Blog Revamp | Exciting Changes at Dreaming of Guatemala!

Blog Revamp | Exciting Changes at Dreaming of Guatemala!

Have I mentioned before how much this blog changes with me? haha

Hello there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ It has been over two weeks since I shared an official post because, once again (haha), taking some time off from blogging helped me to put everything back into perspective.

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Improv Blogging + Other Ways I’m Challenging Myself This March

Improv Blogging + Other Ways I’m Challenging Myself This March

Hello! ❤ I’d like to invite you to attend a coffee chat-type update post on my blog on this beautiful Friday! I’ve been making lots of changes on my blog recently, as well as huge positive changes in my real life, and I wanted to let you in on all that’s been happening (and will be happening!) around here.

How I’m Challenging Myself This March

I’m going to be improv blogging this whole upcoming month. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this, especially since I just made it up, haha! From day one of Dreaming of Guatemala, I’ve been a planned blogger, scripting everything down to the simplest of punctuation. I’ve shared before that I’m a perfectionist, and this is quite possibly most evident in the way I blog. (Anyone remember when I kept posts scheduled and publishing the summer I had strep throat, so no one even knew I was bedridden? No one remembers that? Alright haha) So, surprisingly enough, I’m tired of doing this. I’m tired of being such a “great” planner that I stress myself out trying to get everything perfect (insider information: I never accomplish perfection), so I’m going to challenge myself to do something. *rubs hands together* I am not going to write a single ‘post ideas’ list in March (I have so many of these lists, you have no idea), and I’m not going to sit down to ‘brainstorm’ blog posts (which, as a matter of fact, never works!). Instead, I’m going to make up content as it comes to me. This kind of mindset is where my best jokes come from! I don’t sit around trying to figure out how I can be funny in upcoming circumstances; I just keep my eyes open in everyday life settings, incorporating comedy as it fits. So, I’m going to do the same thing in blogging. When I have an idea, I’ll write about it!

I’m going to figure out how I want to blog on Living For His Delight. This is definitely still a work-in-progress, but I’ve been praying about it a lot and I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to understanding where this beautiful new blog fits into my life. I think that to get into writing posts on this site, it will take stepping out of my comfort zone, but I’m fine with that – I’m challenging myself this month!

I’ll be sharing a new blog series on Fridays called ‘Weekly Challenges.’ Today doesn’t count since I’m sharing this update post, haha, so come back next week to see what my first challenge was! I’ll explain more about what this post series is all about then.

I’ll be working out regularly and slowly getting in shape. This is something I’ve been wanting to do since the first of January (I’m quite the New Year’s resolutionist, haha), but a tailbone injury left me unable to exercise for about two weeks, which completely threw me for a loop. Now that I’ve completely recovered from that, I’m feeling more and more like taking control of my lifestyle and eating habits. One way my parents are helping me to do this is by helping pay for gym memberships for me and my brother, which he and I are very happy about! I’m taking it a day at a time, listening to my body and doing as much cardio as I can without injuring myself. My eczema and weak hips have stopped me from enjoying and being able to exercise for a long time, but I’m not going to let that hold me back anymore – I’m going to find out what works for me, showing gratitude every day for what I’m capable of. ❤

I’m going to keep trying new things, striving for progress over perfection. This is SUCH a huge part of my life right now. I wouldn’t call it a goal, since it’s an ongoing decision, but man – this mindset is very close to my heart. Things such as nurturing forgiveness, overcoming perfectionism, and moving out of my comfort zone are my top priority right now.

I’m going to cut back on sugar and make more healthy recipes. *looks around absently* Is this even possible?? Haha! After I got my wisdom teeth out last summer, I developed a sugar addiction post-recovery that still hasn’t gone away. I’m going to read up on how to curb a sugar addiction, because my goodness, I’m tired of feeling guilty about how much sugar I consume. I want to eat what’s right for me so that I can be happy with how I’m eating. I want processed sugar to be a weekly treat instead of a daily one! I’ll probably write more posts in-depth on this subject …

I’m going to focus more of my attention on screen-free hobbies. I mean, I love watching TV, browsing YouTube, writing blog posts, and playing video games, but I feel like I have to give my eyes a break sometimes! There are soooo many things I love to do in my room, and I want to prioritize those things higher up on my list of things to do.

This post was so much fun to write! ❤ I hope that you’re looking forward to March like I am, because I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for it. Let me know in the comments below:

What are you looking forward to doing in March?

Valentine’s Day Blog Party!

Valentine’s Day Blog Party!

Hello there, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! On this beautiful morning, I am happy to host a positive blog party – everyone’s invited! Simply read the rules below to join in. ❤

Valentine’s Day Blog Party

  1. Leave a comment on this post – share your name, blog link, and what you write about!
  2. Visit other commenters’ blogs and meet new people.
  3. Tell them in a comment on THIS POST what you love about their blog!
  4. This party is open from 8 AM EST on February 14th until 8 AM EST on February 18th.

You don’t have to comment on every single comment to participate, but I would love for you to join in as much as you’re able to!

I can’t wait to chat with you guys!

How People Reached My Blog In 2018 {Funny Search Terms}

How People Reached My Blog In 2018 {Funny Search Terms}

Since I started my blog two years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the statistics.

Yes, the view/comment count is quite exciting, and I’ve always liked seeing which countries people have viewed my blog from … but the funniest thing about blog stats, by far, is when you look at your search terms.

In short, ‘search terms’ are what people typed in to some search engine and how they ended up happening across your blog. If search engine privacy policies allow it, we bloggers get to see what people looked up and how they found us! It’s both a helpful feature for bloggers (i.e. knowing what people want to read) and a hilarious pastime for people like me. That’s why I’ve decided to write a post showcasing the many ways people came across my blog in 2018. Get ready to read some of the craziest possible search terms of all time!

How People Reached My Blog In 2018

#1: By looking up Hamlet.

Yes, you read that right – my ‘10 Reasons Why I Love Hamlet‘ post is a superstar! This fun, review-style post I wrote in October of 2017 made my 2018 search terms absolutely colorful.

  • “do you like hamlet? why?” – I just love how this person used actual question marks in their search! I become completely illiterate when searching for anything online; all punctuation and grammar dies. Anyway, to answer the question, yes! Because it’s an awesome play.
  • “why i love hamlet” – I don’t know, why do you?
  • “why do you like hamlet” – I shared ten reasons in this post, but you probably already know that.
  • “do you think that you are like hamlet” – Actually, yes! I took a quiz labeled ‘Which Shakespeare Character Are You?‘ one time, and I got the Prince of Denmark himself.
  • “why do i like hamlet” – … Are you really questioning your personal opinion here?
  • “why do you love hamlet” – BECAUSE I DO! I actually read it, instead of looking up why others enjoyed it!
  • – Well, at least they ended up at my blog in the end. But wait, did they actually paste a link into the search bar?? That’s ancient!
  • “why do we like hamlet” – … Who are you??
  • “why you liked the book hamlet” – Historians would argue that Hamlet is a play, but you probably don’t care about that.
  • “what did you enjoy from hamlet” – I feel like a massive amount of microphones are being shoved in my face suddenly! I liked the characters, uh … and Yorick … would he be considered a character?
  • “reasons to like hamlet” – Because it’s a GREAT PLAY. ‘Nuff said. Go read it!
  • “why i like hamlet” – Again, I don’t know who you are …
  • “why we love hamlet” – No clue. Leave a comment sometime!

#2: Because people love cake.

Somehow, my vanilla dump cake post made it to the third search result on Google for vanilla dump cakes! I think it’s pretty cool, but none of the people who got to my blog through a search engine let me know how the cake turned out.

  • “vanilla dump cake”Five people got to my blog by looking this up! That’s pretty impressive, considering nearly every other search term I can see from last year was only done once each.
  • “dump vanilla cake” – My, young one, what a strange way to type it in. Sounds prehistoric.
  • “dump cake vanilla” – *flips desk chair and exits room* *comes back* Y’all are so creative.
  • “easiest vanilla dump cake” – Ooh, a lazy person! Nah I’m the exact same way Welcome to the simple bakers clan!

#3: They have no idea what they’re doing.

Ever met someone like that?

  • how do you feel about the end of the story the cop and the anthem – … Wait, what?
  • what are your favorite memories from your first year – Interesting question! Well, my first year was much too long ago for me to remember in detail, but I suppose being cared for by my parents when I could not in any way fend for myself. That’s a pretty good memory.
  • facts about commericals sharing different languages – Can’t help you there. You’re probably sorry you happened upon my blog. Also, thumbs up on your English skills!
  • jirah – *arches an eyebrow* You pasted the blog name of my lovely friend, Jirah, into a search bar and found me? I’m surprised you didn’t find her, haha
  • stories about guatemala – Yes, gather round, little children. Let me tell you about the time I dreamed I went to Guatemala …
  • faded glory clothing – … I’m honestly a bit offended by this one. Just because I wore some Walmart jean shorts once doesn’t mean… *goes off on a little rant*

#4: They like Morgan Harper Nichols’ quotes.

Who knew Jamie Grace’s lovely sister would gain me a wee bit of recognition? I wrote a post for Blogtober with my top 10 favorite quotes of hers, and apparently, random search engine people liked it.

  • “morgan harper nichols quotes” – Nine people found me this way, making it my most popular search term of 2018!
  • “morgan harper nichols quote” – Just one? I got ten!
  • quotes morgan harper nichols – Again with the switched wording! Such creativity!
  • morgan harper nichols quotes in times like these – That’s strangely specific … did I even include that quote in my post?
  • morgan harper nichols even while you wait – I hope you found what you were looking for.
  • “light ran wild within her quote morgan harper nichols” – I actually got this one earlier this month, but I included it anyway. The quote itself sounds a bit hectic.

#5: Because they’re looking for random things I’ve written about.

This one seems the obvious reason to get search terms, but as you’ve seen from the rest of this post, that’s not the case. At least for me.

  • my-health-and-fitness-journey-a- june-2018-update/ – Here’s another person who pastes my link into search bars! Wanna get fit? There’s some inspiration, I suppose …
  • “people to admire and why” – I wrote a post for the May blogging challenge in 2017. It really wasn’t much of a post, haha
  • tips for helping with wisdom teeth surgery – THIS is the best search term I’ve ever gotten, because that means someone wanted to read tips on wisdom teeth surgery recovery! This blog series was created for this purpose.
  • learn my kodak digital camera – I didn’t end up figuring out much about mine, so hopefully, they don’t learn from my example …
  • my health and fitness journey – Why would you look up your health and fitness journey? You think other people have written about your fitness experience … whoever you are? Haha, at least they found mine. Get motivated!
  • gender reveal guatemala – Now, hold on for a minute! Hold up! I was revealing the gender of my little sister, and Guatemala’s in my blog name, so … I doubt they found what they were looking for …
  • staying orgaznized goal – My, what a fine speller you are!
  • desk tour – I was actually excited when I got this search term! I mean, desk tour? I love sharing desk tours!
  • bullet journal happy new year – Happy New Year to you, too!
  • why i admire tolkien – I once wrote a post about The Hobbit, although I must say that I do admire Tolkien, as well.
  • happy new year bullet and a – What’s that? Happy new year bullet? Let’s not get feisty, now!
  • thrifted haul – Aaah yes, there are other thrifted haulers out there! I hope you enjoyed reading about mine.
  • hisperfecttiming – That’s actually three words, and I wrote about that here.
  • bullet journal 2018 – Wooo! This is a pretty good search term to get.
  • about maggie – Well, hello! What Maggie were you searching for there? You found this one!
  • homemade doughnut without holes – Really! We have a term for that: DONUT HOLES!
  • reasons to love the great gatsby – I enjoyed writing this post, but here I am, fueling random citizens’ Gatsby essays instead of forcing these uncultured individuals to go out and read the novel themselves. *exits in a huff*
  • new testament the lord gives and takes away – *soft gasp* How dare you de-capitalize the Lord’s name! Maybe this post I wrote will set you straight.
  • relationships freedom letzing goLetzing go? That sounds Swedish, or something …

#6: They can’t spell Guatemala.

Yeah, no one can spell it.

  • dreamingofquatemal – Ooh, QUAT-emal? Sounds exotic haha
  • dreaming of gutalmale bloh – You are looking at my all time favorite search term. There’s nothing quite like someone looking for my blog, doesn’t know how to spell ‘Guatemala,’ then spells out their frustration and includes it in the search. *takes a sophisticated sip of tea*
  • dreamingofgutalmlablog – Come on, you don’t really think that’s how it’s spelled … do you?
  • dreaming of guatemala – Well! *pleased grin* At least there’s SOMEbody who tried to find my blog and successfully did so! That’s some correct English right there!

I hope you enjoyed reading my delightful commentary. This was honestly one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve ever written.

What search term was your favorite?

Want to check out your own search terms?
Visit your blog stats (My Sites > Stats), click on ‘Search Terms,’ then click ‘All Time.’

Celebrating My Two Year Blogiversary!

Celebrating My Two Year Blogiversary!

Two years ago today, I shared my first post on Dreaming of Guatemala!

In the first official post I wrote (see here), this is how I started my blogging journey:

This blog will be both an outlet for me to express what makes me joyful in life, as well as to keep track of my journey when it comes to Guate. I’m letting my faith rest in what the Lord has put on my heart, and I’ll be working toward that dream in the years to come.

I absolutely love this blog.

Sharing my thoughts on this beautiful website has taught me so much more about myself than I would have imagined possible. I’ve grown as a person, as an individual, and as a child of God. I’ve made beautiful friends, learned more about the world around me through the perspective of others, and my love of writing has grown immensely.

I don’t plan to stop blogging here any time soon. While I’ve been tempted over the months to start fresh, to move on to another blog and advance in my journey, I’ve also felt like Dreaming of Guatemala is a home to me. It’s a place where I can be myself and mature as a person, because somehow, this blog has grown with me.

Isn’t that crazy??

My Journey On
Dreaming of Guatemala

When I created this blog two January’s ago, I saw blogging here as being the pastime I needed to patiently wait on the Lord’s timing. Guatemala was very close to my heart at the time, and I didn’t want to grow weary in the waiting. I wanted to track my progress, enjoy talking about things I was doing (whether in preparation for Guatemala or simple hobbies in my daily life), and share how the Lord was (and is!) working in my life.

Related Post: Cultivating A Joyful Life | Happy In The Waiting

As the months went on and 2018 arrived in full swing, my thoughts and aspirations began going in a different direction. Before I even realized it, mission work slowly but surely became a part of me that will be manifested in my future, which isn’t as soon as I would’ve thought.

The Lord began changing my heart in 2018, leading me to focus on things in the present and less on the future.

I now value what I’m doing here instead of simply getting things done for when I’ll be there. (Wherever that may be.) I’m extremely passionate about comedy, inspiring others, and becoming the best version of myself that I can be. I had no idea a year ago (and certainly not two years ago) that this would be my mindset today, but it definitely is, and I absolutely love it. ❤

Participate In These
Mini Surveys!

To celebrate this blogiversary, I’d like to include you! If you’re a follower of my blog, I invite you to participate in the polls I’ve included below. (View this post in your browser to access the polls. Click here if viewing from the Reader.)

Thank you so much for being part of the community of bloggers! ❤