Your Summer Memories | Exploring New Places by Apoorva

Your Summer Memories | Exploring New Places by Apoorva

Hey guys! This is part eight of the summer memories series. ❤

Today, I have a fun story to share with all of you that my blogging friend Apoorva sent me! I really enjoyed it; it made me excited to go out and explore new places myself. 😊

I hope you guys like it!


Exploring New Places

Each year in my summer vacation we plan to visit some other country, so it’s new culture, new people and more! ‘Each year, a country’ has become our slogan!

I love traveling and it has become my best hobby ever! We started this since 2014, when we visited Thailand; later in 2015 it was China; and finally in 2016 it was Kenya (Africa).

I look forward of visiting new people each year and it gives me an amazing feeling that ‘I’m one with the world’ and that I don’t belong to a certain culture or country.

I still have to figure out for this vacation which country I’m gonna step into and enjoy! It’s just one world and one life, so let’s live it with harmony!

Thank you Maggie for letting me share my summer memories! ❤️


Aw you’re welcome, Apoorva! I’m happy that you got to be part of this series. 💖

How about you? What are your summer memories? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Thursday, guys xx

— Maggie

Your Summer Memories | My Mexico Vacation by Pamela

Your Summer Memories | My Mexico Vacation by Pamela

Hi, guys! This is part seven of the summer memories series. x

How is your day going? I hope that you’re all doing well. 🙂 For us here in the US, we’re celebrating the 4th of July – or, as I enjoy calling it, Independence Day!

The story I have to share with you today is a great way to celebrate this very patriotic holiday. It may not be based in the same country, haha, but it’s still a delightful read nonetheless! My great friend Pamela, who blogs over at Starring Pamela, has shared a recount of her trip to Mexico last summer to visit her family and check out all that Mexico City (as well as the surrounding cities) had to offer! ❤ I hope you enjoy!


My Mexico Vacation

My favorite summer memory is my Mexico vacation I took last summer.

I hadn’t seen Mexico in ten years. My parents are from Mexico and they used to take my sister and I every other year when we were younger. But the last time I went had been after 5 years and the only reason we went was because my mom’s mother had passed away suddenly, so we flew in for the funeral. Therefore my last memories of the country were very sad and I wanted to go back to find happier ones.

Since then, there were other reasons as to why I couldn’t go. I was either in school, or there were financial reasons, and later on my parents were worried about our safety. For awhile I wasn’t really interested in going as well. My mom would go ever few years to see her dad, and I had my own stuff going on. As I got older I really wanted to see the people that were so important to my parents, their families, and see a few sights in Mexico as well!

Somehow I managed to get a whole week and a half off at work to go with my mom when she went. I couldn’t believe it, even as we boarded the plane! My mom didn’t tell her dad or my dad’s family that I was going. She only tends to give her family a few days notice when she’s visiting so everyone thought it was just her arriving. Her dad was in Mexico City when we arrived and he was so surprised when he heard my mom was flying in and even more surprised to see me!

Right away we saw a small zoo located a block away from my aunt’s house where we were staying and then I found out that we were heading out to go on a surprise trip to Acapulco!

My city and country trip suddenly included a beach vacation as well! I can’t tell you how long it had been since I’d had a proper beach trip! Once we returned we went to Morelia, which is another city in Mexico where my dad lived while he was in school.

Then we went to the village where my parent’s are from I saw family members I hadn’t seen in years! We stay at my dad’s family home when we’re in the village and they were so excited to see me! Also I sneakily fed the cat that my grandfather hated that lived in his yard. (Sorry gramps.)

I also saw sights I’ve dreamed of seeing for a long time. I finally saw the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Frida Kahlo’s house, some places where my mom grew up and lived (including a few of her schools throughout Mexico City), and the Zocalo (where they filmed the opening bit of the 007 movie Spectre). It was a magnificent trip and I’m so happy to have those memories to look back on with my mom.


Your story was so enjoyable and heartwarming to read, Pamela!! ❤ I am so happy that you got to have a beautiful experience in Mexico with your family, so that you had the chance to make positive memories there. 🙂

I borrowed all of the pictures I used from Pamela’s four-part Mexico series on her blog (which she gave a hashtag – #PamelaInMexico. I love it!!). If you’re interested in checking out those posts for yourself, start with part one, which you can find here! I loved getting to follow along on your trip to Mexico, Pamela!

Also guys, if you’re interested in sharing your summer memories with me, I’d love to read them! You can share them in the comments below, or email me if you’d like your own post. xx

Happy Tuesday, guys!

— Maggie

Your Summer Memories | Abroad in Fuerteventura by Amelia

Your Summer Memories | Abroad in Fuerteventura by Amelia

Hi guys, and happy July! This is part six of the summer memories series. 🙂

Today, I get to share a wonderful story with you that my blogging friend Amelia sent me about her first trip abroad – to Fuerteventura! After reading her memory, which I really enjoyed, you can check out the research I did on that beautiful island, if you’d like to learn more about it. ❤ Enjoy!


Abroad in Fuerteventura

My summer memory for your summer memories post is my first holiday abroad I went on with my family.

We went to Fuerteventura and I can just vividly remember spending every day either on the beach, in the pool or checking out everything Fuerteventura had to offer.

It was really exciting for me and my sister since it was the first proper holiday we had abroad and I enjoyed every minute of it.


About Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a beautiful getaway island which is part of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean, off the coast of Africa, although it politically belongs to Spain. Its literal name translation is “strong fortune,” but it has also been called “strong winds” and “great adventure.” They have museums, festivals, concerts, many beaches and pools, charity galas, and so many more things to visit and do while you’re there. Fuerteventura has an agreeable climate year-round and is a frequent tourist attraction, often referred to as the island of the eternal spring. ❤

[ Top picture and information about the island from Wikipedia. ]

Happy Sunday, everyone! Let us know in the comments below what YOUR favorite summer memories are! 🙂

— Maggie