Making the Change ~ Week One

Making the Change ~ Week One

There is something that has been part of my life for quite some time now. It bothers me, affects each day, and negatively impacts my family – especially my sweet younger siblings. At first, I wasn’t aware of it, and when I finally was, I couldn’t have been more disappointed and upset with myself.

For a long time now, I have been battling with anger.

It saddens me to admit, but it’s even harder to live with every day – especially since I’ve been well aware of it for weeks now. It troubles my family, affects my relationship with the Lord … and it also hurts me.

I don’t really know how it started, and for the longest time, I haven’t known or tried to figure out how to stop. Last week, however, as I thought things through and talked with my family, I’ve made the decision that the time is now.

I’m making the change.

I don’t have a deadline for this series or a specific goal to meet; I’ve decided to jump in headfirst and tackle it as I go along.

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I’m not making the change for this series, but it will definitely help me to stay focused on positivity if I have a place to write down my thoughts each day and compile them into a weekly post. It will make me more accountable and motivated to do this, as I know that it won’t be easy; old habits die hard.

I have one thing to ask before I go on to write about my past week: Would anyone else like to come along?

Does anyone else have a habit they need to end, a new one they need to start, or a current one that needs changing? If so, I’d like to invite you to join me on this walk of change. It is possible when our hearts are in the right place, when we have the encouragement and inspiration that we need to do it.

You can comment on my posts, or start a series of your own; whatever feels right for you. If you’re just interested in reading my posts for now, that’s perfectly fine; I don’t want anyone to do anything they’re not comfortable with or ready to do. 🙂 Just know that I will be here for any of you, to cheer you on and uplift you in making your own change. x

So, are you with me? While you decide, let’s dive right into my first week!


Making the Change – April 6th through April 12th

~ On Thursday, the idea for this series was born, thanks to my loving mother. She’s the one who has been helping me through all this, and I know that I would have had so much trouble following through with the change if it weren’t for her. Even though we began talking about the situation mid-afternoon on Thursday, I was still able to find ways to begin incorporating more positivity and gentleness into my daily life. I prayed about it at different times throughout the afternoon and into the evening, asking for the Lord’s strength and guidance.

~ On Friday, I did some different games and activities with my brothers, which made them happy. It also helped teach me to be more gentle in everything I do.

~ On Saturday, my family and I had a rather rough day … but it taught me some important lessons, things that I couldn’t have learned without those trials.

~ On Sunday, we all went out together as a family and had a good time. Through a few difficulties that I encountered that afternoon, I learned more about myself and found things that I need to improve on.

~ On Monday (my birthday!!), I felt like throwing flowers and confetti around everywhere I went. Haha! Needless to say, I had an amazing day – a very positive one!

~ On Tuesday, after a few mishaps, I was deeply reminded of the reason why I desired to make this change in the first place – for my family, my Heavenly Father, and myself. ❤

And today (Wednesday), I’ve written and published this post! Sharing this with all of you has been pretty difficult for me to do, but I know that it will help me and, in turn, help someone else, too. ❤

Our flaws are nothing to be ashamed of; nobody is perfect. I know how easy it is to conceal and hide them from loved ones, but we honestly couldn’t make a bigger mistake. Friends and family will be there for each other – just like I can be for you. Together, we can work side by side toward happier habits and behaviors and, in turn, a brighter future.

I have been open with you. Will you be open with me?

What is something that YOU desire to change about your life?

— Maggie