Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Senior Year School Subjects: A Collab

Hello there, everyone! How is your Tuesday going so far? I hope that you’re all having a fantastic week(: For today’s post, I will be talking all about the subjects I’m taking for my first semester as a high school senior!!

I’ve been wanting to share this post with y’all since the beginning of August (when I started back to school) because the nerd in me (it turns out that I may actually be 100% nerd guys, haha!) is thoroughly enjoying taking these courses. I’ve been learning so much, and they’re all so interesting!

Before I keep rambling on lol, I’d better tell you the awesome part about this post! I’m collaborating with my wonderful blogging friend, Jirah from Jirah Merizz, because we thought it’d be cool to both post about the subjects we’re taking for our senior year! Before (or after) you read my post, you should definitely go check out what she wrote today, guys!! 😀

Let’s jump right into this!

12th Grade High School Subjects,
First Semester


Hey Maggie, so where do you go to school?

As a matter of fact, I don’t. I’m a #homeschoolerforever!

That’s cool! Do you like homeschooling?

YES!! I absolutely love it. I always have, and it actually makes me sad that I’ll be done with school in less than a year! Adulthood is a strange place!

So … what curriculum do you use?

We don’t. My mom gets books, DVDs, textbooks, etc., that go along with the required subjects for each grade in US schools. It’s all cool!

Interesting! Last question,
do you get to do school in your PJs?

Never in my life, mon ami.

Haha, that aside, I’ll go ahead and tell you all about what I’m taking this semester!

My Current School Subjects

  • PSYCHOLOGY. Prior to reading the textbook I was assigned (pictured below), I have very little history with studying or understanding psychological/physiological human processes! (Such a fancy way of saying it!) I have read three chapters so far and have already learned so much. Most recently, I have studied how our childhoods and heredity strongly influence the kind of people we’ll grow up to be.

  • AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. This was something I was never interested in until the beginning of this school year, so even though everything I’m reading is new to me, I’m totally fine with it! The chapters I’ve read so far have established the background of our government (everything the Founding Fathers did, wrote, signed, etc.), which hasn’t been too interesting, but still essential for me to know. I’m stoked about learning more about how our government works now!

  • PERSONAL FINANCE. You should have seen how excited I was when my mom told me this was going to be my math subject for this first semester! I’m not having to work any problems; I’m just learning about how to stay out of debt, make smart spending choices, maintain savings, and more. It’s awesome! With all of this new knowledge, I’m going to be the smartest one of the smartest spenders on the block! (Yes, the book [pictured below] does say that it’s for people in their twenties and thirties, but all the information is for anyone wanting to become a smart spender! I can’t really believe I’ll be in my twenties in just a couple years! WHAT)

  • TEACH WITH MOVIES. As this one doesn’t have an official name, and also seems a bit abstract, allow me to explain. For my first semester of literature, I was going to take a Books-to-Movies course, where I watched films that were based off of books, then analyze them by answering questions. That didn’t work out for me personally because my mom and I couldn’t find enough movies based off of books for me to watch! Instead of doing that, she found different movies for me to watch (I’ve seen The Sound of Music, The Sting, and Deep Impact so far) that I can answer questions on after seeing them. It’s basically Books-to-Movies, but not quite!
this movie cover is so cool
  • PHYSICS. I have been wanting to take this DVD course after I loved the biology and chemistry ones by the same guy! I actually wrote a review of Chemistry 101 earlier this year, which you can read by clicking here. So far in the Physics 101 course, I’ve learned about what physics is, as well as a basic introduction to colors, mirrors, and lenses. Not super interesting so far, but I’m positive that it will get better in the days to come!

Typical School Schedule

I get up most days at 7AM. By 8:30, I’ve usually woken up fully, eaten my breakfast, and started getting ready for the day. By 9:30, if I’m really on top of everything, I’ll work on as many subjects as I can before lunch. Most days, I finish before noon, but others, I’ll have to work on something in the early afternoon!

Thanks sooo much for reading, guys! Definitely go check out Jirah’s post; you’re going to love it! I hope you’re all having an awesome day. xx I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Blogging Challenge – Day 25: Things I Would Still Like To Learn

Blogging Challenge – Day 25: Things I Would Still Like To Learn

Hi guys! How is your day going? I hope that you are happy, and that whatever you’re up to today, your day has been and will continue to be enjoyable. 🙂 ❤
Yesterday’s prompt was all about things I’ve already learned, and today’s prompt is about things I would still like to learn! This is actually the prompt I’m the most excited about writing, because it got me thinking about all of the different subjects I’m very interested in learning more about. Check out the list I came up with below!

You can read about what this challenge is here. And make sure to check out Cheila’s and Angela’s posts for today, too – we’re all doing the challenge together!

Things I Would Still Like To Learn [About]

  • History. I am insanely interested in and in love with this subject, and despite how much I’ve already learned, there’s always more. To name a few I haven’t touched on very much yet, there’s American history, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Britain’s history. (They’re all things I learned a bit about in school, but am looking forward to still learning more about 🙂 )
  • Geography. I think that it would be really cool to know more about where countries are in relation to each other, as well as country/state capitals. I’m especially wanting to learn about Europe, Central America, and South America.
  • Theology. Only just recently did I learn what this subject was, and since then, I’ve been interested in digging deeper into it. 🙂
  • Biology. For 10th grade science, I took a course in biology, but there’s still sooo much I have yet to learn about! For example, how plants work, why different animals behave the way they do, etc.
  • Chemistry. Ahhh yes!!! I already love this one so much. However, I haven’t searched for any really good resources yet to continue my study of this, so that is on pause for now. One day, I’ll learn more about cell structure, the periodic table itself, how chemical compounds work, different brilliant chemists/alchemists, and so much more.
  • Linguistics. For the last couple of years, I have been extremely interested in different languages. If I hear anyone out in public speaking in another language, I am fascinated, and always so excited when I catch a word here and there, haha. There truly isn’t a language I don’t want to learn, but the first five that come to mind (not including Spanish) are French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Korean. (Honestly not sure where the last one came from! But it would be very interesting.) There are also different Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala by the indigenous people, and their native tongues would be so, SO cool to learn one day.
  • Anatomy. I have a feeling that if I had a better understanding of how the human body works, there wouldn’t be so many things that freak me out. If I had a scientific understanding of the different functions, I think that would open my mind to how intricately designed and masterfully created our bodies are, and no longer feel afraid of so much. 🙂
  • Color. Apparently, as I found out not too long ago, people have done studies on color – how humans/animals respond to them, how colors are created and what they symbolize, etc … it’s something I’d have to learn more about to fully understand, but from what I know now, it sounds really neat!
  • Foreign Cultures. From Native Americans, to the Mayan empire, to the ancient Chinese dynasties … there’s still so much I have to learn.

Among the various activities and skills I’d like to learn one day are the piano keyboard, knitting, basic automobile knowledge (in the event that I need to change a tire or do something under the hood when I’m out by myself), amigurumi, and maybe some gardening skills, too. 🙂


Thanks for reading, guys! I really enjoyed writing this post, as it has got me thinking about how I can dig deeper into all of these subjects once I finish with school next year! So, how about you?

What’s something YOU’D still like to learn?

Happy Thursday!

— Maggie

My History With History

My History With History

I think that history is absolutely fascinating.

From learning about major events gone by, to time periods from centuries before, to all the people that have made the world a better place … there are so many aspects of history that interest me.

I love reading in-depth about specific eras, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, to the 1600s through the late 1800s. There are few things I wouldn’t be pleased to learn about … but it it honestly hasn’t always been this way.

How I Began to Love History

I was never interested in any kind of history in school; I just couldn’t get into the textbooks; no matter how my mom tried to make it interesting, I could not be persuaded. If anyone had told me that I would be fascinated by history in a couple years’ time, I would’ve laughed it off, proclaiming it to be the driest subject in school.

Oh, how wrong I was! I missed multiple years that I could’ve been enjoying learning haha

Well, better late than never!

Who would’ve known that I’d ever be checking out history books from the nonfiction section of my library? Not me!

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I absolutely love …


Digging deeper into the lives of individuals who I admire and am curious about can get rather nosy sometimes (haha), but hey, Wikipedia has the information, so I’m not really stallking them … 😂

Getting to see them from a different angle than how the media always portrays them is intriguing and captivating, although sometimes … disturbing. There’s always so much more to people than is commonly discussed, from their family life, to their career, to their personal life and their cause of death. There’s always more, and I understand why those facts aren’t often brought up; they’re rather degrading, and embarrassing …

In learning about all of these people, from famous actors to brilliant authors, I’ve seen that, aside from the fame, they’re all normal like us. They’re very talented and dedicated, and they have a large audience, but they also have similar problems to what we have, and the same difficulties that we face – and often, their lives are even harder. In coming to know these people better, I find myself admiring them more than I did before. No one has it easy, but we’re all trying our hardest.

The Middle Ages

Right now, I’m working on a cool historical fiction novel, and I have been for about two years. It is nowhere near being done, as I’m still having to research the time period, as well as come up with a plot, specific setting, characters, etc. But the learning process is, while very tedious, so much fun!

Unlike common historical fiction, I’m basing my story not in a castle or in a nearby town, but out in the fields where the peasants had to work, where everyone was crammed together in small villages, where the church was the center of the town, where they all reported back to the lord and lady of the manor. Because I’ve chosen that setting, there’s way less information available to me, so when I’m in the mood to research, I have to dig deep.

The most recent subject I’ve been studying is medieval gardening, which has been dry in some areas, but overall a very fruitful experience. *too many puns*

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For example, did you know that poppies were grown not for their beauty, but for medicinal purposes? They used to mix the stalk’s peel with honey and use the mixture as a plaster on wounds!

Alright, enough info you probably didn’t want to know. lol

The Renaissance

Unfortunately, I have yet to study this time period (aside from writing a biography on Leo da Vinci), as I don’t want to get facts about the Middle Ages mixed up in my head, with information on the Renaissance! But one day, I assure you, I will happily learn about this topic. Mark my words.

American History

This one may be last on my list, but it is certainly not least! I just started learning about it, and I’ve started at the pilgrims’ journey here. From there, I will work up to the present. So excited!

If you read this far (hehe), I hope that you enjoyed this post!

Do YOU love history? What do you enjoy learning about?

— Maggie