Missions Monday – Part Five | Trusting In The Lord

Missions Monday – Part Five | Trusting In The Lord

Hey guys, and happy Monday! ❤ I hope that your week is getting off to a fantastic start. 🙂 If you live in the US, how was your Thanksgiving break? My family and I had a relaxing weekend at home, which we all enjoyed spending together. ❤ My mom has been out of the hospital for one week now, and she’s on mild bed-rest. Overall, she’s doing much better, and we’re very thankful she’s home! Now, let’s check out today’s post.

I have the next part of my Missions Monday series to share with you! If you’re new to this series, you can read the rest of the posts here. Today, I’ll be talking about trusting in the Lord when it comes to my future in missions. ❤ I hope that you enjoy!

The Easiest Thing

In January of this year – nearly eleven months ago – the Lord revealed to me a specific part of my future. I knew, without doubt, deeply in my heart, that I would serve Him in Guatemala someday.

By someday, I mean just that – I have no date whatsoever; just a knowing that He will get me there when I am meant to be.

This may make my situation look like a hard one to bear. Isn’t it hard not knowing when, how, or even why? I briefly wonder these same things myself. However, as I mentioned in this section of the post, it has turned out to be quite possibly the easiest thing for me to spiritually bear. ❤

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

From the exact moment that I knew Guatemala was in my future, I also knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the situation was safe in His hands. It took some time to get used to, and I still think about it usually at some point every day … but I don’t have to surrender it to Him like I would if it wasn’t already in His controls.

I can’t tell you how much it blesses me to know that He has a plan – I just have to trust Him. That is easy because of the peace He has given me. ❤ Because of this peaceful situation, however, it has gotten me thinking about the faith I exhibit (or don’t) in other areas of my life.

The Struggle Elsewhere

Any time I am met with a new stressful situation, I first initially deal with it. By the end of the day, I have already brought it before the Lord at least once, talking it through and asking that He be with me and my family. It depends on the situation, all involved, the duration and intensity, etc., but a recent example I have is when my mom was in the hospital over last weekend.

My first three responses were to care for the house, watch my little siblings, and trust Him with our lives. It slowly went downhill from there.

You see, when we trust in the Lord, we’re really bringing a situation to Him, trusting that everything will go well because He wants the best for us, and leaving it at that. We are devastated when things go ‘wrong,’ as they often do.

It is extremely discouraging when you pray for something (i.e. my mom to stay at the hospital only one night) and the exact opposite – or worse – happens (i.e. she stayed three). Our faith flies out the window. It deflates. We stop in our tracks. We question Him, read His Word, and wonder where He is.

I remember laying in bed one of those nights and wondering why He would put us through that high-emotional stress situation. I tried to console myself with the knowledge that even when we don’t get what we pray for, He still loves us and has good reasons for allowing trials and hardship … but I still had a hard time holding on. Few other times have I reached such a hard time in my life. However, I must let you know that through all the pain, in the midst of my mistakes and sorrow, He taught me so much.

First, He draws us close when we are hurting. Even when I doubted that the situations that kept unfolding were part of His will for our lives, I continually knew that He was right there, watching over us and keeping us. I just read a verse in Proverbs last week that I hadn’t noticed before, and it ends with this: “…[even the events that seem accidental are really ordered by Him].” (16:33) This floored me because I always find myself wondering if the Lord realizes what I’m going through and how situations are making me feel, which is crazy because He certainly does. However, it’s a beautiful reminder to know for sure that everything we go through, regardless of how ‘accidental’ it seems, is ordained by Him. ❤

Second, our faith does grow when we trust in Him. I just mentioned in a recent post that our trust in Him strengthens when we rest in His will. Here’s an excerpt from that post: “You really don’t know what faith is until all you can do is trust in Him. When everything in your life depends on His will … it’s crazy watching yourself begin to trust in Him more and more. Amidst the chaos, it is an absolutely beautiful thing.”

Looking back, I realize how much I was hurting emotionally at the time of writing that paragraph … but I was still able to praise Him. Yes, struggles are uncomfortable, and can be frightening at times, but with the Lord by our side – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever known.

Thank you so much for reading, guys! I’ve been wanting to write a post like this since around the time my mom got out of the hospital two weekends ago, because I believe that my faith did grow through that hardship, even when I didn’t think it was. ❤

If you are going through something right now that is stressing you out and is increasingly hard to bear, the Lord is there for you. ❤ And if you ever need someone to talk to, my Contact page is always open. (:

Wishing you all a beautiful week!

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Life Update + Your Favorite Inspirational Verses / Quotes?

Life Update + Your Favorite Inspirational Verses / Quotes?

Hi guys, I hope that you’re all having a beautiful evening (: ❤

My family and I just left from visiting my mom at the hospital a short while ago. We really enjoyed getting to see her, and I’m happy to say that she’s feeling well. She’s definitely not going into labor (woohoo!), but she’ll be staying there tomorrow as well so the doctors can keep an eye on her. If all goes well, which it certainly looks like it will, she’ll get to come home on Sunday. ❤

The rest of my family are doing well, too. I’m actually not feeling too great, as this has been a big stress on me emotionally, and I’ve also been “playing mommy” (as my parents put it, haha) for Samuel and Elizabeth these last few days. Taking care of them, cleaning up around the house, and worrying about how my mom’s doing has definitely been tough on me.

I know that the Lord has been with us through it all, and that He will continue to be. Although, I think it’s crazy how hard it is to understand what it’s like to trust in the Lord when life is stressful when compared to when life is going well. I continue to pray and trust in Him, but boy, it is WAY different than when life’s easy! This is where faith grows, guys ❤ You really don’t know what faith is until all you can do is trust in Him. When everything in your life depends on His will … it’s crazy watching yourself begin to trust in Him more and more. Amidst the chaos, it is an absolutely beautiful thing. ❤

Now, I’d like to ask all of you guys to comment something for me! As the title of this post suggests …

I would love for you to comment Bible verses and inspirational quotes that mean a lot to you.

I’d appreciate reading those; I need all the inspiration I can get. 🙂 Feel free to comment as many as you’d like.

I hope that you all have a beautiful night! God bless you!

— Maggie

Trusting in His Timing: A Collab

Trusting in His Timing: A Collab

In the Bible, there are many verses that encourage us to let our faith rest in the Lord. It promises that when we give our all to Him – every dream, anxiety, plan, and fear – He will provide for us in accordance with His will. His love is so beautiful! Through His Word, He tells us that He will give us His peace, and let us rest in the shadow of His wings when our faith rests in Him and Him alone.

But what happens when we want something so desperately that we run ahead of Him, leading ourselves away from His plans for our lives? When we look back at those times in our lives, do we see a good decision, or an unfortunate mistake?

There is so much peace to be found in waiting on Him. ❤

Hi guys! I hope that you’re all having a beautiful week. 🙂 ❤ I have an absolutely amazing post to share with all of you today! Christ, Crafts & Cuisine and I have teamed up to bring our readers a collaboration on trusting in the Lord’s timing! Because we have different styles of writing, which I think is so cool, she has shared some of her beautiful poetry on this subject, and I have written a devotional. You can go check out her post here, which I highly recommend that you go read! ❤ Once you have, let’s get right into my post. x

Trusting in His Timing

Recently on my blog, I shared a post talking about being happy in the waiting. It’s about exhibiting patience during times of trials and delays and, as the title suggests, finding joy in those chapters of our lives. But have you ever experienced a time where you’re easily able to give solid advice to someone else, then proceed to excruciatingly struggle to take it to heart yourself? I’m not sure why that happens, but I am a sad victim of it. I wrote that post, and then when the next season of waiting presented itself, I didn’t know where to turn.

Maybe I should turn back to that post.

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I recently found out that I am not at a good point in my life to be finding a place to work. For various reasons (but especially that of my family’s situation), it truly won’t work out for me to be off working part-time, or even finding a position for the holidays. This made me so sad because I’ve been looking into jobs and applying at various restaurant and store locations for the past nearly two years. When it was continually apparent that this was not part of the Lord’s plan for my life, it kept agitating me and making me sad. Sometimes, I felt like it was something I was doing wrong (i.e. not knowing which place to pursue work at), but that wasn’t the root of the problem. When something isn’t meant for me, it is impossible, regardless of how I go about it, to attain that thing.

I am still, at this moment, feeling poorly about not having a job. It’s the reason why I was inspired to choose this topic to cover for this collaboration. ❤ However, jobs (or lack thereof, lol) isn’t the only thing I want to discuss.

I would love to go deeper in this post by covering ways to focus on the good. These times in our lives require great patience that most of us don’t easily possess or attain. Below, I have listed some ways to strengthen your patience – ways that can help us stay centered on resting in Him and let our patience be found in the peace that He provides for us. ❤ I hope that you enjoy!

Ways to Strengthen Your Patience

during times of waiting. xx

— Focus on the positive aspects. It is often easier said than done, but if you put effort and determination into it, this really would help. For example, if I’m optimistic about my situation of not being able to get a job yet (instead of just being sad about it), I can see that this will give me more time to spend with my family, as well as be with the Lord, write blog posts, travel, and pursue my other interests! Not to mention, by waiting on this, I’m following His plans for my life, which is a beautiful thing to be doing. Even though it’s hard to put down something I want so badly, it is so much more wonderful to know that it’s what He desires. ❤

In what ways can you positively think about your situation?

— Be willing to see the situation from a different perspective. From where I am, it definitely looks like the proper time to get a job. I’d enjoy working, and I’d definitely appreciate having the extra cash (haha), and that new life experience just sounds amazing. However, I know that the Lord has a beautiful plan. He knows that my family needs me right now, and He understands exactly how I’m feeling about it, too. I tend to think that He takes or adds to my life without understanding what I’m going through emotionally, which is not at all true. If you feel the same way sometimes, let me be the one to tell you that He knows exactly how we feel, and it’s His desire to bring us peace – if only we will trust in Him!

Can you look at your situation from another angle?

— Trust in His infinite knowledge and wisdom. This goes along with what I already mentioned above, but I’d like to add another point to it: from where we are (currently experiencing the hardship), it’s hard to look at it from the future. Impossible, in fact. lol What I mean to say is that it’s difficult to see the situation in regards to how it will affect and change our lives in the future. We don’t know what would happen if we were able to pursue the thing we’re having to wait on, when in fact the reason you’re waiting is either because you’re not ready, or the circumstances aren’t exactly right, or the Lord desires for you to learn to trust in Him. There are various reasons why you might be waiting, but those are just a few. Just know that He is truly worthy of our trust; He doesn’t put us through any hardship without there being beauty in it.

Remember how this time of waiting is impacting your future.

— Use this time to grow closer to Him. It may be hard to do at times, especially if we’re feeling stressed or increasingly impatient, but allowing Him to work in our hearts and draw us nearer to His is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever and will ever experience. ❤

Allow Him to draw you close, for He cares for you.

I truly hope that this post could inspire and encourage you! If you’re going through a situation like I am – waiting on the Lord’s timing on something, even when you desire to have it now – please know that you are not alone. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us … in His perfect timing!!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Make sure you go visit Christ, Crafts & Cuisine 🙂 ❤

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