General Blogging Survey ~ Learn More About the Community!

General Blogging Survey ~ Learn More About the Community!

One of the best ways we can grow as bloggers is by finding out what the WordPress community likes to see on our blogs! In this post, I invite you to participate in a general blogging survey I’ve put together below. It consists of nine questions for you to answer, and then you can see the community’s preferences. Through the most popular answers, we can learn more about what our readers enjoy seeing from other blogs, which can assist each of us in improving our content! ❤

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Family Adventures | Part One

I have been spending a lot of time recently doing fun activities and going on fun adventures with my family! As the weather here in Georgia has started to cool off (which has also brought some rain along with it), we’ve been doing things outside to heartily welcome the beginning of fall. I shared some playground photography in this post, and in today’s post, I’ll share some recent photos I took with my family members.

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Advice for Learning a New Language

Advice for Learning a New Language

Recently, I found out that my friend Kaelyn is taking her first year of Spanish at school! I thought that was really cool, and I told her that I’ve been learning Spanish for quite a while now. When I realized that we could make a great collaboration together, where she could ask me questions about learning a new language and I could draw from my personal experience, that’s how this post came to be!

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New Things #1

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about focusing more of my attention on the new things in my life. It can be very easy to do just keep doing what I’ve always done, return to what I’m comfortable with, etc., but I’m finding that also being open to new things and being excited about unique experiences is beneficial, too! Even if I find out that something isn’t as great as I’d thought it would be (I can’t think of a current example, but it does happen lol), it was totally worth a shot.

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Flatlay Photography Challenge – Week 1

I absolutely love flatlay photography. Sure, spellcheckers don’t yet accept ‘flatlay’ as an acceptable photography form, but I sure do! These photos work out so well for featured images, and I love experimenting with taking my own from time to time. When I found a flatlay photography challenge on Pinterest, I immediately hopped on board!

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