Blog Awards! ~ June 2017

Helloooo everyone, and happy Tuesday to all of you! I hope that your day has gotten off to a great start or, depending on where you live, was already great. ❤ The post I've written for today is quite a long one, so bear with me! Feel free to skim through it; I don't even want… Continue reading Blog Awards! ~ June 2017

2 Liebster Awards and 3 One Lovely Blog Awards!!!

Hello everyone! Today, I have written a very long award post. Lol! Alright, it's not that long. I did my best to combine the awards and keep it fun! And the funny thing is, they were the same two awards! I really appreciate that all five of these awesome ladies thought of including me in their… Continue reading 2 Liebster Awards and 3 One Lovely Blog Awards!!!

The Get To Know Me Tag ~ Mini Celebration!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was enjoyable, and that this upcoming week has gotten off to a great start for you. ❤ This past weekend, I surpassed 400 followers. WHAT!!?? I seriously cannot thank you guys enough! You're awesome, wonderful, beautiful, and everything else that's nice! 💕✨💜🎉 In honor of this… Continue reading The Get To Know Me Tag ~ Mini Celebration!

Two Blog Awards!

May the Fourth be with all of you!!! *waves a lightsaber around in your face* I'm sorry, I had to say it. This post is going to be all about two blog awards it's about time I accepted. Haha! First off, my mom nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award a while back - thanks again for it!! ❤ I'll… Continue reading Two Blog Awards!

The Ultimate Book Tag

So, it appears that yesterday was World Book Day!!! I happily celebrated by reading a children's classic that I've been needing to read for years. (Be on the lookout for that post! It should be up soon.) Today, I'll be participating in The Ultimate Book Tag! A lovely blogger that I follow named Prerna posted her… Continue reading The Ultimate Book Tag

Awesome Blogger Award

Hello everyone! Today, I'll be writing about something that I recently made and have been very excited about for the past week! Are you ready? I created my own blog award - and I'm so happy about giving it out to all of the awesome bloggers I know! ❤ As my 17th birthday (woohoo!) is on Monday the 10th,… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award

Liebster Award and Blue Sky Tag!

This is a combination post for an award and a tag that I've been needing to write about for a while now, haha! First off, the wonderful Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta nominated me for the Liebster Award! The questions she asked all of her nominees are very interesting and thought-provoking. I'm looking forward to… Continue reading Liebster Award and Blue Sky Tag!

The Valiant Blogger Award

The lovely Elizabeth over at The Comfortable Coop nominated me for The Valiant Blogger Award! ❤ I'm very honored that she considers me courageous enough to deserve this, as I don't even see myself as such; all I do is draw from the Lord's strength on a daily basis. I truly believe that I'm only the person that I am today because of Him and His… Continue reading The Valiant Blogger Award