He Delivered Me

Hello there! ❤ I hope that you are well. I never share posts this late in the day on my blog, but after what happened in my life today, I knew that I needed to share it. It’s a life update/ramble-type post that I’ve poured out my heart into. It gets pretty emotionally, just to … More He Delivered Me

Visiting An Allergist | My Experience + Results

Hi there! 💙 I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 😊 Happy November to you! 🍂🌻💛 This past Tuesday, I visited an allergist for the first time. This appointment was a loooong time in coming, because I’ve suffered from skin and sinus sensitivities since I was a toddler. None of my conditions were or are … More Visiting An Allergist | My Experience + Results

My Plans For 2019-20

Hi there ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful day! 😊 I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of update-type posts recently, but that’s because there are some new things going on in my life that I’m enjoying talking about! I’ll try not to make these repetitive, although as greater clarity and insight come … More My Plans For 2019-20