Summer OOTD #2 – Floral/Casual

Hey there! I hope you're having a beautiful day. ❤ In this post, I'll be sharing an 'outfit of the day' photoshoot with you! I haven't done one of these in just over a year, which is crazy, but I'm glad that I have a new one to write about today. 🙂 My mom took … Continue reading Summer OOTD #2 – Floral/Casual

{FREE} Printable Summer 2019 Blogging Calendars

Let's get hyped for blogging this summer! ❤ One of the easiest ways to stay organized as a blogger is by using a printable calendar to keep track of future posts! This has really helped me to plan out post series, decide on post deadlines, come up with posts, and so much more. So, when … Continue reading {FREE} Printable Summer 2019 Blogging Calendars

Thoughtful Friday || Life + Blogging Chat

Hi there! ❤ My goodness, it has been far too long since I felt like myself on this blog. There are so many things I want to share with you in this post, because even though I've been posting on and off for the past several months, I haven't actually been expressing what's been going … Continue reading Thoughtful Friday || Life + Blogging Chat

Autism Revisited: Daily Life With Elizabeth

Being Elizabeth's big sister has taught me more life lessons than I can count. I had no idea just how much the Lord is able to use my pain for His glory until I experienced what it's like to be the big sister of a little girl with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I have been … Continue reading Autism Revisited: Daily Life With Elizabeth

Spring Cleaning 2019 | Tips + Motivation

There's something about springtime that always gets me hyped for deep cleaning my living space. (Although, come to think of it, I'm always excited about organization and such, haha!) I have been hard at work doing organizing and re-decorating in my room lately, and I’m very happy with the finished look. In this post, I … Continue reading Spring Cleaning 2019 | Tips + Motivation

10 Color Collages

To learn more about this challenge and join it yourself, visit this page on my blog! Hello! ❤ This is the first "real" post I've done in a while, and even this one is counting toward the challenge I'm doing. 😂 For day 10, you're supposed to share 10 photos with or without captions. I decided to … Continue reading 10 Color Collages

How I’m Focusing On Positive Change

Hi there ❤ I hope you're having a beautiful day! I truly feel like I have turned to a new chapter in the story that is my life, which is why I'm here to write this post today. I'd like to share with you some of the ways I'm focusing on embracing and encouraging positive … Continue reading How I’m Focusing On Positive Change

Loving My Family & Facing My Fears

I have been a completely different person yesterday and today. Since writing this post on Sunday night, all of the weight that was on my shoulders was completely lifted. It was a transformation unlike anything else I've experienced, and I am thanking the Lord continually for it. ❤ If you have ever doubted that the … Continue reading Loving My Family & Facing My Fears

Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part Two

This is part two of a fun post series where I respond to people's assumptions about me! Click here to read part one. All of the assumptions have been randomized, and I'll be answering them as best I can! Reading People's Assumptions About Me You like the color yellow. I adore the color yellow! It … Continue reading Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part Two