A Year of Strengthening Faith

A Year of Strengthening Faith

I’m holding on to You…

It’s all I know to do.

— Leeland, “Chains Hit The Ground”

So far, this year has been a time of learning for me.

In multiple situations, my trust in the Lord has been tried, and through them, I know that my faith has already been strengthened. And these situations aren’t even over yet! But I’m consciously making the confident decision every day to leave them in His hands. I know that He cares for me, and that He has a wonderful reason for everything He has me going through.

As well as the art of faith, I’ve also been learning the art of patience this past month and a half. For a long while, I haven’t been able to get along very well with my 5yo brother, Samuel. I’m finally accepting that he’s much younger than I am and that I need to stop expecting him to act older than his age – thus, I can do activities with him now with a happy heart and a smile on both of our faces. ❤

The Lord is also teaching me to be understanding of where my younger brother, Joshua, is in his walk in life … and with the Lord. We have very different interests and maturity levels, but I’m slowly coming to accept him how he is right now and to be understanding of our differences. It’s definitely not easy, but the Lord is helping me.

The last thing I’ve been learning is how I want this blog to be, and where I should be taking it with what I write. I want it to be about my walk with the Lord, as well as the different things I’m interested in, the things that make me happy. 😊 I think I have a plan now: I’d like to post a recipe on Thursdays, a Little Accomplishments post on Fridays, a post about the Lord on Sundays, and a post about anything else that’s on my mind on Tuesdays. I’ll stick to that as best I can. Some weeks, I’ll post more, and some weeks, I’ll post less, but as a whole, that’s what I want my blog to be like.


Just like in our game of hopscotch on Friday, I’m taking this journey of learning to trust in the Lord and have patience with my brothers one step – no, let’s make that hop – at a time – and in some instances, it’s two hops at a time!

Life and hopscotch can be quite unpredictable sometimes.


Thanks for reading!

What has YOUR 2017 been like so far?

— Maggie