Spotlight Saturday – Savannah from Rejoicing in Hope

Spotlight Saturday – Savannah from Rejoicing in Hope

Hi there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend 🙂 In this post, I had the privilege of interviewing a kindhearted blogger with a beautiful soul. Her inspirational posts add so much light to my Reader – I’m thankful to have met her! If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow who will encourage and motivate you, I highly recommend that you go and check out this one!


Spotlight Saturday #22

I am very happy to introduce you to …

Savannah from Rejoicing in Hope!

1. What are your hobbies and interests?

Wow – these have evolved as my life has changed! I used to be an avid reader but unfortunately that has dwindled down over the past several years. Blogging is definitely a hobby! My family and home have become a large part of my life – welcome to adulting! 😉 I enjoy experimenting with cooking, watching TV, shopping (even grocery shopping). I’m pretty social so I enjoy having people around or getting together with friends. Honestly, I’m up for a lot of things!

2. When did you start your blog?

I started it in March of this year actually!

3. What do you love writing posts about?

Most of my posts are faith-based and I try to post about topics that can encourage or help others.  Sometimes I post about things I’ve experienced and learned from. I guess I like to aim to be inspirational!

4. What are your biggest blogging goals?

This is a hard one.  On one hand I dream of being one of those incredibly famous inspirational bloggers/speakers – honestly I would love to have influence like that. But, on the other hand, I have a life outside of my blogging world that needs and deserves love and attention. So right now I am working to steadily grow my audience, continuing to post (hopefully) awesome stuff 😉 and maybe gain some friendships along the way! 

5. What’s a post that you enjoyed writing recently?

One that sticks out to me is You Are More Powerful Than The Stars. Oh my goodness – the potential that is inside of us! And the amazing, amazing fact that the Creator of everything that exists has given us access to His throne and and a supply of His power!

6. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Please share it!

Haha, well technically I think I still fall into that category! But I think if I were to give any advice it would be two things. One – do not let your blog become an idol, and don’t allow yourself to measure your worth and significance by how well your blog is doing.  It is great to have goals and dreams, but we cannot allow them to consume us. And if we happen to not immediately gain a wide and responsive audience, that is not an indicator of our worth. It’s easy to get discouraged sometimes! 

And the second one is this:

Be yourself and write from your heart. Don’t try to be someone who has x-thousand followers. Don’t try to post about things that betray your morals and standards because people may like to read it. And write with honesty and passion!

7. What are some post ideas
you’re excited to share soon?

Well, if I’m honest, I’m mostly working on a post-to-post basis right now! Sometimes I can write ahead and have them scheduled, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. So if anyone has anything they would love to read about – either a series or an individual topic – I am absolutely open to suggestions!

Thank you so much for reading! It would be a blessing to me if you could go on by Savannah’s lovely blog and check it out for yourself! You truly won’t regret it! 🙂 ❤

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful new week!

— Maggie

Spotlight Saturday – Tuba from Colour Me Yellow

Spotlight Saturday – Tuba from Colour Me Yellow

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great weekend! ❤ In this post, I will be sharing the third Spotlight Saturday I’ve done this summer! I know you’ll love reading about this blogger. Not only does she have a unique and interesting blog, but she always has me cracking up with her comments and content! I hope you enjoy!


Spotlight Saturday #21

Introducing: the awesome …

Tuba from Colour Me Yellow!

1. When did you start blogging?

My first blog ever, I started around the uh nearly-winter period of 2017. Is nearly winter even a thing? Can we make it a thing? Let’s make it a thing. My second blog (eh, this one), I started two months ago? It’s moments like this im glad time’s a social construct haha.

2. What are your hobbies and interests?

Oh heavens, I’ve got a tad bit of an awkwardly many of an amount. Hoarding, writing, photography, DIY (as an interest only –im too inadequate to actually do it well), stationary browsing, 90s outfits, trying new beverages (pink lemonade is apparently a thing?!), terrariums, graphic designing, illustrations, makeup and there’s so much more but, even though Maggie didn’t mention a word limit, I’ll spare y’all.

3. Out of all the posts you’ve written so far,
which one is your favorite and why?

So, I’ll be assuming you meant out of the published posts on my blog, not the myriad of upcoming ones. Respectively, ‘Jon. John. Johnny.has got to be my absolute favorite right now. I love it for the monotonous style I chose to write it in and how well it read when I read it a month later. It felt surreal. I take my writing really seriously and though my blog’s expanded a lot and now covers more than one ‘niche’, as they say, I never abandoned short stories and im glad for how easily I can read my ‘writer’s growth’ in this short story.

4. What do you love blogging about?

I don’t have a favorite subject haha, it’s funny because your collab with Oxria regarding ‘blog post ideas’ inspired me to expand my niche which is why I even have more than one subject of interest. Im now a blog that covers short stories, mental health, photo-essays, failingly witty input on games, trying out Pinterest challenges, book lists, trying other new things as a series, and so so so much more. Of-course a lot of the aforementioned is still in the works (your girl edits like a mad rabbit haha). My first photo-essay is going to be up on 27 June, so im definitely looking forward to that!

5. What are some post ideas
you’re excited to write soon?

A few new series I’ve been working on, for sure. Trying out Pinterest challenges, failingly witty input on games and photo-essays are just a few off the top of my head!

6. What are your biggest blogging goals?

Getting a collab with certain bloggers I look up to. Oh and getting the opportunity to interview Kat Napiorkowska. I cannot even start on how incredible that would be. That’s a majorly precious goal to me!

7. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Having full creative control over the format

Thanks so much again for doing this with me, Tuba! I really enjoyed reading your answers!

How about you?

Have YOU checked out Tuba’s blog?

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day!

— Maggie

Spotlight Saturday – Kelsey from kelseywritess

Spotlight Saturday – Kelsey from kelseywritess

Hello! Happy Saturday to you 🙂 In my most recent blogging updates post (which you can go read here!), I shared that I’ll be doing Spotlight Saturday interviews every other weekend throughout the summer! It has been so much fun to continue learning more about other bloggers, because each one’s writing journey is so unique. I hope you enjoy today’s interview – this blogger, who I met pretty recently, always shares wonderful posts and is so sweet!

Happy reading!


Spotlight Saturday #20


Introducing: the lovely …

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging because I’ve always been one of those people that scours the internet for anything and everything, I loved reading lifestyle post’s and short but sweet informative post’s so eventually I thought “how cool would it be if I started writing these?” and so one night I opened up WordPress on my laptop, made an account and it has become one of my absolute favorite things to do!

2. What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies include of course blogging, swimming, bullet journaling, and reading. I’m interested in a lot of things, but marine biology, makeup, and room decor/interior design are definitely my top 3.

3. What do you love writing posts about?

I love writing post’s about things that I feel interested people, most people post about what they like and what they would want to read–which I do, but I LOVE making post’s specifically for other people, which is why I make such diverse post’s, I want a blog that can interest everyone, not just myself. Whenever I see encouraging and positive comments on my post’s it always brings a smile to my face.

4. What’s a post that you enjoyed writing recently?

A post I recently enjoyed writing about would probably be my “summer recipes” post, I’ve never done a recipe post before so It was super fun to research and put together, I wanted to put recipes that anyone at any age could make, that wouldn’t be a handful or super expensive. I’ve enjoyed trying out those recipes and seeing others try them out as well, I can’t wait to put more post’s like this together!

5. What are a few of your biggest blogging goals
for the future?

A few blogging goals for the future I have are: I’d like to become self-hosted, I just recently hit 4k views so of course, I’d love to hit 5k, I would love to reach 500 followers before the end of this year (we’re so close!) and I hope to continue to grow and evolve my content!

6. Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Please share it!

The advice I would give new bloggers would be to INTERACT!!! It is so important to not only put in work with your blog but also in the blogging community! The more love you give to other bloggers, the more love you get in return! Another piece of advice I’d give, is original, I know that’s hard since there is almost everything already done in the blogging community, but switch things up to make everything your own!

7. What are some post ideas
you’re excited to share soon?

Some post ideas I’m excited to share is a few traveling posts, and more mental awareness and life hack posts!

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to go check out Kelsey’s blog for yourself, just click here. I love seeing her posts pop up in my Reader – she writes frequently, which is awesome! Let me know in the comments below:

Have YOU visited Kelsey’s blog?

Happy Saturday to you!

— Maggie