Spotlight Saturday ~ Lee from Golden Pink Journal

Spotlight Saturday ~ Lee from Golden Pink Journal

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my weekly Spotlight Saturday series. 🙂

For today’s post, I got to interview a very sweet blogger – it was such a blessing to do this with you, girl! I’m looking forward to getting to share it with you guys today. 🙂 I hope all of you enjoy! Oh, and for any new bloggers reading this: Lee has some awesome tips to share with you near the end of this post! So stick around if you’re interested in reading her stellar blogging advice. xxx

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.


Spotlight Saturday #8

Hi everybody! Thank you so much for coming by this week’s Spotlight Saturday. Today, I would like to introduce to you a lovely blogger that I first met a couple of months ago. I love seeing new posts from her pop up in my Reader – and new videos in my feed on YouTube, as well! Please welcome Lee from Golden Pink Journal!

Before I answer Maggie’s amazing questions (I just know they will be) I want to thank her for thinking of me for this interview. I’ve seen a few of the other bloggers she’s interviewed and this this is just such a brilliant, selfless idea. I love series like these, they keep the community connected and growing! I hope all who is reading enjoys, maybe we can talk and become blog friends? 💗☺

Aww you’re so sweet, Lee! I’m glad you enjoy this series; it has been such a fun experience getting to know so many bloggers even more. 🙂 I hope that the readers will consider coming by your blog after they read the interview. My first question for you is, what are your hobbies and current interests?

Definitely agree!

Hmm my hobbies and current interests… I’d have to say reading and writing obviously lol but also doing DIY projects, listening to music and writing my own lyrics or covers, and creating YouTube videos. I could probably think of so many more hobbies but those are the main ones. Most of my hobbies involve creating something. I’ve even created online virtual items like clothing, and a variety of textures (hair, floor, wallpaper) for online gaming. I recently became interested in caring for small animals since I’ve always been an animal lover. Especially kittens, I’m even thinking of fostering one day! I have a strong interest in anything involving nature, and also astrology to name a few.

Those all sound so great!! I love being creative, too. 🙂 Awww fostering is so awesome! I never have myself, but I would love to one day. My next question is, why did you decide to start blogging?

You should check out Kitten Lady on YouTube☺ She’s my inspiration.

Before I started blogging I had already thought about it before. It was one of those things I wanted to get into as a writer, I just didn’t have the motivation or confidence to take initiative. At two different occasions, speaking with two different friends, we discussed some of my poetry and stories I had written during the time. I told them that I wanted to write stories on Facebook again, or get into something else and they both suggested I start blogging. I guess that was the motivation I needed because I made my blog shortly afterwards. I’m still working on the confidence part but I know that when I’m ready to share my blog with my friends and family I will have support from them at least.💕

That’s great, Lee! I’m so glad that you joined the WordPress community:) It wouldn’t be the same without you! 💕 My next question is, what are your top three favorite posts that you’ve written? Why are they your favorites?

Aww thanks Maggie that’s so sweet of you💗

This question was a bit hard because I had a lot of favorites to choose from. I decided to go with some of my most recent favorites.

Short Story Saturday: Izabelle’s Edition

I wrote a short story from my cats perspective of her life here with me. Izabelle is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met and I love taking pictures of here which can be seen in the story. It’s like she’s vlogging about her life almost lol. It’s so adorable which is why I’m choosing this one.

Fun Friday #8 Late Night Crafts

As you know, one of my series I do is Fun Friday, one afriday I posted a few quick and easy DIY projects. I made pen/pencil holders out of candle jars similar to mason jar projects and some really cute bookmarks. The bookmarks were so fun to make and I’ll have to make more! Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies so any DIY project I share will be a favorite of mine.

This Told Me the Story of My Life

Okay, this last one… I know a lot of people aren’t really into astrology, numerology, things like that but I’m one of those people that is very into it. Everything I read or calculate is usually accurate for me and even other people that I know. In this post I shared my life path number, life expression and a few others, while showing how to calculate your own. I talk about what numerology is and what it all means. I was amazed at how accurate my numbers related to my life. I’d really love if anyone else in the community could check it out to calculate your own and see if anything is spot on for you. Maybe even share your results, I’m curious.

You’re welcome! Aww those are all such great posts:) haha I loooove that Izabelle one, especially – seeing all those pictures of your sweet kitty was so much fun! Next, I’d like to know: what are three tips that you have for new bloggers who have just started out?

There will be lots more! Izabelle says you all haven’t seen the last of her☺

New tips for bloggers, that’s a great topic and very important so if there’s any new bloggers tuning in, pay attention here:

I’d say the first tip is to know what you’re going to be blogging about, have some type of general idea. I feel like if you’re serious about blogging don’t just start because it sounds cool, you should go into it knowing why and what so you don’t end up lost about what to write, or looking at everyone else’s posts to get ideas. This brings me to my next two tips…

Be consistent with posting and engaging, and make your blog your own. Many will look past your blog and won’t give you any feedback if you don’t upload often or you aren’t engaging with them. Your blog will get lost within the others, that’s just how it is. What you put in is what you get out.

Make your blog your own so that it’s different from all the rest. What makes your blog unique? What makes your voice unique? Go with that and build from that because if you’re trying to be like everyone else you’re not going to go very far and blogging just won’t be as fun, for you or your readers.

Aw yay! That’s awesome. ❤ Girl, those are all such great tips!!!! It is very important to know what one wants their blog to be like, and being an active part of the blogging community, as well as coming out with original content weekly, is the best way to stand out in the beautiful world of blogging. ☺ I have really enjoyed getting to interview you today, Lee! Do you have anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Thanks for having me! It was so fun being interviewed, I really enjoyed this experience. Its been the highlight of my weekend☺

Also thank you to everyone reading, I hope you could get to know me a little more and maybe learn something. Give Maggie a like and lots of love for this wonderful series💖


Thank you all so much for reading! It would make both of us very happy if you could visit her blog for yourself. She is so kind and inspiring, writes about a variety of things, and would love to talk to you in the comments sections of her posts!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

— Maggie

Spotlight Saturday – Eccentric Muse (Diana) from La Petit Muse

Spotlight Saturday – Eccentric Muse (Diana) from La Petit Muse

Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope and pray that you’re having a fantastic Saturday!! Mine has gotten off to a great start. I don’t know what my family and I will be up to as of yet, but hey, no matter what we do, I know that we’ll have a good time. ❤

For this week’s Spotlight Saturday, I had the wonderful chance to interview a very dear blogging friend of mine. She’s been a faithful reader since I first made this blog back in January, which is pretty awesome! I hope you enjoy the interview; I know you guys will enjoy her blog just as much as I do. 🙂


Interview #7

Hi everyone! Welcome to this week’s Spotlight Saturday; thank you so much for dropping by. Today, I will be interviewing the very first person to reach out to me when I started back blogging this year. Yup, she was Dreaming of Guatemala’s very first reader! She is such a kind, special blogger, anyway, so that fact makes her friendship that much more special to me. Without further ado, I am very happy to introduce to you Diana from La Petit Muse!

Hello, everyone! Maggie has been nothing but a blessing to this blogosphere and I am honored and excited to be a part of her ‘Spotlight Saturday’ series. Thank you for allowing me to take part in this interview, Maggie.

You’re welcome, Diana! Alright, let’s get into this. First I’d like for you to introduce yourself to us, and also: what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I am a child of God who is still learning to walk in His ways. I am also a dreamer and a Francophile. I love discovering new and interesting things hence my love of History. When I’m not writing or reading, I am learning French. I am an avid blogger and I used to run like 5 blogs before closing 3. I also love Bible studying, watching football, sightseeing and making covers for my ‘novels’.

That is so interesting, Diana. And I love learning about history, too! My next question is: Why did you decide to start your blog, La Petit Muse? What first got you into blogging?

Believe it or not, but it was football (and not writing) that got me into blogging back in 2012. Every weekend, I’ll try to catch a game so I can comment on it and talk about transfers and top players. But it was always about writing and a few years later I’ve decided that I wanted to open a blog to talk about life as a writer and to motivate amateur writers such as myself; to encourage them to tap into their talent, but things took a turn for the best… I guess.

That is such a cool way to have gotten into blogging! I wouldn’t have ever guessed that, so I enjoyed learning this about you. Next, what are your favorite topics to blog about?

I like having a variety of topics to write about. I blog about God’s love for us, book reviews, a film review here and there, a little about fashion, poetry and what I am currently writing.

 I love all of those topics! Do you have a few favorite posts you could share with us? If not, maybe just tell us about your favorite from this month so far. 🙂

Thank you, Maggie! My favorite number is 4, so I’ll provide four favorite posts. My utmost favorite post to write to date is The Promises of God because He can never lie and His promises bring me comfort. Reflection is another one I enjoyed writing despite it not being lengthy. I take the time to reflect on my life on a monthly basis. I participate in NaNoWriMo annually and it led me to write What is a Story? My favorite short story to write to date is I’ll Like To Include Me In Your Will because I never thought that I could’ve written Science Fiction! I’ve gotten requests to continue it but at the moment I just can’t see it becoming a full blown story.

Thank you so much for sharing these with us! I know I’ve read a few of them, but I’ll have to go read the others I haven’t visited yet. The next thing I’d like to know is: what are your time management tips for blogging? (e.g. getting posts written in time, etc)

I don’t really have any time management tips, but if I’m busy with work or with a social event, I schedule my posts. Otherwise, I post early in the morning or during my lunch break at work.

Oh, okay! Yeah, scheduling posts is very helpful 🙂 I have really enjoyed interviewing you, Diana. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we go?

They most certainly are! To Maggie’s wonderful readers: trust in the Lord with all your heart and all your might and keep walking with Jesus. And to you, Maggie: keep up the wonderful work that you’re doing with your blog for your posts help uplift spirits. And thank you for interviewing me. It was a blast!



Thank you all so much for reading! It would really bless both of us if you were to go visit her blog for yourself. She writes on a whole number of things – films, books, her own stories and poetry, and so much more!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

— Maggie

Spotlight Saturday: Grace from My Blessing by Grace

Spotlight Saturday: Grace from My Blessing by Grace

Hi guys, and happy Saturday! I hope you’ve been having an awesome weekend so far. ❤ And I hope that you like this week’s Spotlight Saturday!

My words are in italics, and hers are in bold.

Enjoy! 🙂 ❤


Interview #6

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s Spotlight Saturday. Today, I’d like to introduce to all of you a new blogging friend of mine. She writes beautiful, inspiring blog posts about her walk with the Lord, recipes she’d like to try, and other topics she’s interested in, and is very sweet and kind! Please welcome Grace from My Blessing by Grace!

Hey Guys! I’m really excited to participating in Maggie’s ‘Spotlight Saturday’ series. I can’t wait to share a bit more about myself and to get to know all of you a little more!

And I can’t wait to learn some more about you! First, tell us about yourself. For example, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I actually have quite a few hobbies/interests. My favourites are definitely baking and listening to music! I also enjoy culling and cleaning stuff as it makes me feel very productive. Blogging has also become a major hobby of mine for sure! I’m finding it really fun.

Oh those all sound great! I definitely think that blogging is fun, too. Next, can you tell us about your blog? Why did you start it, and what do you enjoy writing about?

On my blog I write about things I’m interested in which is mainly food, faith and beauty. I write about many other things though so I’d consider my blog a lifestyle blog. I started blogging because I thought it would be a really fun way to share things happening in my life, kind of like a journal. I also wanted my blog to be a place where I can give advice as if I was talking to my younger sister. I really enjoy blogging because it has been a great way to connect with others like myself.

I love all of those topics! Lifestyle blogs are great because they have such a huge variety of posts for their readers; it’s fantastic. So, I saw that you started your blog in February, so I don’t know how many favorites you have yet haha, but can you name a few of your favorite posts that you’ve written so far for us? What are those posts about?

Thank you very much Maggie! I love all of my posts but my favourites are definitely Being Still, Cowboy Cookies and Collective Beauty Haul and Review. Being Still is my favourite Faith based posts I’ve written. I was inspired to write this post after reflecting on last year and realising how I wasn’t relying on the Lord enough. Cowboy Cookies was a recipe that I made which has to be the yummiest treat I’ve had all year! For the last post I mentioned ‘Collective Beauty Haul and Review’ I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

Ah, those all sound like fantastic posts! I’ll definitely go read them for myself. Now I’d like to know, what are a few of the reasons that you enjoy blogging on WordPress? Is it for writing your own posts, supporting other bloggers, or a combination of both?

Personally I haven’t had any experience with any other blogging sites but from looking at other blogs I love the way WordPress allows you to set your blog out the best. A lot of people seem to end up moving their blog to WordPress to make it seem more professional so I’m glad I just started here so I hopefully won’t be moving my blog. I also love WordPress because I can write posts in advance and schedule them. It’s also been really cool to interact with other bloggers and meet many like minded people.

Yes! The WordPress community is amazing. I have used other blogging sites over the years, and this one is the best by far. 🙂 To finish up this interview, what are two reasons why you’d love it if my readers came by your blog today?

I’d love for your readers to come by my blog so I can encourage and inspire them as well as get to know many more awesome people!

That’s awesome! Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Grace – I enjoyed it! xx

Thank you so much for interviewing me. It’s been really fun getting to share a bit more about myself whilst getting to know you know a little more! Many Blessings, Grace. Xxx


Thank you all so much for reading! It would make both of us very happy if your could visit her blog for yourself. She blogs about her faith, love for baking, and anything else that’s on her heart! ❤ She would love to talk to you in the comments section of her posts!

I hope that you have a great day/afternoon/night, everybody!

— Maggie