Bloggers Going Self-Hosted | Oxria’s Story

Bloggers Going Self-Hosted | Oxria’s Story

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well. Happy Saturday to you! ❤ For this post, I have decided to feature a lovely blogger I know in a new type of spotlight! My good friend, Oxria, recently went self-hosted (you can find her new site here!), and I can’t tell you how happy I am for her! She has been wanting to do this for a while, and I must say that her new domain is absolutely wonderful. ❤ I know that it would make her so happy if you could check out and subscribe to her new blog! I promise you, it will be worth it to see her posts show up in your Reader! She shares her beautiful art, gorgeous photography, and she’s a budding vlogger, too – there’s no way I could dislike any of what she shares.

The topic of this post is on Oxria’s going self-hosted experience! She was very sweet and answered some of the questions I had about how it worked for her to switch domains, and I’m really excited to share those informative answers with you today. Make sure to let us know in the comments below if her story has encouraged or inspired you, and I’m sure she’d love to answer any questions you have! Let’s get right into this!

Bloggers Going Self-Hosted –
Featuring Oxria

1. Why did you decide to go self-hosted?

The reason why I decided to go self-hosted is because I wanted to have full control of my blog and the thought of my blog just being sounded so cool to me! 🙂

2. Which host are you using?

I’m using BlueHost. I read a lot about different hosts before switching my blog to self-hosted and BlueHost seemed like the best option to me (I liked the plans they offer).

3. Was it easy to make the switch? Why or why not?

Hmm, I wouldn’t say it was too hard. A not-so-easy part, for me, was saving enough money. Unfortunately, going self-hosted isn’t free (I’m sure everyone already knows that). But yeah, switching was pretty easy. The hardest thing about it though, is getting used to having full control of my website. Being in charge of everything can get overwhelming. I’m sure I’ll slowly get used to it, though. 😀

4. Which aspects of having your own website
are you most excited about?

As I said, one of the aspects I’m very excited about is having my own domain ( instead of! Another thing that I love about it is the customization. I can now change anything and make it look the way I want. The new blog theme I’ve chosen also makes me very excited (I’ve been wanting to buy that theme for a year! It’s one of my favourite themes out there!).

5. Is there anything you’re still figuring out?

Oh yeah, pretty much everything, haha. I lost access to my website the other day, because I changed the URL and apparently you’re not supposed to do that (there’s a lot of things I have to learn), and I thought, “This is it. I’ve lost my blog.” Thanks to a tutorial on YouTube, I managed to get it back, but oh boy – wasn’t that a stressful experience! I’m still trying to figure out how everything works, how to change the font (I know it’s basic stuff, but I’m a newbie), how to make the photos quality better and a lot of other things.

6. What are some posts coming up
that you’re excited about writing and sharing?

I want to share more of my personality on I don’t have any particular posts in mind just yet, but I’m very excited to continue sharing experiences from my daily life, as well as drawings I make. 😀

7. Would you recommend that other bloggers
go self-hosted, too?

I think it really depends on what you want. If you want to have your own domain and full control of your blog, go self-hosted! If not, sticking to a free blogging platform is completely fine!

“I definitely think everyone should read about the differences between a free blog and a self-hosted blog before deciding whether or not to make the switch.”

I’d like to thank Oxria for collaborating with me on this post, and a huge thanks to you for reading it! I love seeing what bloggers who go self-hosted accomplish on their new websites, because customization and having your own “brand,” so to say, is really exciting.

If you are a blogger who has also gone self-hosted,
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for a chance to be spotlighted on one of these posts!

Let us know in the comments below:

What are YOUR questions
about going self-hosted?

Happy Easter weekend to you!

— Maggie

The Importance Of Community On Your Blog

The Importance Of Community On Your Blog

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. ❤ For this post, I wanted to share some more blogging tips with you! I love writing these posts, because I have so much to share. 🙂 For those who don’t know, I’ve been using WordPress since I was 10 years old haha, so I am quite familiar with how things work around here.

One thing I’ve learned a lot about this past year is how one grows their blog, and my personal favorite way to do this is by building a community. ❤ I hope that these tips may speak to you, and possibly encourage you to reach out to others across the website, too! Without further ado, let’s check out these tips.

The Importance Of Community
On Your Blog

You know your readers are real. There are some bloggers who flourish by simply writing for themselves, which I think is amazing! I’ve been there before myself, and it is extremely therapeutic and relaxing – even fun at times. However, when you are writing for an audience, it’s hard to address the crowd when your only readers are coming from Pinterest, Facebook, or some other online source. (Don’t get me wrong, socializing across platforms is a surefire way to spread the word about your site! But by itself, it won’t get you far.) By having conversations with your commenters, visiting their sites and supporting them back, and by browsing the Reader, as well, you’ll come across some extremely genuine bloggers.

It allows you to connect with your audience. You can interact with others who share similar interests, and you’ll be able to have more conversations in the comments! Knowing what your readers are like, even which types of posts by you they prefer, is one of my favorite ways to build the community.

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More bloggers will be able to find out about you! If you’re just a blogger whom others occasionally find in the Reader because you tag your posts, then it will take you a while to build an audience. However, when you comment on others’ blogs, then their readers will see the conversations you’re having with them! I’ve always enjoyed blog-hopping in this way, because if a blogger whose posts I enjoy also talks to this other blogger, chances are I’ll like their site, as well!

It’s a beautiful way to have a support system. There have been a few times over the past year when I truly appreciated having real readers, because when you’re going through something hard, it is good to have people to talk to. Sharing prayer requests and simply having a place to go when I’m sad or stressed helps me feel better. Plus, by sharing what you’re going through and how you’ve overcome those difficulties, it inspires others who are in a similar place!

You’ll know you’re entertaining and inspiring real people, making a difference in the lives of others. This is the number one reason I love the fact that I connect with my readers and reach out to new ones!

Blogging by itself is a beautiful way to get creative and have fun through writing, but it is also about potentially brightening someone else’s life, or even day.

Don’t underestimate the power of a kind and genuine post! It may make all the difference in the life of another 🙂

Thank you sooo much for reading! I hope that I could inspire you today, and I’m praying that you have a beautiful Saturday. ❤

Let me know in the comments below:

Why do YOU love the blog community?

— Maggie

5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

Hello! Happy Saturday to you 🙂 ❤ I have some blogging tips I’d love to share on this fine weekend! I was thinking about how it’s hard sometimes to write posts and comment on blogs as much as we’d like to, so below, I have shared five tips that may help you find a better way to balance blogging with the rest of life!

If there’s ever a blogging topic you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments, because I’d be happy to help. ❤ I hope you enjoy today’s post!

5 Tips For Balancing Blogging With Life

1. Frequently re-evaluate why you’re blogging at the moment. Are you working on growing your audience right now? Or are you writing to help cope with something going on in your life? Your answer to this will help you see just how much time and effort you should be putting into blogging currently. There’s no shame in blogging less when life needs more of your attention; we all understand that our blogging friends go through stressful situations at times, and we’d rather them take a break when necessary than to keep posting. ❤ Juggling blogging with the rest of life can be a challenge, but we’ve all been there before!

2. Keep a list (that works for you!) full of blogging inspiration. For you, this could be post title ideas, topics you want to cover, photos that inspire you to write, some quickly-started drafts on your dashboard – whatever fuels your creativity! I’ve found over the months that a written list of potential titles and topics inspires me the most, so finding what works best for you is important. Try some of these ideas out and start (or continue) writing that inspiration down!

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3. Choose a time during the week to write / blog. Having a certain day, or slot of time, etc, that you write the week’s post and read others’ blogs is something I’ve found to be helpful! That consistency helps create a wonderful habit, because then you’re training yourself to remember and make time to blog! This usually helps me the most with reading my friends’ blogs, which I love doing over one weekend instead of spreading it out through the week. It helps me to stay focused on what I’m reading (:

4. Hold yourself to a usual standard, without it being a burden.For example, at the moment, I’d love to share three to four posts a week. However, it may end up being more or less depending on what I write, and by reminding myself there will be differences in my blogging schedule per week helps me to remember that there will be inconsistencies. Keeping in mind what you’d like to share weekly / monthly is great, but never let it get to the point of making blogging unenjoyable.

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5. Work on posts in steps. If you’re a blogger who has at least experimented with formatting, customization, and all of the other little things that go into constructing a blog post, then you’ll understand the benefits of this tip! Sitting down and writing it all in just one sitting is quite a feat for me, since I put so much into each post. So, if you’re like me, you’d probably appreciate breaking it down into steps. For example; come up with the title, write basic ideas, get pictures for post, write post, format text, choose tags, then post. These could be done over the course of a few hours, or a week! It depends on how much time you have available, and what you’re inspired to do. The key, as I’ve mentioned, is finding what works for you. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! Praying these tips will help you to blog happier and more comfortably (: Let me know in the comments below:

What are some of YOUR blogging tips?

— Maggie