June 2018 Desk Tour

June 2018 Desk Tour

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day! ❀ This post is one that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. I had to get everything just right to do so – and believe me, that took weeks, haha! Today I present to you my summer ’18 desk tour!

Before I get into sharing the pictures and giving you the full tour, however, I have a very exciting announcement to make.

I’m hosting my first giveaway!

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Saying Goodbye To My Old Room

Saying Goodbye To My Old Room

Hello there! Happy Monday to you ❀ I hope your week is getting off to a beautiful start. πŸ™‚ I have mentioned in a few recent posts that my family and I are in the process of moving! With that has come a lot of discussion about packing things, transitions we’ll have to make, etc.

I’ve already had things in my room organized and put away this month, which means that when I actually began packing late last week, it was quite easy to do. However, as I began taking the decor down from the walls, especially the pieces above my desk, I realized just how much my living space means to me.

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February Desk Tour ft. New Wall Decor!

February Desk Tour ft. New Wall Decor!

Hey there ❀ Happy Tuesday to you!! I am very happy to be able to share another desk tour post with you guys. πŸ™‚ I’ve probably mentioned it before, haha, but these are by far my favorite kind of post to write! Taking the pictures for the tour, and then getting to talk about my little writing area, is always a lot of fun – and this time, I didn’t just redecorate the desk itself. I’ve redone the whole wall area, too!

Throughout the post, I’ve included non-sponsored links to the different products when a link was available. I’m not making any money, I just wanted to give you the chance to get these awesome pieces of decor for yourself!

I hope you enjoy this, and let me know in the comments below which part of my desk is your favorite! Now let’s take a look. ❀

Below is how it looks when I first walk up to it! The little fairy lights, new wall decor, and simple layout of what’s on the desk itself makes me really happy. I’ll show you around every area, so let’s check out the left side first.

Here is where I blog, watch videos, and many other various activities on my laptop! I first featured my Chromebook in the desk tour I did back in November, which you can check out here. πŸ™‚

In this shot, you can also see my hair tie basket (yes, I have so many that I need a basket!!), which I got at Hobby Lobby. My cute little wall calendar is from Target, as are the adorable plant pictures! I made the tiny banner myself using scrapbook paper, I should share a tutorial sometime. ❀

Let’s look at the wall a bit more now!

I colored that aquatic mandala myself, and I justΒ LOVEΒ how it turned out! It was one of the many pages from a wonderful coloring book I got on Amazon for only a few dollars. They’re one-sided, printed on great quality paper, and the designs are fantastic quality! If you’re into coloring, I highly recommend that book.

Above the mandala, you can see a wooden sign of that wonderful verse from Philippians, and then my infamous tiny ‘Dream Big’ sign. I’m pretty sure it has ended up in every desk tour I’ve ever shared, haha!

Now let’s check out the signs to the right.

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When I spotted this gorgeous print on Etsy a few weeks ago, I knew that I had to have it above my desk. Within minutes, I’d purchased it, and a few days later, I was able to frame it! I’ve always loved maps, and the fact that a quote by Robin Williams is on it, too – it was made for me, haha. I love it sooo much!

The other sign says ‘Grateful,’ and I’ve had it up at my desk for over a year now. πŸ™‚

I’ve also had this cactus art at my desk for a year now, and I got it at Hobby Lobby!

Next, we have my writing utensils box. ❀

I haven’t had a chance to organize the inside yet, but I happily decorated the top with three new additions to my room! First, we have a tiny paper craft Minecraft ocelot, which is a game I love playing with my brothers. Those cats make really cute pets! Next to the paper cat, I put my new fake succulent, which is absolutely adorable. Beside that is my cactus plate, which my dad said looks like Larry the Cucumber with arms!! XD

The last thing on my desk are my notepad, and my new recipe box!

Over the past week or so, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed filling this beautiful tin box with awesome recipes my family and I have been enjoying for years. I don’t know what to write on the little card yet, haha, either my name or an ‘M.’ We’ll see!

Here’s how the box looks inside:

I found this box in the dollar section of Target, so definitely check your Target out if you’d like to get one, too!

Thank you so much for reading!! ❀ I hope you have a beautiful day!

— Maggie

Updated Desk Tour ~ Nov. 2017 ft. My First Laptop!

Updated Desk Tour ~ Nov. 2017 ft. My First Laptop!

Hi guys! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day. (: For this Thursday’s post, I am so excited about sharing my new desk setup with all of you! Every few months, I change things around to keep the look fresh, so that even if I haven’t purchased any new decor, I can have a new setup to look at. I love getting creative with organizing the accents I usually keep on my desk, as well as the minimal wall art surrounding it. Let’s take our first look at this wonderful updated desk tour!

I can’t believe how different I was able to make it look using everything I already had, haha!

Well, except for one thing.


Last week, my dad bought me my very first laptop!!! I could not be more grateful, and I absolutely love it. I now have my very own space to write blog posts, work on stories, organize photos, and anything else I might like to do! Organizing the top of my desk around the space where I keep it turned out successful (hence this post, hehe) – it is such an inspirational place to work now! I can’t wait to show you guys an up-close look at the little details. πŸ™‚ So, without any further introduction, let’s jump right into this!

This is the first time that I have put my writing utensils box over to my right. It never really looked right before, but I love how it looks there now with the laptop to its left!

Let’s work our way over from left to right.

This is where I keep my blogging planner (one of my top favorite things), my copy of Invisible (one of the prettiest music albums ever), my beloved chickadee figurine, and my tiny ‘Dream Big’ sign. All of these things, especially the latter, always seem to have a place on my desk. Just above these things, on the wall behind them, you can see my printable calendar. I’m always needing to figure out which blog posts should go up when, so this is helpful!

Immediately to the right of these things are my laptop (*gentle hug*) and some inspirational quotes on the wall. You can also see my little whale mug, where I keep my hair ties, and the pretty purple computer mouse my dad got for me!

On the right side of the desk are the rest of the things on my desk, which I have featured before.

We have one of my all-time favorite picture frames, my writing utensils box, some notebooks, and a pretty greeting card.

Above my whole desk, one can see my usual assortment of wall decor!

That ‘grateful’ sign is so pretty. I never get tired of looking at my button collection, and I love that bit of cacti art!

That’s all for today, folks! I absolutely loved writing this post. I hope that you all enjoyed my updated desk tour (: I’ve mentioned it before, but they are definitely my favorite kind of post to write, as well as to read. I’ll see you guys again this weekend! ❀

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My Fall 2017 Room Tour!

My Fall 2017 Room Tour!

Hi there, everyone! I hope that you’ve all been having a beautiful weekend πŸ™‚ ❀ Today, I will be sharing my fall room tour post with you!!

Decorating my room for the fall is one of my favorite events of the entire year! Growing up, my mom always started off the holiday season by putting up our array of festive decorations. Since having my own room at the place we’re currently living, I have started my own little collection of holiday decor, which makes me even more excited for this time of year!

Out of all the seasons, I’d have to say that I enjoy setting my room up for the fall months the most. I just love the warm colors, Halloween-y mood, and nature/fall vibes that come from all autumnal decor! Browsing stores when they’re set up for October and November makes me so happy, and the way my room looks at this time of year is definitely a joy, too.

Let’s jump right into this!

The first thing I enjoy showcasing in most room posts of mine (haha) is my beautiful piano keyboard, and right now, it has a leaf garland and orange lights above it! I had the lights in my room this time last year, as well, but I bought the garland a few weeks ago. I love how it looks, and I’m always appreciating its beauty any time I’m in my room, haha!

I keep thinking that it looks like something from Pinterest that would cost too much to recreate, hahaha, but that isn’t the case at all! The leaf garland is from Walmart ($3) and the lights are from Dollar General ($3). Crazy, right? Super inexpensive and extremely festive!

I love how the soft lights look where they’re hanging behind the curtain!

Just inside my bedroom on the left wall, I have my Heart and Brain calendar. I think I’ve shown it to you guys before, but as the featured picture changes every month, it’s worth showing again! I keep laughing over October’s.

At the back of my piano on the windowsill is where I keep my succulents during daylight hours. The one that Samuel gave me for my birthday earlier this year is still going strong (left), and the one I got last fall (right) is continuing to thrive, as is that tall weed, haha!

On the keyboard stand, I currently have a pretty art/quote picture that I saved from an old planner. One side has positive affirmations, and the other (as you can see below) has a motivational quote in pretty calligraphy! (Also, I’m a sucker for anything with feathers on it)

While experimenting with lighting and filters, I got the below shot, which I think is pretty cool, but also spooky, haha! (It does not represent how my room looks in real life.)

Now let’s move on to something I’ve really been enjoying recently!

On the same day that I bought the leaf garland, I also found a little candle at Walmart that has an absolutely amazing, fall-ish scent! It’s called Pecan Pumpkin Cake.

My little brother came in the room one morning when it was lit and said, “Ooh I just want to eat it!” haha

Just behind the candle, you can see part of the shadow box I got for my birthday, which I first shared with all of you in this post. It makes me so happy to read and look at, especially since it goes along with my fall decor!

Now I get to show you guys my desk!! Let’s check this out πŸ˜€

I went for a more minimal look this fall (at least in comparison to how my desk looked last year; everything on it was fall-themed, haha!). I wasn’t in the mood to use different decorations from past years this season, but what you see above is what I did come up with. I really like it!

I’ll show you a bit more of everything up close, from left to right:

Since I was maybe twelve years old, I’ve been drawing my own comic strip (I should show you guys sometime!), and my favorite character is the one pictured above. I taught Samuel how to draw him, and after he did, he gave that drawing to me, haha! I love it – aside from it having arms and hands instead of wings, it’s really good haha

I don’t have very many things checked out from the library right now, so they all handily fit over in this corner! I have some different movies and a few books, and my lovely ‘Pumpkin Pie’ candle, as well. ❀

I love how the ‘Dream Big’ sign looks with my picture of me with the band!

I have been loving the Folger Shakespeare Library editions of the Bard’s plays recently, lol; I plan on reading the one above (Much Ado About Nothing), as well as The Comedy of Errors, and Hamlet, too. Also, I’ve had that cute animals glass vase for a couple years, and I just love it!

This owl mug from Hobby Lobby just screams ‘fall’ at me, haha! I love it. I really need to start having my coffee in it in the mornings, but it’s currently being used, once again, as a hair tie holder. lol The snowy owl stuffed animal is a favorite of mine (I think I’ve shared it on past posts), and those multi-colored leaves you keep seeing in different shots are from a pack of loose fake leaves from WalMart. πŸ˜€ The last thing I have to mention from this photo is the orange rock next to the mug, which is a cute little kindness rock.

I’ve been seeing these around lately – children are painting stones, then giving them away to make others happy, and I fell in love with the one above. Samuel got one that says ‘Shine like a star,’ which I thought was neat, too!

That’s it for my desk! Next, I’ll show you the upgrade I gave my bedside table:

… Yup. A red leaf. I was kidding about the ‘upgrade’ thing, haha! During the two years I’ve lived at this house, it has been impossible for me to decorate my bedside shelves the exact way I want them. This is what’s currently on the shelf below:

Let’s pause for a moment before we go by once more gazing upon this beautiful sight …

Ahh; so tranquil. *takes a few deep, happy breaths*

And that’s it for my fall room tour! Thanks so much for reading, guys! I’d be very happy to see how you guys have done up your room for the current season you’re in. (Shoutout to the bloggers I know who are currently experiencing spring right now!) Share a link with me if you decide to do a room tour post, as well!

See you tomorrow πŸ™‚ xx

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Desk Tour

Desk Tour

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to give you a tour of my writing desk! πŸ’œ I am so excited that I finally got to write about this because I’d been wanting to for a while. IΒ took some great pictures to go along with it, so I hope you enjoy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


{My Desk}

I’ve had it since the summer of 2015. My mom got it for me from a secondhand store, and I absolutely love how unique it is. Plus, the reflective black top is really cool!

The funny thing is, it’s the first desk I have ever had. At the last house we lived in, I didn’t have enough space in my room for one. Now that I have space in our new(ish) home, I have loved it that much more!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce it to you! Here’s the overview:

my beautiful desk.

It seriously makes me soooo happy!

The little white lights that my mom got me add such a nice, soft glow to my whole room. Without them, I wouldn’t like my living space half as much. They’re so pretty!!


If you’d like to learn a little bit more about each thing on and around my desk, keep on reading. 😊

This is where I keep all of my writing utensils, as well as different card games! I got it from Hobby Lobby for $15 last summer, and that was sale price. I think it’s so cool! I love the geometric designs.

This is my little CD player! I got it for $3 from a secondhand store, and even though it can be finicky (there isn’t an on/off button, so I have to plug and unplug it haha), and it will quit playing altogether sometimes if I accidentally hit it with my finger, I still love it.

The chickadee figure ($7) is from a souvenir shop in Tallulah Falls, GA, and the BB-8 plush ($8) was from (out of all the places that sell Star Wars merchandise) Publix. Haha!

The glass candle holder on the left ($2) was from Hobby Lobby, as was the piggy bank, which I’ve had for so long that I can’t remember how much it cost. The gray and white cup was something my mom won in a giveaway, which she gave to me, as she didn’t have a use for it.

Now, on to my favorite part of my room – this blanket! πŸ’œ My mom found it at a secondhand store we went to recently, and my heart just about melted when she showed me. It reminds me so much of the colors in handwoven blankets at markets in Guatemala, and I knew I just had to have it for my room. It was only $3, but I would’ve happily paid more for it! 😍


Now I’d like to introduce to you my button collection! I’ve been collecting buttons since 2010, and I’ve gotten quite a lot. I recently went through them and arranged my favorites on this board. It’s a blank canvas that I covered with fabric from Hobby Lobby! It cost less than $5 to make and I love how it turned out.

I got the ‘Grateful’ wooden sign from a craft fair for $5. It’s so cute!

This was from – you guessed it! – Hobby Lobby. If you couldn’t already tell, I buy most of the stuff for my room from there! I got this cacti print for half price at $15 and I love it so much!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked this tour – I’ll definitely do another one in the future when I redecorate it! πŸ’š

— Maggie

My Typical Evening

My Typical Evening

We all have different things that we do in the evening that are relaxing, things that help us wind down after the day’s events, whatever they may have been. Often, it’s the time of day where we find solitude; a short while that we get all to to ourselves – and, sometimes, in the quiet company of others.

There’s a certain way in which we go about winding down at the end of the day, and everybody’s routine is different. This post is going to be what a typical evening looks like for me as of recently. Sit back, grab a cozy blanket, relax, and enjoy! πŸ’šβ˜•


Write a blog post. I started this blog just over a week ago, and in that amount of time, I’ve gotten back into the joyful habit of writing blog posts! I’ve had several blogs in the past, and I loved getting to share my thoughts on them. This is the first blog in a long while that I’ve kept up with and enjoyed posting on. 😊

Work on a puzzle. For Christmas, I got four beautiful Disney puzzles! I have thoroughly enjoyed working on them in the weeks since I got them. So far, I’ve completed one (special thanks to my mom; she helped a lot), and right now, we’re working on the Peter Pan puzzle. We have about half of it left to do:

Read a book. Most days, I prefer reading earlier in the day. However, I’ve been reading as much as I can of Forever With You by Robin Jones Gunn recently – are there any other Christy Miller fans out there? 😍

Watch a movie or TV show. This is my favorite part of the evening! Some nights, I’ll watch an episode or two of Everybody Loves Raymond with my mom; other nights, I’ll cozy up in a blanket, sit on my bed, and watch an episode of Poirot by myself (I love portable DVD-players!).

Listen to music. I love listening to music throughout the entire day, and I’ve been happy to listen to Ed Sheeran’s new song, Castle on the Hill, any time of day! If you haven’t listened to it yet, you need to. Click here to watch the lyric video!

Watch YouTube videos. Recently, I haven’t been watching very much YouTube. If I’m using the app, it’s really only been to listen to music. However, if I am in the mood to watch a YouTuber, I’ll watch Emily (minimalist) or Amelia Liana (lifestyle vlogger)! Go check them out! πŸ’œ

Once my evening has come to an end (which is usually around 10:30 or 11 PM), I’ll get ready for bed (brush teeth, change clothes, boring stuff lol) then go to sleep. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading, and have a good evening/night!

What is YOUR favorite thing to do in the evening?

— Maggie