Tour of My Pinterest

Tour of My Pinterest

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day. 🙂 For today, I have such a fun post to share with you guys! Pinterest is an awesome website, and I always have lots of fun browsing the endless pictures that have been ‘pinned’ there. Anytime I get on there, I get lost in them, haha! The idea I had for incorporating Pinterest into this blogging challenge was to give you all a tour of my Pinterest account (come follow me over at auburnskies18)! Let’s jump right into this. xx

My Pinterest Profile

This is how my page looks when you visit it on PC.

Just like with most websites, Pinterest has gone through many design and layout changes, lol, and the current one looks pretty good.

I think that my boards are organized by day of creation right now, so there isn’t really any rhyme or reason as to where they are, haha! (On the first account I had a few years ago, I was very particular about how the boards were arranged, but the content itself matters more to me now.)

The first three boards at the top are:

adventure is out there – I collect all of my wanderlust and travel pins here! They’re all very aesthetic, and I love adding to it from time to time.

the misty mountains. – the title is a fan reference (you’re awesome if you got it!), but that’s my Lord of The Rings / Hobbit board. I pin things about the books, and the movies, too! It’s such a neat fandom.

educate me o wise one. – I haven’t decided if this board title is reverent or sarcastic yet, haha, but either way, I gather the deepest inspirational quotes I come across here.

My 4 Current Favorite Boards

Depending on my mood, the season, etc., I will browse a variety of topics on Pinterest! Recently, I have had three that I really enjoy looking back at and pinning to frequently. Here they are:

My Humor Board:

One of the first pins I ever looked at on Pinterest was one showcasing mini illustrations of the different types of coffees, and how if each one had a personality, they would look a certain way. Since that pin, I’ve been in love with finding humor on Pinterest, as it never fails to crack me up. My current funny board is called – l a u g h . You should check it out if you’re looking for hilarious (and clean) jokes and memes!

My Calling Board:

I have seen so many people who have missions-related boards, where they pin evangelistic quotes and pictures of people from the country they have or desire to serve in, and until now, it really didn’t make sense for me to have one. Now that I know of a place the Lord desires me to serve at one day, the board above is one that I absolutely love having! It’s called to be called.

My Relateable Quotes Board:

I seem to always have multiple quote boards going, lol, as I enjoy categorizing them instead of all of them being meshed together! This specific board is almost always my favorite one, because on it, I pin the quotes that are most relevant to my life at the time that I find them. It’s my most vulnerable board; you can easily see how I’m feeling by what I’m pinning. lol That one is called – s p e a k | to | me

My Blogging Board:

This one is such a nice resource for me as a blogger! I gather all sorts of post ideas here to check out later when I need the inspiration. If you’d like to see what pins I’ve found for blogging inspo, definitely go by that board yourself! It’s called – b l o g g i n g

My Boards

For the last section of this post, I will go over the rest of my boards (as quickly as I can, I don’t want this to be boring haha) in four snapshots. I love how pretty they all look right now; I chose bright board covers for all of them, so they are very cheery and pretty!

(If I already described what a board is about, then I’ll say ‘see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.’)

i n f l u e n c e – all of the inspirational quotes I find that don’t fit a specific category.

a m o r o u s – I pin very sweet love quotes here that all make me go “awww!”

unnamed wip – weird board name, I know lol (and ‘wip’ stands for work-in-progress, by the way), but I didn’t want to delete it yet because I might use the pins there for a story at some point.

j e d i – yes, I am a lowkey Star Wars fan. I have some cool stuff on this board!

literature rocks doe – just a board for bookish things.

i l l u s t r a t e – this board is for all the beautiful drawings and paintings I come across.

book / i n s p o – a collection of all the story inspiration I find that doesn’t fit any particular novel, but that I’d still love to base a book off of one day!

something rotten in denmark. – my very small Hamlet board because I wanted a place for pins about it, but I haven’t found very many. lol

l a u g h – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

t e l l y – this has been a fun board to add to recently because I’ve been watching so many new movies for school lately, and I’ve loved the majority of them! (If you visit it, beware: you’re about to be bombarded by Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Julie Andrews hahaha)

m e l o d y – for all the pins I find that relate to music I love.

g o / l i v e – pins that revolve around couples, and simply enjoying life, as well.

s n a p s h o t – I share beautiful photographs I come across that don’t have another place on my account.

being godly. – this board has lots of pins on godly relationships!

s p e a k | to | me – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

outwit the warleggans. – another board with a fan reference title! This is my Poldark board, because I had so much fun watching the first series.

crafts/articles for today. – this is one of my two DIY/article boards so that I can accurately organize these types of pins I want to save. The ‘today’ board is for crafts I know I can make, and articles I will definitely read soon.

crafts/articles for someday. – this is my dream craft board, haha!! I couldn’t help but save the pins on there, but it isn’t likely that I’ll do/read them any time soon.

g a l a x i t e – that’s the name of a fantasy/historical fiction novel I’ve been working on for a few years, and that board contains all of my current inspiration for it.

how | l o v e l y – mainly fashion/pretty pins … basically my miscellaneous board.

to | c u l t i v a t e – one of the focuses in Galaxite is gardening, so this board branches off from that storyboard!

m a d e / dat – I just realized that I gave this board a very lame name, hahah! However, it has all the pins that I have made/tried/crafted, as I didn’t want to lose them.

w r i t i n g / help – these pins are informational and will definitely help me with different parts of the story writing process. My other story boards are visual inspiration, while this one gives me mental inspiration.

to be called. – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

my | n e w | favorite instrument – when I first began playing the piano a few months ago, I made this board. It contains some piano photography and relateable jokes, haha!

t i k a l – all about my Mayan story! There’s a lot of inspiration and information on Guatemala on this board. I absolutely love it.

trusting Him in all things. – pins about having faith in the Lord, for the times when life is hard on me.

growing up. – I made this board when I was having anxieties about adulthood, but the pins that I found and saved on this board comforted and encouraged me.

r e c i p e s – all the treats/dinners I’ve found on Pinterest and am definitely considering making one day!

b l o g g i n g – see My 4 Current Favorite Boards.

love – my most recent inspirational quote board. I wanted a place to put the quotes that inspire me currently. ❤

Thank you so much for reading, guys! I would love to see a tour post like this of your Pinterest, too, so if you’re interested in taking my idea, definitely give me a link to your post!

You guys should let me know in the comments below:

Which board is YOUR favorite?

thanks to jirah and elline for my signature! xx

Please Pray For Lee

Everyone, please go over and visit my friend Lee’s most recent post! She’s going through a rough bout of sickness, as is her boyfriend, and they really need your thoughts and prayers right now. Prayer is real, guys!! I know that God will hear our prayers, and He will care for her. ❤

Unfortunately I have not been able to post like I expected this week. Last week I was really sick and thought I felt much better that weekend. I was wrong. Things got worse and a lot of other strange things going on. My boyfriend and I are both sick now and he almost lost his job today. He is a diabetic and me, I just don’t know what’s going on. I woke up at 2AM violently throwing up. It came out of nowhere and really scared me because I was sweating so much yet I felt cold and it hurt my chest and throats so bad. I also need to have something on my stomach checked out. There is a rash that looks like a bruise, it itches sometimes and hurts in that area on the inside. I’ll show a picture, Maybe some of you all have seen it before…

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Please Pray for Maggie

Hi, this is Maggie’s mom, Valerie. You might know me from my blog, Living Lighter in Atlanta, but I haven’t been on it much this summer, so you might not… Anyway, she gave me permission to post here today when I asked her because she is really sick with strep throat and I would love if you guys would pray for her and maybe send her some virtual hugs.

She has been sick since last Monday but it was finally obvious that she needed a doctor on Thursday. We had a crazy week with her youngest brother who needed to go to multiple places (pediatrician, ER, and the children’s hospital in Atlanta) to rule out appendicitis and then her other brother got sick. Ugh! But she has been such a trooper. She babysat her sister (for many hours!) when we needed her, even though she felt awful.

When we went to her doctor on Thursday, she tested positive for strep so we thought she’d be feeling better soon after getting on antibiotics but that hasn’t been the case. Unfortunately, even after taking six doses of amoxicillin, she seems to be getting worse, not better. 😦 I’m not sure, but we’ll probably end up back at the doctor tomorrow…and now her little sister has a fever, too, so they both might need to be seen.

Maggie had her blog posts from this week ready to go before getting sick and I don’t think she mentioned not feeling well (she likes being cheery and positive) but she is doing ROUGH. Please pray that we get things sorted and she starts feeling better.

Oh, and any tips for dealing with the pain of strep throat? She’s really hurting and Tylenol doesn’t help. :/

Thanks so much. 🙂