I’m Finished With This Blog

Hi. ❤ The topic of this post is going to be a solemn, bittersweet one, but it is something I know I must talk about!

Since the month of July began, I have been doing a lot of thinking about one thing in particular: BLOGGING. Scarcely have I thought of it more – you’d think that would be impossible! Being the writer on Dreaming of Guatemala has made it hard for my thoughts to not come back around to the topic of blogging since the day I created it – that’s how much I’ve loved it.

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Learning To Be A Humble Blogger

Learning To Be A Humble Blogger

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. ❤ This is a post idea that’s been on my mind for the past few days, and I’m thankful to be able to share it today.

Recently, I have been thinking about how I’ve been blogging this past month or so – from the basic schedule I had laid out for myself, to the topics that have been being covered in my posts. I came across something while analyzing my blogging habits that piqued my attention.

I have been taking the responses of others on my posts too personally.

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Little Blogging Updates | May 2018

Little Blogging Updates | May 2018

Hi there! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! ❤ In this post, I will be sharing with you some important updates about my blog. 🙂 Some of them are informative, and others I’m really excited about! I’m going to aim to share one of these posts from time to time to let anyone interested know about the little (and sometimes big!) changes I make around here on Dreaming of Guatemala. Thanks for reading!

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The Importance Of Community On Your Blog

The Importance Of Community On Your Blog

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. ❤ For this post, I wanted to share some more blogging tips with you! I love writing these posts, because I have so much to share. 🙂 For those who don’t know, I’ve been using WordPress since I was 10 years old haha, so I am quite familiar with how things work around here.

One thing I’ve learned a lot about this past year is how one grows their blog, and my personal favorite way to do this is by building a community. ❤ I hope that these tips may speak to you, and possibly encourage you to reach out to others across the website, too! Without further ado, let’s check out these tips.

The Importance Of Community
On Your Blog

You know your readers are real. There are some bloggers who flourish by simply writing for themselves, which I think is amazing! I’ve been there before myself, and it is extremely therapeutic and relaxing – even fun at times. However, when you are writing for an audience, it’s hard to address the crowd when your only readers are coming from Pinterest, Facebook, or some other online source. (Don’t get me wrong, socializing across platforms is a surefire way to spread the word about your site! But by itself, it won’t get you far.) By having conversations with your commenters, visiting their sites and supporting them back, and by browsing the Reader, as well, you’ll come across some extremely genuine bloggers.

It allows you to connect with your audience. You can interact with others who share similar interests, and you’ll be able to have more conversations in the comments! Knowing what your readers are like, even which types of posts by you they prefer, is one of my favorite ways to build the community.

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More bloggers will be able to find out about you! If you’re just a blogger whom others occasionally find in the Reader because you tag your posts, then it will take you a while to build an audience. However, when you comment on others’ blogs, then their readers will see the conversations you’re having with them! I’ve always enjoyed blog-hopping in this way, because if a blogger whose posts I enjoy also talks to this other blogger, chances are I’ll like their site, as well!

It’s a beautiful way to have a support system. There have been a few times over the past year when I truly appreciated having real readers, because when you’re going through something hard, it is good to have people to talk to. Sharing prayer requests and simply having a place to go when I’m sad or stressed helps me feel better. Plus, by sharing what you’re going through and how you’ve overcome those difficulties, it inspires others who are in a similar place!

You’ll know you’re entertaining and inspiring real people, making a difference in the lives of others. This is the number one reason I love the fact that I connect with my readers and reach out to new ones!

Blogging by itself is a beautiful way to get creative and have fun through writing, but it is also about potentially brightening someone else’s life, or even day.

Don’t underestimate the power of a kind and genuine post! It may make all the difference in the life of another 🙂

Thank you sooo much for reading! I hope that I could inspire you today, and I’m praying that you have a beautiful Saturday. ❤

Let me know in the comments below:

Why do YOU love the blog community?

— Maggie

My New Blog Post Schedule!

My New Blog Post Schedule!

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday. ❤ Today, I have some very good news to share!!

The last few months have been so full for me and my family that blogging really took the back burner for a while. It was throughout the late fall and most of the winter that I would occasionally write something, but the priority just wasn’t there. I knew it was the right thing to do, because most of those days, there wasn’t enough room left in my brain to compose even just an update, which is saying a lot, haha! And when something isn’t enjoyable for me anymore, at least for a time, it’s extremely beneficial when I take a step back, pray about it, and remain open to returning to it when the time is right. While I never took an official “break” from posting at that time (basically the last trimester of my mom’s pregnancy with Isabella), I certainly felt disconnected from the community, and from my own site, as well.

The last several months have been tricky when it comes to having an official blog post schedule on Dreaming of Guatemala. I was posting so infrequently, and had also lost interest in different series, that I couldn’t keep up with anything for a good length of time. I’ve mentioned before in my blog tip posts that giving your readers what to expect from your blog is an awesome way to keep them reading and also inspiring you to write, but I’ve had to veer from my own advice and instead be present, 100%, for my family. I missed having a post ready for nearly every day of the week, because having a lot of content to share is great! But I wasn’t able to do that for a while, and it was better to miss posting than to stick to something that brought me down.

However, today’s post is a small celebration of a shift of gears in my life. I’m at the point now where I can comfortably think about posting structure and blogging consistently, which I’m truly excited about! I’ll still be writing posts within the week of posting them, which I promised I’d do in my New Year Blogging Thoughts post in December. The difference will be in how many posts I share weekly, and the fact that they’ll finally have a day of the week assigned to them!

This decision won’t in any way constrain me to sharing posts I’m not inspired to share. I’d love for everything that I write to be what I enjoy and what readers like, too, so there will definitely be days when I don’t have a post. These basic guidelines for myself will keep me inspired, and happy knowing my readers can expect consistency from my blog from now on. 🙂

Let’s take a look at what I’ve come up with! ❤


My New Blog Post Schedule

Mondays are for Missions. 

Tuesdays are for Reviews.

Wednesdays are for Inspiration. 

Thursdays are for Lifestyle / Recipes.

Fridays are for Goals.

Saturdays are for Shoutouts / Blog Tips.

Sundays are for Spiritual Inspiration.


These guidelines are subject to change, haha, but this is the basic plan! The days that have two kinds of posts will be alternated weekly when possible, and beginning/end of the month posts (as well as updates) will affect the normal schedule. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to chat about blog schedules with me, definitely comment down below. And if you have any post / series ideas for me, I’d love to know!

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤

— Maggie

Staying Organized in 2018: Tips On Setting Goals for Yourself

Staying Organized in 2018: Tips On Setting Goals for Yourself

Hey guys! I hope that you’re all doing well. 🙂 Has this new year gotten off to a beautiful start for you? I’m praying that it has! ❤

In this spur-of-the-moment post, I decided I wanted to share with you some of my tips on staying organized. Over the past year or so, I have really become passionate about organization and being productive, which is why this has been a fun post to write. If you have any tips you’ve learned yourself, make sure to share them in the comments below!

Are you ready? I’m ready! Let’s check out these tips. 🙂 xxx

My 5 Tips on Goal Setting

  • Take your biggest goals, then break them down into steps. I’d like to thank my mom for giving me this important tip! Deciding that you want to do something (especially as a new years resolution!) is the very first step – definitely an essential one to take. However, without little goals to meet along the way, you won’t get very far. Giving yourself multiple steps that will eventually lead to your main goal is a huge encouragement, because then you can see and feel that progress!
  • Make lists and check things off. There are so many different to-do style lists you can create and complete, whether it’s daily/weekly/monthly, or something else that will help you organize your goals. For example, I love making lists of blog posts to write, what I want to get done in the day ahead (these are usually written in the morning before breakfast), books I want to get at the library, etc. You can keep lists on your phone, in a notebook, on a scrap of paper taped to your bathroom mirror – wherever you will see it and be reminded of what you want to accomplish!

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  • Give yourself time and space. Just as long as your aspirations aren’t on a time schedule or dependent on something else (money, a person, circumstances – instead, think of the things you simply want to accomplish for you!), work when you’re inspired and take time to rejuvenate when you’re not. Giving myself a month-long break last year from language learning was necessary, because I might have started to resent the lessons if I’d simply continued for the sake of consistency! In some cases, it might be necessary to push yourself a little and just begin (do it, take the plunge!), but if you know in your heart that you need a physical, mental, or emotional break from what you’ve been doing, definitely give yourself that space. Good things take time ❤
  • Clean your room. This tip may sound more like a command from a parent rather than an organization tip, haha, but guys!! Having a beautiful, clean, organized room with everything in its place is a huge encouragement for me to get other things done. When I see the things in my room organized, it inspires me to organize other things in my life, from blog posts to digital photos. This is an easy way to inspire yourself!
  • Reward yourself. Whether the accomplished tasks carry their own rewards (i.e. sharing a blog post and receiving feedback on it), or you buy yourself a treat after meeting a goal, knowing that there will be a fun way to celebrate at the end has been helpful for me on many occasions!

Thank you so much for reading! I pray that these tips can help you (just like they encourage me!), and I hope that you have a beautiful day. ❤

Let me know in the comments below:

How are YOU staying organized this year?

— Maggie

My New Year Blogging Thoughts

My New Year Blogging Thoughts

Hey guys ❤ I hope that you’re all doing well! For this post, I have a bit of a blog update / thoughts post to share with you. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of months, and I’m still thinking about exactly how I’d like to blog in 2018.

Let’s both grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a blog chat. ❤

If you’ve been following along with my blog posts for a while, you’ve probably noticed that regardless of when I’m posting, the mood of the posts are pretty much the same – happy and upbeat. I enjoy writing like this, don’t get me wrong, but it can be deceiving when I share a happy post when I’m actually going through a tough time.

Like several other bloggers, I pre-write posts. Yes, I’m in a good mood when I write those posts, but by the time they’re posted a week or two later, things have changed in my personal life.

One huge example of this is when I shared a few pre-written posts at the beginning of August, ones that I had written before I got strep throat. I was reading the responses those posts received while laying on the couch or in my bed, extremely groggy and feeling awful, which my readers could not have gathered from the posts I was sharing.

I’ve made it hard at times for bloggers to connect with me when I don’t share posts that are relevant to how I’m feeling the day I share them. In one way, it’s a nice escape when things aren’t going well to have nice comments to read, but I can’t really respond back correctly when I’m sick, irritated, sad, or worried.

Pre-writing posts is a wonderful way to blog with minimum stress, but I cannot tell you just how important it is to make sure the posts you share are an accurate reflection of how you are currently feeling. Even a few days’ difference can make a big impact on how you feel about life.

These past few months have been very full for me. From the various doctors appointments we’ve driven to (sometimes multiple times within a week), to the different struggles my family and I have gone through as we make the transition to welcome a new baby into our family this winter, most (if not all) of the posts I’ve shared in this time of my life weren’t all that relevant. There was little to no talk of the stress, anxiety, and fear I’ve faced, and looking back now, I regret not being more open.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to you guys; I simply didn’t think of it. (Except for when my mom was in the hospital, as you read about here.) In my desire to have all of my posts be upbeat, I haven’t been current. They were relevant to my life, but not by the time I posted them.

*takes a long swig of my imaginary coffee*

In today’s post, I hope to make up for a bit of lost time. In the posts that I do now, I’m going to strive for accuracy over comfort. Being real is so important, making it easier for me and my readers to connect and relate. 🙂

The other blog-related topic I’ve been struggling with for a long time is exactly what posts to write, and how to maintain a post schedule. That has been difficult for me, because I really like consistency … but with the new year quick in coming, I’d like to write a bit about a concept that’s new to me, which is blogging comfortably. It will help me immensely, give me peace of mind, and enable me to receive feedback on what I’m currently thinking about, going through, and maybe even obsessing over. Let’s take a look at what this consists of below. ❤

  • Writing posts that truly mean something to me. While I wouldn’t say that I was always sharing posts this past year that I didn’t care for, I was only thoroughly excited about sharing a small selection of posts throughout each of those twelve months. I’m not upset by this, as sharing ones that matched my blog’s focus and ones I knew readers would enjoy made me happy. However, I need a definite shift of focus now. That practice hasn’t brought me joy for months – I want to write and complete posts that make me grin while working on the drafts. I want to race to my laptop and get the ideas that excite me down on my dashboard before I forget. I’d love to share posts that were started because I thought one day, “I should write a post on that!” Instead of writing posts to fill my calendar, I want to pencil in the best ideas … when they come to me.
  • Sharing pieces that I love, and ditching drafts that I don’t. There have been way too many times where I went ahead and finished a post because, for example, “I need a post for Tuesday’s spot.” Don’t get me wrong, keeping up with a set blogging schedule is an epic motivator, readers love it, and I’ve done it myself at times, but that’s not how I’m able to blog at the moment. When I now see a post in the drafts that I would’ve went ahead and finished even if I didn’t want to, I’ll trash it.
  • Focusing on blogging with purpose. Whether I’m inspiring myself, others, or both (that’s always awesome!), I don’t want to share a post just because it’s a good post. Why did I decide to write it in the first place? Many posts have lost their pizzazz for me shortly after making the draft because my initial inspiration for it had rather fizzled out, leaving me to cover the main points as best I could. Why go to that trouble when the post wasn’t working for me as I had originally hoped it would? For me, blogging is a beautiful side hobby. To keep it this way, I don’t need to treat it as a part-time job.
  • Not worrying about the time of day. If I completely finish writing a post midday, I should go ahead and post it! I’ve been scheduling posts for the early morning (EST) for a long time, but it would make me much happier now to share a post when I’ve just finished it. (Just like I’ve done with this post!) This would make all the posts I share extremely current and relevant.
  • Letting inspiration come, and then writing [a post or two] once it’s there. Throughout 2017, I’d surf the web (my, that’s an old term haha) and scrounge around for inspiration anywhere I could find it when it came time to write posts for the following week. I’d write additional parts to older posts, reblog something, continue with an old series, compose a short standalone – anything to fill my cute blogging calendar. I enjoyed this blogging style for a while, but I quickly grew tired of it. I need to sit down and write posts when they’re there, not sit down to find posts to write.
  • Not worrying about the consistency of my posting. It’s tempting as a passionate blogger to write and post as often as possible to be fairly consistent, but this is not something I desire to strive for in this new year (for now, at least). Focusing on writing more standalone posts is something I plan to cultivate in 2018.

Those are my thoughts on blogging at the moment! If you have anything to add, whether it’s a word of encouragement, etc, I’d be so happy to hear from you. This was quite a lengthy post for an update, but I’ve been needing to write it for months, so it has been so wonderful for me to finally express how I’m feeling.

I’d love to talk to you about blogging in the comments below! ❤
What have you been thinking about blogging lately?
What struggles have you overcome?

— Maggie

Hello, October! | New Blog Schedule + My Fall Bucket List!

Hello, October! | New Blog Schedule + My Fall Bucket List!

Hi there, guys! How are you? I hope that you’re all having an absolutely beautiful day! ❤

I am soooo excited for today’s post. A new month is here once again – time is truly flying by! What’s awesome about this time around (haha) is that the new month is October, which is definitely my favorite month out of the whole year! I love a huge variety of things about it, but if I had to choose just one, I’d choose the beautiful, crisp weather. Being out in nature brings me great joy, and I can only truly experience that here in Georgia during the fall months – especially October. xxx

The first thing I mentioned in the title of today’s post (after welcoming in the new month) was my new blogging schedule! So allow me to clarify …

I will be posting every day in October!

Woohoo!!! I can’t wait to share all of the cool posts I came up with for this month with you guys! They were a lot of fun to write, and I love the huge variety of topics they cover. Among my post lineup, you will find some fall treats, devotionals, different life experiences of mine, some blog awards, and so much more!

What are YOU guys up to this whole upcoming month? You’ll have to let me know in the comments below! Fall plans are always so exciting to me 🙂

For the second half of this post, I’d like to share my fall bucket list with you! I have come up with some things that I would love to do this fall. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity (and motivation lol) to do them, but time will tell. If all else fails, I just want to savor this time of year by being out in nature and spending time with my family!

Let’s jump right into this!

My Fall Bucket List

  • Take fall family photos. There’s something so pleasing about the combination of lighting, scenery, and fall outfits at this time of year that make photoshoots so much prettier! Whether we’re in our backyard or at an apple orchard, I plan on taking lots of pictures this year, just like I did in 2016! Below is a favorite from one such photoshoot:

  • Have a campfire and roast marshmallows. My family and I enjoy having one of these every once in a while, and it would definitely be a lot of fun to have one this month! (Below is a pic from fall of ’15.)

  • Bake an apple pie. I included this on my looking-ahead list back in July, and I’m planning on making one VERY soon! I found the recipe I’ll use on Pinterest.
  • Go pick apples. Maybe I should have listed this one before the one above, but oh well, haha! I get to go with my family to an apple orchard most years – there are different ones in northern Georgia – and I can’t wait to go this year!
  • Enjoy the nice, crisp air. I absolutely love snuggling up with a cozy blanket in the evenings. In contrast, I also love being out in the cool air, wearing a hoodie and playing basketball. Whether I’m embracing it or escaping it (haha), fall weather makes me so happy. It’s such a wonderful relief after our humid summers. (Below, I’ve shared a picture from last year of the trees in our backyard – so gorgeous!)

  • Go on a hayride. The apple orchards we’ve been to all have free or low-cost hayrides available, and they’re so much fun!
  • Watch the sunset. I enjoy doing this year-round, but hey, I saw it included on some fall bucket list ideas, and I thought that I would add it to mine! I’d love to find a place with a nice view of the sky, then drive there in the evening and get some nice pictures. (Below is one picturesque sunset from a few years ago.)

  • Make a fall craft. I’m finicky when it comes to crafts and DIYs. If it’s a fairly simple ordeal, I usually complete it and quite enjoy the process and outcome, but if I have difficulties with it, my interest legitimately dies. Haha! I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of this trait; it’s just a fact. However, I do have a few ideas for a few easy, inexpensive fall crafts for my room, so I’ll be sure to post about them if I make them!
  • Make pumpkin bread. My mom and I (though usually just my mom lol) make this one year-round, actually, but it is especially delightful in the fall! I’d love to make a double batch at some point this month, as there are so many of us who eat it (including Elizabeth), and it disappears SO fast!

I hope that you’re all having a beautiful fall so far, and that your October has gotten off to a fantastic start! Let me know in the comments below:

What are YOU up to this October?

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