Introducing: Maggie’s Blog Design Workshop + FREE Monthly Blog Coaching!

Introducing: Maggie’s Blog Design Workshop + FREE Monthly Blog Coaching!

Hi there! Welcome to Maggie’s Workshop! ❤ In this post, I share why I’m celebrating, as well as how YOU can join in on the fun!

Thank You For 2K!

When I first created this blog last winter, I NEVER would have guessed that I would get this far in just over one year! There are few things that have delightfully surprised me more, and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!

If I had to choose three main things that got me here, I would pick community, dedication, and experimentation. Nothing could be accomplished anywhere online without the support of others – and my blog is no different! Every comment I’ve ever received has kept me moving forward. ❤ Dedication has also had a lot to do with the growth of my blog, as I’ve kept up with it weekly since January of 2017 (save the two times I took a break!). Lastly, figuring out what you like to write and seeing what others love to read is the balancing act of blog experimentation! Keeping your site a mixture of these two things takes time, work, and passionate writing.

While thinking of a way to rightfully express my gratitude and celebrate this exciting blog milestone, I came up with something! By taking two of my favorite things about blogging – which is blog customization and teaching other bloggers – I have come up with a workshop for my blog!

This is why today, I am happy to introduce to you …

My Blog Design Workshop
+ FREE Blog Coaching!

First of all, you may be wondering, why am I interested in blog design? It’s because I have been designing my own blogs for years, and I used to make Disney edits on Instagram a few years ago! Both of these hobbies have attributed to my love for photography, digital design, and all things blog customization.

Next, you’ll probably ask: what designs do I offer? I’m completely open to whatever you’d like to decorate your blog! If you’d like a blog button with a cool design or a professional header, or you want a pretty signature to end your posts with – I’d be happy to work with you via email if you sign up through one of the easy forms below! (Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments – I’m here to help!)

You’d probably like to know this, as well: which apps/websites do I get my photos from? The base of most of my designs is beautiful, free stock photos from various websites, such as Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. To customize these pictures, I use the app ‘Rookie Cam’ on my iPhone 5s, as well as ‘Superimpose’! These are the five sources that allow me to use my creative energy for something useful. 🙂

Just in case you’re wondering: how long will they take to make? That depends on how many other people would like blog designs! I will keep up with a queue to make sure that everyone gets their designs in the order that they’ve signed up. ❤ I will be working on the designs as I am able!

The final thing you probably want to know is this: how much does it cost? Because this is a true hobby and favorite pastime of mine (and also because I’m not considering making this a small business – yet!), all you have to do to qualify is REBLOG THIS POST so that others will know about my blog designs! I am completely open to helping anyone achieve the blog design they envision. Even through the thick of all the crazy customization settings on WordPress, it is possible!

NOTE: To be added to the queue, simply
1) Email me your completed form,
2) Comment on this post that you’ve emailed me, and
3) Reblog this post on your blog to share with others!

Blog Art Form
(copy + paste and fill it out
on my Contact page!):

Blog Link:
Email Address: 

Blog Art Requests (choose 1-3 you’re interested in!):
Favorite Colors (1-3):
Font Preference (cursive, classic, bubbly, etc.):
Design Interests (floral, watercolor, retro, etc.):
Vision (how you see these designs turning out!):
Anything Else (include any pic/s you want me to customize): 


(Will be updated!)

FREE Monthly Blog Coaching on
Dreaming of Guatemala!

Many of you have probably seen my ‘About The Blog’ page, which is where I shared information on why I began blogging and how that journey has gone for me so far! Even though Dreaming of Guatemala is only just over a year old, I have been blogging for nearly seven years now. I definitely know my way around the dashboard, and more recently, I’ve been learning so much about how it works to blog when you’re part of a community.

Having the chance to share my experiences and tips with you guys would make me so happy! This is why near the end of each month, I’ll be sharing a post asking you to submit any questions you may have about blogging, and I will do my best to answer them! Once everyone has shared their questions, I’ll be writing a post on the first of the following month (the first edition will be on May 1st) to hopefully teach and inspire you with my blogging tips!

Thank you so very much for reading! I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to know that two thousand people hit the follow button on my blog. The sharing of today’s post is the biggest thanks in return that I can give you!

Happy blogging!

— Maggie

5 Simple Ways to Quickly Brighten Your Day

5 Simple Ways to Quickly Brighten Your Day

Hey there! I hope you’re doing well. ❤ In today’s post, I will be sharing a few inspirational tips with you! I know how much it helps me to be reminded of easy ways to get out of an emotional rut, as I find myself in one all too often. That is the inspiration behind this post. ❤

Sometimes, a day just truly doesn’t go well for us, which we can’t do much about. However, there are other days when it’s not the day itself, but how we see it that brings us down! I have noticed, especially over the past few years, how true this fact is in my life. It’s also an eye-opener to how we respond to what’s happening, as well as seeing circumstances as they truly are and not through biased vision. It’s a learning experience, for sure – one that I’m still very much on myself!

Just as much as I hope these tips will inspire you, I hope to inspire myself in return. They are five easy ways to quickly uplift your mood – and hopefully mine, too! Life is one crazy journey, and learning to face the sudden turns and ups and downs is where we will conquer our emotional roller coasters. 🙂

If you have any requests for this inspirational series, please do let me know in the comments below! It is my goal to focus on having my blog be as encouraging as possible, both to reader and author alike. ❤ I hope that you enjoy!

Because this post goes along with the theme of the HARPs challenge I’m participating in, I’m counting it as one of my posts! Go check out this awesome competition here.

5 Simple Ways to
Quickly Brighten Your Day

1. Go do something productive. I know that on days when things really aren’t going the way I’d like, it blesses me to make sure there are at least a few good things that will make me happy about that day! One thing that really gets my positivity gears turning is by performing an easy task I was already needing to do – regardless of how necessary, important, or detailed the thing is. It could be anything from re-organizing the refrigerator, jotting down blog post ideas, or arranging the shirts in your closet by color – it’s totally up to you! If you find that you’re already feeling a bit better after having completed that thing, that’s the important part.

2. Turn on your favorite song. For me, there are few things that boost my mood more than hearing one of my favorite tunes! This could be an epic instrumental piece, a hit pop song, or a worship song that always makes you joyful – it depends on your music taste, and how much you’re willing to jam out! 😉

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3. Compliment someone else. I read a post yesterday morning that beautifully reminded me just how uplifting it feels to make someone else smile! (I’ll be sharing that post with you this Saturday, so definitely be looking out for that!) I wouldn’t recommend complimenting others if you’re angry or something, because that could come across as aggressive. lol This applies better for on days when you feel sluggish, maybe it’s even rainy outside – a typical “meh” day. Try it! Giving someone confidence they probably don’t usually get will have a huge impact on them. ❤

4. Go outside. Weather-permitting, that is! There are few things that can dampen (sometimes literally) your mood more than a drizzly morning, or a hot afternoon, or a snowy evening. (Yeah. I heard Michigan’s getting snow. In April. #ThatsTheNorth) You get the picture! If you can comfortably go for a bike ride, a walk with your dog, or just sit out on your front porch – DO IT. There’s something beautifully refreshing about being out in nature.

5. Turn on your favorite movie. Even if you just watched it last week! If it’s your favorite movie, it’s bound to have scenes that bring you great happiness. Personally, I prefer a movie with a great sense of humor, but hey, you do you. If horror films are your cup of tea (although there’s certainly nothing refreshing about fright!), go enjoy your favorite movie. You won’t regret it!

Thank you so much for reading my post today! If I don’t get around to responding to comments until tomorrow, that’s because I’m going to the eye doctor this afternoon, and having my eyes dilated may cause dizziness and light sensitivity. haha

Let me know in the comments below:

How do YOU brighten your day?

Have a beautiful day!

— Maggie

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Introducing: My New Story!

Introducing: My New Story!

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Tuesday. ❤ Recently, I have been thinking about covering topics on my blog that haven’t appeared in my posts in weeks (even months, in some cases!). I like to keep a variety of focuses in my posts because otherwise, my content gets repetitive. 🙂 Ironically, I just began writing a story I’ve been slowly brainstorming for months! That’s why this post is going to be all about my new story! ❤

Now, I won’t be sharing too much, because that might distract me from the beginning stages of forming this story. However, I have created a simple questionnaire I came up with to better figure out for myself where this story is going – and it will give you guys a peek into what it’s all about, too! Let’s check this out.

About My New Story

Quick Facts

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction
Setting: Tikal, Guatemala
Geared Audience: YA/Adult
Mood: Varies (adventurous, insightful, intense)
Main Characters: The family of Yik’in Chan K’awiil
Focus: The adventures of Atzi, Yik’in’s eldest [fictional] daughter
Projected Word Length: 40k
Moral: The love of family is greater than anything we may face.

The Inspiration For This Story

  • My love for Guatemalan culture. When I first began reading about the ancient Mayans, I was captivated! Getting to learn more about the roots of the Guatemalan people is awesome.
  • My interest in history in general! I can’t get over how interesting everything I learn about other cultures (usually the facts that most people don’t know) always is! Some of the things are sad, and others are even frightening, but as a whole, learning about how people survived (and thrived!) hundreds and hundreds of years ago is absolutely amazing.

Why I’m Writing This Story

I recently came to the realization that throughout all of human history, we are in great need of a loving Lord and Savior. Incorporating my faith and belief in Jesus Christ into my writing is exactly what I need (and am loving!) to do … because even though much of the focus of historical recounts are on politics, society, and the works of historical figures, I know that there were many people who trusted in the Lord, whether history wants to remember it or not.

By studying other time periods and spending time praying over how I may bring awareness to others’ faith in the Lord throughout history, this is my current mission in the world of writing.

So far, I have studied much of the European Middle Ages and am in the process of writing a story having to do with one of the first completed manuscripts of the Bible. As for my Mayan story? It will be focusing on the fact that even though the people of Tikal had a strong religious system, Yik’in’s family senses greater truth in the movings of the Holy Spirit over the rituals and practices of their gods.

I can’t wait to see where this mission will take me! I’m fully looking forward to studying other cultures, as well, and working on even more stories in the future. ❤

Thanks for reading! Once I’m ready to, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my Tikal story (which doesn’t have a proper name yet). 🙂 I’m also considering writing a post containing the brilliant way I figured out how to properly outline story ideas that I have!

— Maggie