What I’m Reading | Fall 2017

What I’m Reading | Fall 2017

Hi there, guys! I hope that you’re all doing well. 🙂 On this fine Saturday, I have a what I’m reading post to share with you! Its format will be a bit different from the other one I did (back in August), but I will still be talking about what I am reading and what I hope to read very soon.

My focus for this fall is to stay away from libraries! While I love them so much, their limitless selection keeps me back from reading any of the books that I own. So, whether I’m re-reading a classic or finally getting around to reading some new Poirot short stories, I want to read, for the most part, books that I already have at home. 🙂

I did something a little different for this post! All of the pictures are in black-and-white, which I’ve never done before (even though I love b&w, haha), and the orange borders make them look very fall-ish, I think. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what you’re looking forward to reading. xx

What I’m Reading | Fall 2017

{ Hamlet – William Shakespeare }

I have mentioned in past posts that Hamlet is my favorite work of Shakespeare, and because of this, I have happily read it multiple times! I own different copies and editions of the play, and I’m currently in the process of reading them in order of purchase. I’ll talk a bit more about my love of the Dane in an upcoming post!

{ The Princetta – Anne-Laure Bondoux }

I got this one for a great deal at a library book sale I went to back in May! (I blogged about that experience here.) It’s a very adventurous novel translated from French that I would still love to read, but have yet to dedicate time to it.

{ The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald }

One of the classics I mentioned! I have read it once, and that was a few years ago for school. The only reason I haven’t read it multiple times is because I struggle to balance reading new books and returning to old favorites. That will change very soon!

{ Poirot and Me – David Suchet }

This is an awesome autobiography that I have, like I mentioned about the last book, not gotten around to reading all the way through yet. Have you heard of the TV show Poirot? It ran for half a century and consists of thirteen seasons. This book is by the man who played Hercule Poirot and what that experience in his acting career was like. 🙂 Since the show ended in 2013, I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch as many of the episodes as I’ve liked, which ended up being most of them, excluding only the darker and more frightening cases. I can’t wait to finish this novel!

{ Dragon Slippers – Jessica Day George }

Dragon Slippers is a childhood favorite of mine, and I have read it approximately 1 3/4 times. That probably sounds weird, but all that happened was that I wasn’t dedicated enough to read the last quarter that second time. Haha! I’d love to return to this intriguing fantasy land and experience its magic once again. The author also has a special place in my heart because she sent me such a nice reply in response to a fan email I sent her when I was younger! I was very grateful 🙂

{ Essential Shakespeare Handbook – Leslie Dunton-Downer }

I was so stoked when I spotted this beauty at a Goodwill a few months ago! This is one of those comprehensive guides that cost a fortune at bookstores and that I’d never pay full-price for (my wallet wouldn’t like it, haha). That’s why I’m so in love with this one! However, it’s one of those books you only reference to when you’re extremely interested in a bit of the information it contains, and in this case, reading about specific Shakespearean plays. I’d love to go through and read all about the ones I’ve read so far, as I don’t want to spoil any of the plays I haven’t read yet by reading about them, haha

{ Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation – Dr. Charles Stanley }

I bought this one for myself and read it back in 2014/2015, and I can’t tell you how much it helped me in my relationship with the Lord. It strengthened my prayer life, which I know is the Lord’s doing; over the years, He has used different spiritual books like this to inspire me and draw me closer. 🙂 It would bless me to read this again, as it has been quite a while since the last time I did.

{ Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories – Agatha Christie }

You should have seen how excited I was on Christmas morning of 2016 when I unwrapped this beauty! I had been eyeing it at that time, but couldn’t decide if it was worth emptying my wallet for, so I was thankful my parents bought it for me, instead. I love the cover, and especially all the stories it contains – especially the ones near the end that reference different mythological beasts – those are cool! I have yet to read even a fraction of the 51 (yeah, one more than the cover claims haha) stories, but I would love to in the weeks and months to come.

{ A Young Woman’s Walk With God – Elizabeth George }

This woman does an amazing job at writing spiritually-inspiring books for ladies of all ages. This one, as well as A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart, have really helped me as I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. It has been so long since I read A Young Woman’s Walk With God that I can hardly remember what it was about, haha! I’ll definitely be reading this one soon.

{ Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Richard and Florence Atwater }

I remember when my mom first read this book to me and my brother for school, when I was maybe nine years old. In all of its oddities and wonders, I loved it! It still makes me happy, in the way that many old children’s novels do, and since I own this beautiful copy of it, I would really love to read it again.

Thank you so much for reading, guys!! In a nutshell, those were the main ten books that I own and would love to read this fall. I can’t wait to delve into all of this awesome reading material!! Let me know in the comments below:

What are YOU reading this fall?

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What I’m Reading | August 2017

What I’m Reading | August 2017

Ahh hello there, everyone! xx I hope that your day has been beautiful so far. 🙂 I have something exciting in store for you guys tomorrow, so make sure you stay tuned for that! For today’s post, however, I’m going to go over what I’ve been up to in the wonderful world of books!

I have been doing a lot of reading recently, mainly for the A-to-Z Reading Challenge I’m doing right now, and that has been such an awesome experience! It has encouraged me to read books I wouldn’t normally read, and that has been so nice, as I thoroughly enjoyed every book I’ve read for the challenge so far. (I did have to put the challenge on pause a couple different times because I’d get a book for the next letter and then find out I didn’t like it, but that was alright, lol!)

In this post, I’m going to go over what I recently read, what I’m currently reading, what I want to read next, what I’d love to read again, and what I want to read at some point! I hope that you enjoy reading (haha). If you’re interested in doing a post like this yourself, or if you’ve already done one like it, let me know in the comments below! I love knowing what books others are reading. 🙂 ❤

What I’m Reading | August 2017

Books I Recently Finished:

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, the third book in the Harry Potter series.
  • The Island of Heavenly Daze by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt, a delightful novel about the citizens of a tiny seaside town in Maine.
  • John’s Story: The Last Eyewitness by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, a retelling of how the apostle John wrote the book of John in the Bible.

Books I’m Currently Reading:

  • King John by William Shakespeare, a not-very-well-known play by the Bard on the life of King John.
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare, his best-known tragedy, longest play, and my favorite work of Shakespeare!

Books I Want to Read Next:

  • Living with Passion and Purpose by Elizabeth George, a study of the Biblical book of Luke.
  • Murder by Mocha by Cleo Coyle, a coffeehouse mystery.
  • Decaffeinated Corpse by Cleo Coyle, another coffeehouse mystery.
  • I, Jane by Diane Haeger, the fictional story of the rival of Anne Boleyn.
  • The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, a play by the Bard that I don’t know much about yet.

Books I’d Love to Read Again:

  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater, a childhood favorite.
  • Waggit’s Tale by Peter Howe, another childhood favorite.
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, my favorite classic novel.
  • A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin, one of my favorite historical fiction novels.
  • A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George, a helpful guide to life that I haven’t read in a long time.

Books I Want to Read Soon:

  • Grace in Autumn by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt, the second novel in the Heavenly Daze series.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, the fourth book in the Harry Potter series.
  • A Daughter’s Inheritance by Tracie Peterson, a novel I came across on Goodreads that I thought looked cool.
  • Poirot and Me by David Suchet, an awesome memoir I have yet to finish reading.
  • The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux, an interesting-looking novel translated from French that I’ll be reading for the letter ‘P’ in my reading challenge.

Thank you so much for reading, guys!! Have you read or do you want to read any of the books I mentioned? 💚📚 also, make sure you let me know in the comments below:

What have YOU been reading lately?

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Library Book Sale Haul!

Library Book Sale Haul!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Depending on where you live, I hope that your day has gotten off to an awesome start, or that your day is going great, or that you had an absolutely fantastic day! Take whichever one is right for you!

I am so excited about today’s post. I loved writing it, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you guys! This past weekend, my family and I went to the library, but when we got there, we found out that they were having a book sale! They only have a few a year, and I haven’t been to one in a long time, so I enjoyed browsing their selection. I ended up walking out with six different books, which I will be sharing with you today in my very first book haul!! ❤


Library Sale Book Haul

Book #1: Bible Trivia by J. Stephen Lang.

What It Is: An awesome book full of 4,000+ Bible trivia questions and answers!

Why I Bought It: My family and I love doing quizzes like this, and the fact that this is all Bible-based trivia questions is epic! As well as the great selection of questions, I love the formatting of the book; the questions are on one page, and the answers to all of them are listed and numbered on the other side of the same page.

Price: Amazon’s listing ~ $10.78 ~ and what I paid ~ $1!

Book #2: Webster’s New Pocket Spanish Dictionary.

What It Is: A tiny pocket Spanish dictionary, with a Spanish-to-English index, a list of Spanish abbreviations, and an English-to-Spanish index!

Why I Bought It: I’m fairly certain I’ll appreciate having one with me in Guatemala. Regardless, I love the size, formatting, cover, and this one is in like-new condition! I couldn’t pass it up.

Price: Amazon’s listing ~ $5.09 ~ and what I paid ~ 50¢!

Book #3: The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux

What It Is: An adventurous YA novel I’ve never heard of before, but was intrigued by the synopsis.

Why I Bought It: I’m currently challenging myself to read 26 new books in 2017 with A-to-Z titles. That means that first, I read a book that started with “A,” then another new book that started with “B,” and so on. Right now, I’m reading a novel that starts with a “D,” and at some point, I will get to the letter “P,” and this is the book I’d like to read for that letter!

Price: Amazon listing ~ $2.99 currently! ~ and what I paid ~ 50¢!

Book #4: Living With Passion & Purpose by Elizabeth George.

What It Is: A study of the book of Luke!

Why I Bought It: I’ve read a few other books by Elizabeth George, and I absolutely loooove her writing! I briefly read the summary but didn’t need to look into it too much since all her books are fantastic.

Price: Amazon’s listing ~ $9.62 ~ and what I paid ~ 50¢!

Book #5: The Island of Heavenly Daze by Lori Copeland.

What It Is: A Christian story about a pastor’s struggles to stay in a very heavenly town.

Why I Bought It: I read the synopsis on Goodreads maybe a month ago, and I knew I just had to read it! The best part is, it’s the first in a series – or trilogy? Saga? I’m too lazy to go look, haha – so I snatched it up the moment I saw it, and bought it without even looking through it (which I always do for minutes before buying any book!).

Price: Amazon listing ~ $6.83 ~ and what I paid ~ $1!

Book #6: Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

What It Is: A copy of the unabridged play, described on the back as being for “foreign language teaching.” The foreword and stuff like that at the beginning are in Chinese.

Why I Bought It: Ah well, I kind of collect copies of Hamlet. I don’t plan on letting this collection get out of hand, but I do love having different editions and versions, especially the professors’ forewords and take on it (except for when it’s in Chinese, of course hahahah). This is my sixth copy of the play. I know that the cover is absolutely horrid (Kenneth Branaugh is still awesome, though, lol!), but I fell in love with this edition, anyway.

Price: I couldn’t find an Amazon listing. But I paid 50¢!


Thanks for reading, everyone! I really enjoyed writing this ❤ Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read any of these books!

What have YOU been reading recently?