November 2018 Goals

Hi there! Happy Saturday to you! πŸ’› Well, it looks like I've got so used to writing posts daily that it has carried right over into November. πŸ˜‚ Haha! I'm back again with another fun post to share with you, and this time, it's about my focuses for this upcoming month. I always underestimate my… Continue reading November 2018 Goals

6 Countries I’d Love To Visit

Hi there! ❀ I hope you're having a beautiful day. πŸ™‚ For today's post, I have a fun list to share with you! Recently, I was thinking about sharing some of the European countries I'd love to visit someday, and for this post (it may become a series, haha), I'm sharing the first six that… Continue reading 6 Countries I’d Love To Visit

Loving The Little Things – October 2018

Hi there! πŸ’› Happy Sunday to you (: Since I was thirteen years old, I have loved celebrating the little things that make life worth living. This desire was first prompted by One Direction's song Little Things on their 'Take Me Home' album (I love all of those songs haha). While their take on the… Continue reading Loving The Little Things – October 2018

My Goals For This Fall

Hello there, and happy Friday to you! It's the first weekend of October, and so far, the month is going beautifully. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ‚ The only thing that could make this time of year more perfect is if the weather would get cooler where I live, haha! It's still so warm here, and I'd love to begin… Continue reading My Goals For This Fall

My Focuses For The Summer

Hi there! Happy Friday to you! ❀ I hope you're having a great weekend. πŸ™‚ As the days have grown warmer here in Georgia, I have gradually began thinking more and more about how I'd like to spend the summer months. Living in the South means that our summer lasts usually from early May to… Continue reading My Focuses For The Summer

My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things (Updated)

Hi there! Happy Tuesday to you. ❀ Last summer, I wrote a post that was very similar to this one, and I loved getting to list all of the things I'm excited to experience one day! This is a realistic bucket list of sorts - instead of choosing different things that I'd like to see… Continue reading My Looking-Ahead List: 15 Exciting Things (Updated)

Things To Accomplish In May

Hi there! I hope you're doing well. ❀ Happy Tuesday, and Happy May, to you! Another new month has come back around, and I am once again surprised, haha. There have been very few times over this past year where I felt like a month lasted longer than it should have - all the rest… Continue reading Things To Accomplish In May

Focuses For April

Hey there! I hope you're doing well. ❀ Happy April to you! At the beginning of each new month, I love to make sure I have things I can be doing, focusing on, and accomplishing in the weeks to come. That is because there are few things harder for me than feeling unproductive! So, by… Continue reading Focuses For April

Celebrating March – An Overview

Hello there, and Happy Friday to you! ❀ I hope you're doing well πŸ™‚ In this post, I will be looking back on how I spent the month of March, which I have to say was truly enjoyable as a whole! I accomplished many of the tasks that were on my to-do list for the… Continue reading Celebrating March – An Overview

Growing Up So Fast

Hi there! ❀ I hope you're having a beautiful week. πŸ™‚ Today's post is dedicated to the sweetest toddler sister I know! I don't end up talking about her much on my blog, but oh my gosh, she adds so much light and happiness to my life. I'm talking about my adorable little sister Elizabeth,… Continue reading Growing Up So Fast

Little To Do List – March 23rd, 2018

Hi there, guys! I hope you're doing well. ❀ Happy Friday to all of you! I'm so happy we've gotten to the weekend, but I can't believe how close we are to the end of March! With this in mind, I have decided to share an end-of-the-month to do list, so that I can make… Continue reading Little To Do List – March 23rd, 2018

My March To Do List

Hello, guys! ❀ Happy Thursday to you! πŸ™‚ As we can all see, another month has made its way around, leaving the previous one in its dust. I am thoroughly surprised we've already made it toΒ MarchΒ - I mean, hadn't FebruaryΒ just begun?? I'm serious, haha! Anyway, I always love when new months arrive, because they are… Continue reading My March To Do List

Organizing My Priorities For 2018

Hey guys ❀ I hope that this Tuesday has gotten off to a beautiful start for you! I am extremely happy to report that yesterday evening, my dad brought my mom and Isabella home! I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have them here now - it made me so sad to… Continue reading Organizing My Priorities For 2018

Today’s To Do – Mommy #2 Edition

Hey guys! Haha yes, I'm sharing a bonus post today already. πŸ™‚ If you'd like to meet my new baby sister, make sure you visit this post! ❀ Because I am the eldest sibling, and since I already help out around the house and things with the family on a regular basis, most of the… Continue reading Today’s To Do – Mommy #2 Edition

Bullet Point My Day – January 2018

Hey guys, and happy Saturday to you! ❀ I hope that your weekend is going well. πŸ™‚ Shortly after I had breakfast this morning, I had a fun idea for today's blog post, which is why I am here sharing it now! Over the course of the whole day, I kept track of everything I… Continue reading Bullet Point My Day – January 2018