couldn’t resist admiring the way it all cascaded downhill.

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‘First’ – A Short Story

‘First’ – A Short Story

This is part two of ‘Doors Away.’ ❤ Enjoy!

“I didn’t know this place existed!” She stepped up onto the concrete, angling herself as close as she could to the sparkling water.

“That’s understandable,” he said, and she noticed when he grinned slightly. “You just moved here.”

She turned toward him again and graced him with a upbeat smirk. “Eh bien,” she said softly, using her favorite French phrase. “That’s probably obvious, isn’t it?”

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‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

‘Doors Away’ – A Short Story

The hedge that separated them had always made her curious.

Grinning in a silly manner, she once again stood idly upon her doormat and glanced, as best she could, over the barrier. The most frustrating thing was that the leaves were angled down toward her, creating a wall for her neighbor to easily hide behind. Being the short woman that she was, his advantage over her in height made it easy for him to see her.

Since the day she moved in, she’d been wanting to catch another peek at the mysterious man she’d only seen twice. She loved intrigue, and he was certainly intriguing.

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Introducing: My New Story!

Introducing: My New Story!

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Tuesday. ❤ Recently, I have been thinking about covering topics on my blog that haven’t appeared in my posts in weeks (even months, in some cases!). I like to keep a variety of focuses in my posts because otherwise, my content gets repetitive. 🙂 Ironically, I just began writing a story I’ve been slowly brainstorming for months! That’s why this post is going to be all about my new story! ❤

Now, I won’t be sharing too much, because that might distract me from the beginning stages of forming this story. However, I have created a simple questionnaire I came up with to better figure out for myself where this story is going – and it will give you guys a peek into what it’s all about, too! Let’s check this out.

About My New Story

Quick Facts

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Setting: Tikal, Guatemala
Geared Audience: YA/Adult
Mood: Varies (adventurous, insightful, intense)
Main Characters: The family of Yik’in Chan K’awiil
Focus: The adventures of Atzi, Yik’in’s eldest [fictional] daughter
Projected Word Length: 40k
Moral: The love of family is greater than anything we may face.

The Inspiration For This Story

  • My love for Guatemalan culture. When I first began reading about the ancient Mayans, I was captivated! Getting to learn more about the roots of the Guatemalan people is awesome.
  • My interest in history in general! I can’t get over how interesting everything I learn about other cultures (usually the facts that most people don’t know) always is! Some of the things are sad, and others are even frightening, but as a whole, learning about how people survived (and thrived!) hundreds and hundreds of years ago is absolutely amazing.

Why I’m Writing This Story

I recently came to the realization that throughout all of human history, we are in great need of a loving Lord and Savior. Incorporating my faith and belief in Jesus Christ into my writing is exactly what I need (and am loving!) to do … because even though much of the focus of historical recounts are on politics, society, and the works of historical figures, I know that there were many people who trusted in the Lord, whether history wants to remember it or not.

By studying other time periods and spending time praying over how I may bring awareness to others’ faith in the Lord throughout history, this is my current mission in the world of writing.

So far, I have studied much of the European Middle Ages and am in the process of writing a story having to do with one of the first completed manuscripts of the Bible. As for my Mayan story? It will be focusing on the fact that even though the people of Tikal had a strong religious system, Yik’in’s family senses greater truth in the movings of the Holy Spirit over the rituals and practices of their gods.

I can’t wait to see where this mission will take me! I’m fully looking forward to studying other cultures, as well, and working on even more stories in the future. ❤

Thanks for reading! Once I’m ready to, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my Tikal story (which doesn’t have a proper name yet). 🙂 I’m also considering writing a post containing the brilliant way I figured out how to properly outline story ideas that I have!

— Maggie

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Balancing Fact and Fiction

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Balancing Fact and Fiction

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re all doing well. (: I have a fun post to share with you today! It has been quite a while since I wrote an addition to my mini series Writing A Historical Fiction Novel, and as I am now writing one such novel myself (so exciting!), I wanted to share with you my tips on balancing fact and fiction in writing historical novels.

This topic has proven to be quite a difficulty for me over the last couple of years. There have been times where I couldn’t decide if I should base an action, setting, or something a character is saying off of complete fact, or if it was okay for me to put a fictional spin on it. As I have explored the art of writing in this genre, I’ve found that this is one of the hardest things to decide. You simply can’t turn to the notes you’ve taken over the months so that what the character is doing is 100% realistic … and yet, how does one balance historic fact and fictional charm? That’s what I’ll be going over today! I hope that you enjoy!

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~
Balancing Fact and Fiction: My 5 Tips

1. Do all of your research. By this, I mean whatever works for you and what you have in mind! If you want to know the time period you’re basing your story in forward and back, by all means, do that research. You rock! If you want to study the main settings, stories, and famous figures of your time period and then begin writing, that definitely works, too. Or, if you’re interested in sitting down to write and research everything as you go, that works, as well. Whatever works for you! Unless this is an assignment, or something, there is no right or wrong way to research history. For me, I worked on a lot over a short period of time, then slowly learned about other aspects of the time period I’m studying as I needed the information in my stories.

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2. Know what story you want to write. This one may seem obvious. However, when it comes to writing historical fiction, it is an essential! Do you want your novel to be loosely based on a certain past event? Or do you want to teach your readers all about very specific details on the way life was in your era? If you want your story to dabble in history, or you bring it up every now and then, establishing this will help you figure out your style of writing, as well as how much research you should do. I have decided to research a good amount, then set to writing the first draft, planning to work out the historical details later.

3. Draw these three main things from your notes:

– scene ideas (when you read a historical fact you jotted down, does it inspire you to put your own spin on the fact?),

– time period accuracy (you need to know when and where people and settings should be so that you don’t mix up decades or centuries), and

– info on famous people/places of the time (can you work them into your story?).

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4. Write now; verify history later. This is an important one if you’re wanting to enjoy the process of writing your first draft! It can be tempting to look back through what you’ve written down or browse the internet to make sure that they did use forks in Greece and Italy before the rest of the world (which they actually did). However, if the verification of some aspect in your story can wait until later and doesn’t alter the plot, I recommend that you fix things historically later. You’ll be much happier and laid-back about writing if you’re not checking facts every other paragraph!

5. Don’t stress about it. I’ve had to tell myself this while making myself put down my writing notebook for the hundredth time. Checking unimportant details later is definitely the way to go for me.

Thank you so much for reading, guys! I love this little series; the posts I’ve done have all been very fun to write. 🙂 I hope you all have a great day! Make sure to let me know in the comments below:

Did these tips help YOU?

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‘Home’ – A Short Story

‘Home’ – A Short Story

“You were absolutely wonderful, sweetheart!” The woman knelt down in front of the young child, securing her camera back around her neck. With a smile, she reached out and pushed back the blond curls that framed her daughter’s face. “Are you ready to be done with our little photoshoot now?”

“Yes, mommy,” the child replied, her little crooked grin lighting up the porch. After a moment, her focus returned to the treasure she held tightly against her sweater. With obvious determination etched across her sweet face, she handed it back to her mother. “I don’t want to drop it and break it.”

“Yes, that would make all of us very sad.” Standing up, the woman approached one of the porch banisters and set the lantern there, a sly smile creeping up on her lips. “Let’s keep it lit up here for daddy to see when he comes home.”

Before the child could respond, the distant sound of crunching gravel came to their ears. As it quickly drew closer, the distinct barking of their German shepherds excitedly let the girls on the back porch know of the friendly visitor that was drawing near. The young girl squealed and clapped her hands, then flew across the dimly-lit yard, her mother on her heels.

In the seconds that followed, the pickup truck was parked and a handsome man hopped out, joyfully welcoming his girls back into his arms.

“Daddy!” the little girl cried as he picked her up and tousled her soft hair. “You’re finally home!”

With tears of his own streaming down his cheeks, he gave his wife a kiss, then transferred the military hat he wore to the head of his daughter. “It has been too long, sweetheart,” he whispered, drawing his family closer to his heart. “But I’m finally home.”