About Maggie

Hi there! I’m very happy that you’re here. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Maggie, and I’m the writer behind Dreaming of Guatemala.

I started this blog in January 2017 as a way to creatively express myself through words and graphic design. What started as a Christian lifestyle site has slowly turned into a personal blog where I share content on a huge variety of subjects. I am sure that you will find something here that interests you! (Click here to read more about my blog!)

Now, here are some quick facts about me 🙂

  • I just finished high school! My mom homeschooled me my entire childhood, from kindergarten age through my senior year. It was a beautiful experience and is definitely the reason why I love learning new things as much as I do now.
  • I’m taking a gap year. This means that for at least the next year or so, I’ll be spending time with my family, saving money, traveling, and more instead of immediately pursuing community college / applying at Covenant college. I’m excited to have this time to prepare for what lies ahead of me so that I’ll be fully equipped when the time comes! ❤
  • I’ve had a relationship with the Lord since I was eleven. I am forever thankful for everything He has taught me, and I can’t wait to see where He will take me next!
  • I have been blogging since I was ten. Yup, I have been running a blog (on and off) for the last eight years, haha! It has definitely taught me a lot, not just about writing and maintaining a blog, but also how to interact in the community and meet new bloggers.
  • I live in the southern United States – Georgia, specifically. I’ve been here my whole life, and the farthest I’ve traveled from home was a trip to Michigan in 2003! I love exploring my country, and I have to say that Georgia is a great state to live.
  • I’m a proud big sister. I have four younger siblings (pictured clockwise and listed from oldest to youngest): Joshua (14) is fun to be around and loves playing his PS4; Samuel (6) is a silly first grader and a sweet big brother who adores his baby sisters; Elizabeth (1) is adorable and has a fun personality; and Isabella (four months) has the cutest smile and loves being with all of us.

  • I love studying history and learning about famous people. I’m easily able to remember interesting facts about things, which makes it fun to be able to tell my family the cool things I learn about different past events/time periods and historical figures!
  • Autumn is my favorite season. The warmer months here in the southern US are really hard on me because the humidity is so high most days (and I’m plagued by pollen in the spring lol), so throughout the fall and even early winter are a huge relief! I love spending time outside, hanging out indoors when the weather’s not agreeable, and oh my gosh, fall photography makes me happy to be alive.
  • Interior design is one of my absolute favorite things. Decorating the home is huge hobby of mine! While the only place I have to decorate at the moment is my room, I look forward to the day when I have my own home to fully furnish. ❤

Last updated May 2018.