My Favorite Versions Of The Bible

Hi there! Happy Sunday to you. 😊💛 This is going to be a quick, fun post that I'm sharing with you on this fine weekend. I spent yesterday afternoon going to different stores with my dad (which was very enjoyable, by the way!), so I wasn't able to do much in relation to blogging. As… Continue reading My Favorite Versions Of The Bible

The Spiritual Influence We Have On Others

Hello! I hope you're having a beautiful day. ❤ This is the first time I've ever really thought about this, but there are several songs, books, sermons, and conversations that have ultimately shaped the relationship I have with the Lord today. Those words of wisdom have taught me about the Lord's love, what it means… Continue reading The Spiritual Influence We Have On Others

There Will Be Joy Again (Walking Through The Valley)

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Monday. ❤ This past Saturday, I planned out all the post ideas I’d love to share throughout this whole upcoming week. I’m excited to write them and post them - they’re going to be awesome! To start off this epic bout of productivity (haha), I brought an… Continue reading There Will Be Joy Again (Walking Through The Valley)

Praying For The Desires Of Our Hearts

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ The idea for this post came to me yesterday while exploring the Bible app on my phone. I came across a verse that has been both a comfort and a hindrance in my walk with the Lord over the years. The verse I’m talking about… Continue reading Praying For The Desires Of Our Hearts

Coffee Chat | He Is Faithful

Note: I wrote this post the day after I had my first ever surgery. I was thinking about how the Lord had brought me through all of it, which overflowed into the writing of this post. ❤ If you'd like, you can read about my recovery here! Hey there! I hope you're having a beautiful… Continue reading Coffee Chat | He Is Faithful

Recovering From Dental Surgery | An Update

Hi there! Happy Wednesday to you! ❤ Yesterday morning, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and it went so well! I wanted to share a little update post to thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and for sharing your experiences, as well as to let you know how I'm doing today! :)… Continue reading Recovering From Dental Surgery | An Update

Living Free Of The Past

Hi there! I hope you're doing well. ❤ Happy Monday to you 🙂 The topic of today's post is something that has been on my heart these past few weeks. It has come to my attention in nearly every argument I've found myself involved in. The sad part is, it is because of this thing… Continue reading Living Free Of The Past

Thankful For Prayers Answered

Hi there! Happy Friday to you! ❤ Yesterday morning, I received some news that granted me mixed emotions. Very shortly after sharing this post, where I talked about surgery being in my near future, my mom found out through a phone call to my insurance company that there was an update on my wisdom teeth… Continue reading Thankful For Prayers Answered

Coffee Chat | Waiting On The Lord

Hi there! Happy Sunday to you. ❤ This is going to be a very open and honest post, one that I hope will be able to inspire you on this beautiful weekend. There have been many times throughout my walk with the Lord when I would have deeply appreciated reading something like this while waiting… Continue reading Coffee Chat | Waiting On The Lord

Returning To His Word

Hello there, and Happy Sunday to you! ❤ This is going to be a quick, update-type post because there's something on my heart I'd like to share with you this morning. Over the last few weeks, through prayer and talking to others (thank you, God's Warrior!), I have slowly been on a journey that is… Continue reading Returning To His Word

Be Strong

Hi there, guys! I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday. 🙂 ❤ The post I'm sharing with you today is being posted a bit later than I usually do, and that's because I was busy doing things with my family until now. (We got something I'm really excited about, which I'll be sharing on a… Continue reading Be Strong

The Harvest Is Here

Hello there! Happy Sunday to you. ❤ I hope you're doing well! I've decided to center today's post on a single Bible verse, not only because it's wonderful, but also because it has been a good while since I wrote about His Word, which I love so much! From now on, I'm planning on sharing… Continue reading The Harvest Is Here