Spotlight Saturday – Gracie from Through the Eyes of Gracie

Spotlight Saturday – Gracie from Through the Eyes of Gracie

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. x Today, I’m happy to share with you today a new interview that I recently wrote with one of the nicest bloggers I know! I hope you all enjoy!

Spotlight Saturday #19

Hey everyone! Thank you for coming by this Spotlight Saturday post. ❤ This week, I have gotten to interview a lovely blogger that I met last month. She writes about her life, such as photography, crafts, and her other hobbies! Please welcome Gracie from Through the Eyes of Gracie!

Hello everyone!! I am very excited to be a part of Maggie’s lovely blog!! This should be super fun!

Yes, definitely! I can’t wait to get started (: Let’s begin with this first question: Why did you decide to start your blog, Through the Eyes of Gracie?

Good question, haha. Well, over a year ago I found my friend Sophie’s blog and thought it would be fun to start a blog, and post crafts so I started Craft Time I posted occasionally, but not very often. Then this past August I started posting more often. But mostly photography and everyday life, so I decided to change my blog name a month or so ago, and that is where I am at now. 🙂

That’s awesome! I love it when friends and family inspire us to try something new. 🙂 Blogging is such a wonderful experience! My next question for you is, what are your favorite kinds of posts to write? And can you share some posts you shared recently that fall under those categories?

My favorite posts to write are DIY, photography, tags, and life…wow, haha. That is basically my blog summed up, haha. I just really enjoy blogging, no matter what it is. 🙂

Hehe same!! I love writing a variety of posts, as well. Those are all great posts that you’ve shared! Your ‘Thankful For Photography Challenge’ was a lot of fun to follow along with. ❤ Here’s my next question: what inspires and motives you to blog?

Thanks! I am not sure, I would probably have to say, my followers. I have many awesome followers, and they are all so encouraging in what I am blogging about! ❤

You’re welcome! And that’s wonderful 🙂 Followers are such an encouragement. ❤ Do you have any blogging advice you’d like to share with other bloggers?

Yes. It is kinda common advice but, DO NOT get discouraged if you don’t have a ton of followers, it will happen! Also …

” … even if you don’t have lots of followers, post like you do, because one day you will, and then you will already have great posts for them to read!”

That’s really good advice! It’s discouraging for most bloggers at first, but if you’re consistent in posting and reaching out to bloggers, they will come! ❤ Now that we know a good amount about your blog, tell us about yourself! What are some of your hobbies and interests? Why do you love them?

I am really into photography, blogging (obviously), violin, and crafting. I love photography because it helps you capture the beauty of God’s creations! I’ve kinda already told why I like blogging. I have wanted to play the violin for years, then a few years ago my Dad’s parents found a violin at GoodWill!! I was so excited, I did not get lesson until a year or so after that. I have been playing for about a year and a half now. 🙂 As you can probably tell, I am a very artist-y girl, I love being creative and expressing that!

Ooh those all sound amazing! What a wonderful way to begin playing the violin. I love surprise finds at thrift stores! It always makes my day! ❤ Aw I’m the same way! Being artistic and creative is so much fun. Here’s my next question for you: Why are you thankful for blogging?

I am thankful for blogging because it allows me to shows others DIYs, photography, and encourage other blogger and readers. But, most importantly, show the love of Jesus Christ.

Amen! Those are all beautiful reasons to enjoy blogging. Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Gracie! I really enjoyed this. 🙂 xx

Thank you. That was so much fun!!

Thank you so much for reading!

I know that you guys will enjoy Gracie’s blog. ❤

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Happy Saturday to all of you!

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Spotlight Saturday – Amelia from Amelia in Hull

Spotlight Saturday – Amelia from Amelia in Hull

Happy weekend, everyone! I have an awesome new interview to share today. 🙂 I highly recommend that you guys check out this blogger! She is amazing! I really enjoyed interviewing her, and I hope y’all will enjoy reading the interview, as well. Let’s get right into this!

Spotlight Saturday #17

Hey guys! Welcome back to my Spotlight Saturday series. ❤ This week, I’m getting to interview a lovely blogger I know who has an absolutely fantastic blog! She writes about all of the different occasions and events that go on in her hometown of Hull, England – please welcome Amelia, the writer from Amelia in Hull!

Hi guys!! I’m so honoured that I get to be interviewed by the amazing Maggie for Spotlight Saturday!! It’s such a good series idea and I can’t wait to answer all the questions for the interview.

Thank you for accepting the invitation! I’m looking forward to doing this with you. 🙂 The first question I’d like to ask you is: what inspired you to start Amelia in Hull?

I’ve always loved to write from a very young age so my parents encouraged me to write a blog where I could write a post every single week about Hull being City of Culture 2017. Also, I wanted to be able to show people how amazing my home city Hull is.

Aww that is so cool! I’ve never thought about blogging about the area where I live, but I’m sure that it would get me so much more interested in its history and current events! So, what are some of the main topics you like to write posts for on your blog?

I do quite a lot of reviews on events or independent cafes I’ve been to in the area in and around Hull. I do some travel posts as well and some history of Hull posts about famous people from Hull or interesting history events that occurred in Hull.

That’s great! Oh, I love your historical posts; they’re my personal favorite of yours. 🙂 What are two different posts that you enjoyed writing recently?

Awww thank you so much!! I would have to say ‘One day Maybe’ Event post and ‘Turner Prize’ event because although these posts took a little longer to write, I really enjoyed writing about them.

Those are great ones! Sometimes, it’s the posts that take more time to write that are the most fun.. 🙂 My next question for you is, what have you learned about blogging during your time on WordPress? (Any helpful tips or tricks?)

I’ve learnt that you should focus on your own blog and what works for you instead of falling into the trap of constantly comparing yourself to other people. Also you can’t expect to get loads of followers all at once when you first start blogging; you’ll gradually gain followers over time as your blog progresses and grows.

You need to focus on writing about things you’re passionate about. 

Great tips, Amelia! Thank you so much for letting me interview you; I’ve really enjoyed this. 🙂 Is there anything more you’d like to say to my readers before we go?

Thank you Maggie for this great opportunity to be interviewed for your spotlight Saturday series and thank you to your readers for reading this interview!! If you like the sound of it, please feel free to check out my blog!!

Thank you so much for reading, guys!! We really enjoyed writing this interview. If you would like to check out Amelia’s blog for yourself, where she writes about her wonderful hometown of Hull, you can click the button below!

Happy Saturday!

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Spotlight Saturday – Oxria

Spotlight Saturday – Oxria

Hi guys! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful weekend. (: I have a fun interview to share with you today! This is the first one that I’ve done in a few weeks, and I had a great time interviewing this amazing blogger! I hope you all enjoy! ❤

Spotlight Saturday #16

Hey everyone! Thank you for coming by this week’s Spotlight Saturday. 🙂 Today, I have the opportunity to write an interview with a lovely blogger that I have known for a short while. She shares posts on her travels, doodles she had drawn, and other little lifestyle posts, as well! I am happy to introduce to all of you the writer behind the blog Oxria!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well! Thank you so much for offering me this great opportunity, Maggie! I love your Spotlight Saturday series and it makes me so happy to be part of it! I never thought I’d be interviewed one day, which is why I’m really excited to answer your questions!

You’re welcome! I’m so happy about interviewing you. xx These spotlight posts are always so much fun! My first question for you is, why did you decide to start Oxria?

To be completely honest: I was bored, haha. I had nothing exciting going on, and I thought blogging would be a fun thing to do. I also liked the idea of having an online diary where I could share my memories, experiences and doodles with others. So I decided to create Oxria – a place where I could do all these things. And it was one of the best decisions ever. Blogging is a part of my life now, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Hahaha I began my blog for much the same reason! Blogging is a great boredom buster. 🙂 I’m so happy that you joined the blogging world! The next thing I’d like to know is, what are some of your favorite things to write posts about?

Aw, thank you! I’m glad that I joined the blogging world too. It’s such a happy place!

doodle by Oxria!

I blog about many things: art, travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle… and I really enjoy writing about all of them. My favourite ones though, are the travel-diaries, as I love the fact that I can always go back, read the post and relive the experience, and the fashion related posts, because I really enjoy putting cute outfits together. 😀

You’re welcome! It certainly is. 🙂 Those all sound great! I love reading (and writing) travel posts, as well; they’re a great way to transport back to a particular time and place! Fashion posts (especially yours!!) are a lot of fun, as well. Can you share a few posts with us that you enjoyed writing recently?


Some of my favourite ones that I’ve recently written are the Black Sea travel diary, the Bullet Journal one and my latest post, Summer vs fall wardrobe. They were all really fun to write! 😊

Aww I loved those, as well! I still need to check out the last one you mentioned, though. It sounds wonderful! Also, I was wondering, how did you come up with your blog name – Oxria? I love how unique it is!

Thank you :)!

Oxria is a nickname I created one or two years ago, out of boredom, by combining my first and middle name. And when I decided to start the blog, I thought it would be the best name for it. (Speaking of blog names, I also love yours!!)

Thank you so much! And you’re welcome. ❤ haha I love that! I’ve never thought about combining my names. I don’t think they’d make a cool combination like yours do, though, lol! My next question for you is, do you have any blogging advice you’d like to share with other bloggers?

Aw, I’m sure they would though, haha! ❤ and hmm… advice…

I’m not a pro at blogging, in fact I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to it, but if I had to share some advice with other beginner bloggers, it would be: be yourself (as cliché as it may sound), because being different is a good thing and your personality may be the reason why people choose to follow you, and have fun – write about anything you like and make friends with other bloggers! I think these two things are very important if you want blogging to be a fun activity! 🙂

” … being different is a good thing and your personality may be the reason why people choose to follow you.”

Awesome advice! Authenticity is so important as a blogger, as is writing about what you love! xx The next thing I’d like to ask you is, what are your plans and goals for Oxria in the future? (Posts you’d like to write, milestones you want to reach, etc.)

Ooh, this is a big question.

I don’t really plan things when it comes to blogging, but I do have some things I want to achieve. For instance, I want to write more travel-diaries, lookbooks and lifestyle posts in the future – because they’re my favourite ones to write, and they’re really fun :). Another goal for the future would be doing giveaways, to thank my followers for being awesome (+ I really enjoy buying gifts for others, haha).

It’s always fun to keep up with series / types of posts that we have fun doing! Our readers enjoy it, and we love writing it, as well. 🙂 Aw giveaways sounds great! I have yet to do one myself, but I still love the idea. Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Oxria! This has been so much fun. Is there anything else you’d like to say to my readers before we go?

Thank you for having me on your blog! I still can’t believe you gave me this amazing opportunity! ❤

I’d like to thank your readers for taking time to read this interview. I hope you guys got to know who this “Oxria” is a little better, haha. If you want to, feel free to check out my blog and see if you like it. I’d love to know what you think of it! Thanks again Maggie and I hope you all have a great day! 😀


Thank you so much for reading this Spotlight Saturday, guys! Oxria is such a fun blogger, and I highly recommend that you check out her blog! She writes posts on her travels, shares fashion lookbooks, and snippets of her beautiful doodles!

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