7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

Hey guys, and happy December! I hope that the new month has gotten off to a great start for you. 🙂 ❤ I have a fun blogging tips post to share with you today! Over the months that I’ve been blogging on Dreaming of Guatemala, I have learned much in the ways of blog schedules and consistent posting. It has been a rocky journey, with highs and lows of inspiration, but that is to be expected, and as a whole, I’ve appreciated every minute of it.

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This journey is what inspired today’s post, where I will be sharing with you my 7 tips for staying organized with blogging! These can all be followed loosely and are simply meant to help you stay focused on finding your post style and sticking to it. (: Let’s check out these tips!

7 Tips For Staying Organized With Blogging

1. Decide on what topics to cover.

Having at least three topics you will enjoy focusing on will help you when thinking of posts to write! Simply knowing the overall focus of your blog (i.e. mine is Christian lifestyle) is too broad. Break it down a bit – make a list, if you wish. Allow it to be flexible. You could browse post ideas online (I have a good amount on my blogging board on Pinterest!).

As I’ve been blogging, I have tried out topics, switched them around, gotten rid of them altogether, come back from time to time – blogging about what you’re passionate about and inspired by is important. Don’t be afraid to switch this up from time to time!

2. Develop a basic posting schedule.

This could be as simple as knowing which days of the week you want to put up a post! If you’d like to go a bit further, you could decide what focus each day will have, as well. For example, on Mondays and Wednesdays, I like to share inspirational posts, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I share personal posts – when I have them to share. Having this consistency on your site helps your readers stay interested, and it keeps you inspired.

3. Keep track of all post ideas.

Every blogger has their own style with this. For me, I like to write down potential titles, lists that I’ll expound on later, and also small descriptions of where I want the posts to go. Experiment and find what works best for you! The way to determine this is see how well these methods help recall to mind what you wish to write later. For example, if recording title ideas inspires you more than descriptions do, only write down titles.

4. Buy, print, or make a blogging calendar.

This helped me immensely when I bought one this past summer! Buying one is not necessary, however; you could print one for each month, or draw a diagram of your own – whatever works for you and your wallet. I love my planner, which is a nice size (18 months) and has a pretty pineapple design on the cover, but I have also used printable calendars, and I love those, too.

5. Allow for changes of plan.

Writing in your planner with a pencil is an essential!!! It isn’t half as pretty as colored pens or markers, but I don’t mind, because then I don’t have to use Wite-Out. When I write in what I want to post in the next week or two, there always ends up being at least one post that is removed or moved somewhere else. It can be discouraging, as it makes one feel scattered and unorganized, but it really isn’t like that at all. Deciding what posts will be good for certain days is important – even if you have to erase and re-write three times.

6. Don’t feel bad for moving posts around.

This goes along with my last tip. The main reason I have had to move posts around is because I’ve been working on developing a weekly post schedule for the past couple of months, and I’m finally at a place now where I can do so. Before that, I was experimenting with posting different posts on different days. Don’t come down on yourself for inconsistency; it’s all part of finding what works best for you!

7. Schedule posts ahead of time.

The WordPress feature of being able to schedule posts for a later date and time has saved me so many times. I deeply appreciate being able to do this in the event that I forget I’m posting one morning, and it’s also a great way to plan ahead. (Not too far, though; you might forget it has been scheduled!) Once you have a post completely written and you know what date you want it to go up, scheduling is very easy and efficient. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading, guys!! I hope that these tips could help you. 🙂 ❤ They have helped me a lot when it comes to blog organization. Let me know in the comments below:

How do YOU stay organized
with blogging?

12 Fun and Easy Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

12 Fun and Easy Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Audience

Hey guys, and happy Thursday! ❤ I hope that you’re all doing well. As you can see by the title, I have an awesome blogging post to share with you today!

Informative posts like these really help other bloggers out, and I knew that making my own would be a lot of fun. xx I hope that it can inspire you and be an encouragement, as well; there are so many fun and easy ways to make readers come back to your blog for more amazing content, and the tips that I came up with for today are just some of them! Here are twelve ways to grow your blog’s audience! ❤ Enjoy!

12 Fun and Easy Ways to
Grow Your Blog’s Audience

1. Respond to every comment you receive.

The bloggers who stand out to me as the nicest individuals in the community are the ones who take the time to have conversations with me in the comments! The comment section can be so much more than just feedback on yours or someone else’s post; you can get to know others and make new friends, too. By making sure to thank and chat with those who read your posts is a huge encouragement for them to come back, as they know their responses will always be seen and responded to.

2. Be a regular reader of your friends’ blogs.

When you visit someone’s blog regularly (even daily!), not only do you genuinely get to know them, but you also become a valuable reader to them! Just like with other online communities, bloggers thrive on give-and-take relationships. So, if you consistently reach out to a blogger and show how much you enjoy their blog and their writing, chances are high that they’ll check out your blog, and probably become a reader of your blog, too.

3. Find other bloggers in the Reader that share common interests with you.

Think about the main topics that you cover on your blog. Once you have a good list, add those keywords as tags to your Reader and browse them! I enjoy finding new blogs that write about similar topics as I do on my blog, because then I enjoy reading what they write, and since the writer and I have common interests, we usually both enjoy each other’s content!

4. Tag your posts accordingly.

The reason this is so important for your readership is because by tagging your posts irrelevantly (i.e. ‘food’ on a beauty post) and obsessively (60 tags versus 15), you’ll suddenly be getting blog viewers that aren’t even interested in what you blog about, and by over-tagging, you’re risking being blocked in the Reader. On WordPress Support, it says in bold, “The more tags you use, the less likely it is that your post will be selected for inclusion in the topic listings.” Read the rest of this help page here. As you can see, relevance is key!

5. Write genuine comments.

Giving your honest feedback on posts is highly appreciated by bloggers, and through experience, I have learned that the more thought-out your comment is (as well as how lengthy it is!) makes a huge difference. Like many other bloggers, I myself enjoy receiving and reading longer comments more; it makes for more conversation, you can learn more about the person, and comments like that have a positive impact on the person who gets them! Short, genuine comments can be sweet, as well (it depends on the post), but I will always enjoy reading comments with more words more.

6. Give your readers posts to look forward to.

You can tailor this to your own blog and interests! Throughout my months of pretty consistent weekly posting, I have found that having blog series you keep up with, as well as telling your readers in advance about a post you’re stoked about sharing, gives those who visit your blog an awesome incentive to come back! I find myself looking forward to certain days of the week because I know different people I’m following post specific things those days, haha ❤

7. Develop main focus/es for your blog.

Blog readers really appreciate knowing what you typically post, whatever it might be! If you know what to expect from a blogger in terms of topics (that’s why series are fun for readers), it’s easier to follow along with the mood of your blog, because it all goes together. Testing out types of posts to see what people like is a good idea, but I’m still a firm believer in post consistency; when bloggers post random things all the time, it makes their blogs feels scattered and disorganized to the readers.

8. Use photos – utilize all of the free image sites available online.

From my own personal experience as a blogger, as well as watching how many views and comments posts gets, I can safely say that a blog reader is much more likely to read and enjoy a post with photos over one (even on a similar topic) that doesn’t, or only has one. Oftentimes, I don’t have pictures taken that are relevant to what I’m writing about, which is where free stock photo sites come in handy! If you’d like to check these out for yourself, I highly recommend Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash – they all offer beautiful, high-quality photos on a huge array of subjects, completely for free. Some require that you sign up for a free account to download the pics, but all three of the ones that I mentioned don’t require attribution unless you want to give it. They have been a life saver for my blog many times!

9. Mention other bloggers in your posts.

There are few things more exciting in the blogging world than when you suddenly see your name mentioned in the post of a blogging friend of yours, haha! Whether you’ve been included in a blog tag, or they’ve credited you for the post idea they wrote that day, including others in your writing makes your blog so special to them! This isn’t something you have to do, nor is it something I’d recommend that you do all the time, but it is a great way to feature your readers.

10. Give your blogging friends the spotlight.

On my blog, I regularly interview other bloggers, have included bloggers in the summer memories series I did this past month, participated in a blogging challenge with a few blog friends of mine, held a weekend-long blog party, and collaborated with other bloggers a few times, as well! If any of those types of posts would appeal to you and fit your blogging style, I’d like to encourage you to pursue that! Bloggers love participating in blogging events, collab posts, etc – including me!

11. Write helpful / how-to / informative posts.

It is often the posts that readers really get something out of that become fan favorites! Whether you’ve taught them something new about history, or introduced them to an easy recipe or craft, writing helpful posts like this at least every once in a while is a great way to boost readership. Learning something helpful and new (such as what this post provides!) is often deeply appreciated by blog readers.

12. Make your posts interactive.

Depending on what any given post is about, there are some that can be more interactive than others. Prompting conversation by asking a closing question (like I usually do), or by making the post easy for any reader to comment on (i.e. I encourage everyone that reads my Little Accomplishments posts to tell me what they’ve gotten done that past week!) makes your content more reader-friendly.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤ I hope that you could find these tips helpful; even if just one of them helps you, that would be a blessing to me! Getting to 1k followers in less than a year on Dreaming of Guatemala was achieved by following the advice that I have shared with all of you above! ❤

Let me know in the comments below:

Which piece of advice helped YOU the most?

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Blog Comparison: The Thief of Our Joy

Blog Comparison: The Thief of Our Joy

I have fewer followers than she does. They get more comments than I do. That blogger’s content looks better than mine.

Have you ever had any of those thoughts? If so, you are one of the masses that struggle with blogger comparison.

Here in the wonderful world of blogging, just like in any other community or group of people, there is comparison. We recognize that there are others who are more accomplished, and less accomplished, than we are. We look to see, often without even meaning to, if we’re better than those around us, and when we come up with a negative, it really rains on our parade.

When looking directly at our own blogs, not taking into consideration what others’ blogs are like, we usually see wonderful content, a great theme and setup, a nice amount of followers, and good comment counts. Our behind-the-scene stats are satisfying, too – there’s always so many cool statistics to be found there! When we turn our attention to others, however, whether it’s their numbers or content that gets to us, it’s hard to accept that there will always be bloggers who have it more “together” than we do.

Because, in truth, we struggle to accept that we’re not always on top. It’s hard to go from being content with what we have, to wanting and needing more because it isn’t exactly what others have. We see all the comments they get, the multiple-digit follower count, whatever it might be, knowing that they have more than we do.

Sometimes, I’ve been envious of blogger statuses I’ve seen that I wouldn’t even personally want for myself! It’s really the fact that they have more than I do that makes me jealous, which I know is wrong. I don’t desire to harbor this irritation in my heart, and starting here recently, I’m taking the steps to be content with my blog as it is, and to slowly work toward being exactly where I want to be.

Below, I have compiled some different things I think will help you combat these negative feelings. It would bless me so much to know that I could help just one person!

First, I’d like to establish that there are two main groups of bloggers: the ones who would love to grow in the community, and the ones who are blogging for themselves and are happy wherever their stats are.

Over the years, I’ve fit into both of these groups. I have run blogs that I was writing on solely for myself – those were really online journals, to tell you the truth. Then, with other blogs, I wanted to get to know people, receive comments and get feedback – you know. Dreaming of Guatemala is the main one I’ve wanted to cultivate and write for myself, as well as others.

I find it quite easy to blog when it’s just for you. There isn’t the pressure of keeping up to date with your audience, blogging consistently, etc – it feels much more relaxed, because it is. When anything we do online involves others, we like to keep up with our friends and talk to them on a regular basis. I understand that, and I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with either way of online interacting.

When we’re blogging to grow, however, the weight we put on ourselves can be excruciating sometimes.

Weekly posts. Blog reading. Comment responding. Social media promoting. Blog maintenance. The list is usually endless! When we’re not careful, blogging can become a full-time side job.

+ To the full-time bloggers, especially the ones who get paid: I realize that all of that is quite necessary to keep up with, and I admire all the time you wonderful bloggers put into your blogs!! I can’t see myself ever doing that, as I love blogging as a hobby, but man. Y’all are pretty awesome people.

+ To the small-audience bloggers who are happy where they are: I applaud you!! I have always seen the appeal in writing for yourself, as well as having a few friends who keep up with your blog, too – I’ve been there before, and I have quite enjoyed it. Keep doing what you love, and do it for as long as it makes you happy. When you feel it’s time to move on, whether that’s to switch blogs, stop blogging for a while, or begin growing your audience, chase after what’s on your heart to accomplish! 💗

+ To the small-audience bloggers who desire to grow: I was right where you are this past winter. In the whole month of January, I had gotten just over 500 total views and 105 comments. This month, at about my six-month blogging mark, I hit 5,000 comments and got my 800th follower. It’s hard to figure out how to grow if you’ve never done it before, or if you’ve tried and your tactics didn’t work. We all meet stumbling blocks in our blogging lives, no matter how popular our blogs might be.

If you are looking for ways to grow your blog, I’ll share my tactics with you. They’re actually very simple.

First, be a consistent part of the community. If that means blogging every day for you, or once or twice a week, follow your heart. That aside, read your friends blogs and, as you’re in the mood, browse tags in the Reader and reach out to others with similar interests. Make connections in my personal favorite way to build your audience: through friendships. Respond to the comments you receive on your blog, hold conversations with others; be open to getting to know people.

Second, write the kind of posts that YOU would want to read. If at any point in your time of blogging you feel like you’re writing too many obligatory posts, or if you’ve become discontent with that series you’ve been keeping up with, switch things up. Make an inspiration board on Pinterest. Brainstorm new post topic ideas. Take a week off, if you need it.

Third, include others on your blog. I wouldn’t say that this is crucial to your standing in the community, but I do believe that it’s a great way to connect with others and bring some sunshine into other bloggers’ day! Invite them to participate in conversation by ending posts with a prompt question that relates to the post itself. Interview other bloggers and share them on your blog,  visually interesting. Host reader-submitted stories and make it a series, invite others to leave you questions for a Q&A post or video, or nominate your favorite bloggers in your next award/tag post! It blesses bloggers to be included; I know how happy I always feel to be part of something – anything! – on others’ blogs.

+ To the bloggers who struggle with envy, regardless of what their blogs are like: chase after what makes you happy. Focus on the joy your blog brings you and leave jealous feelings behind. They’re only bringing you down; they accomplish nothing. Although, if nothing else, they’re an encouragement to grow your blog, and/or make positive changes to it. Learn to accept that their are bloggers who run bigger and smaller blogs than yours. That doesn’t in any way alter the fact that your blog is a masterpiece just the way it is!! 💚

Did this post help you? I’d love to know! It surely encouraged me. xx