Meet Maggie, a girl who loves the Lord and who adores pursuing the plans He has for her.

She grew up in Georgia and was raised by northern parents, so her American accent is a mixture of southern charm and distinctly northern tones. She’s passionate about staying positive, happily learning to embrace the unique aspects of her life, and consistently trying new things.

Maggie is eighteen years old, has a heart for learning ASL, and enjoys socializing and making others laugh. She daily reads the Bible and other books that help her grow in her relationship with the Lord, and her favorite music sings His praises. She has four younger siblings whom she loves very much, and she loves being creative and expressing herself through art, interior design, and especially her words.

Maggie created Dreaming of Guatemala on January 6th, 2017.

In the two years that have elapsed since that decision, she has grown immensely as a person and as an individual. She has made friends, learned new things, and thoroughly enjoys keeping up with her Christian lifestyle blog, which has slowly merged into a more personal Christian site.

Encouraging others and spreading the word about other blogs is her main goal on Dreaming of Guatemala, although she also strives to work through the hard things she faces in life. She desires to remain open about her struggles, her victories, her insecurities, and the rocky points in her journey as a young adult and a blogger.

Join Maggie on her mission to be a light that shines in this world.

Her number one reason for continuing to blog is to inspire, educate, and entertain others. Having a place online where she can talk about the highs and lows in an uplifting manner is both an encouragement to her and all her readers.

Maggie is always open to hearing from people, whether they have a prayer request, blogging questions, or a collaboration idea. Feel free to send her a message!

Thank you so much for being here!

Last updated December 2018.