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The name’s Valerie, but everyone calls me Maggie. I’m 19 years old, the daughter of a beautiful couple, and the big sister of four awesome kids. I am extremely passionate about countless things, some of which I’ll list later on in this page. I was born and raised in the state of Georgia, where I still reside today. In 2018, I graduated from a childhood of homeschooling and I’m excited about what the future holds for me. My relationship with the Lord is the most important fact about me, and it’s because of His love for me that I’m the girl I am today.

Here’s a bit about my siblings: Joshua (15) loves auto mechanics, becoming a master at various games, and trying new things; Samuel (7) loves his little sisters, giving others special gifts, and playing games; Elizabeth (3) loves hanging out with her family, watching shows that make her laugh, and interacting with animals; and Isabella (1) loves being feisty, making her family laugh, and cuddling in blankets.

I love experimenting with color (i.e. coloring pages, interior design, and collages!). I adore expressing myself through short stories, improvisational jokes, character impressions, and song lyrics. I spend my time being a help to my family, watching movies, writing blog posts, listening to basically all genres of music, learning new things, playing games, and enjoying the great outdoors. I’m learning how to enjoy each day to the fullest without being obsessed with the past or the future – it’s right now that matters. ❤

I started Dreaming of Guatemala on January 6th, 2017 (read my first post here!), but I have been blogging since I was eleven years old. I’ve had many different kinds of blogs over the past eight years, which has given me a lot of experience in constructing blog posts, interacting with other bloggers, and the various mechanics behind running a successful blog. I have an entire topic on my blog dedicated to blogging tips, which I’d definitely encourage you to check out!

One thing I have truly enjoyed doing since 2019 began is making healthy lifestyle and fitness changes! I love going to the gym, regularly doing my ab workout, picking fruit over processed sugary treats, making healthy lunches, and doing various stretches that help to relieve muscle tension, especially in my shoulders and neck. I also love doing different JustDance games on the Wii, especially since Elizabeth and Isabella usually dance along with me!

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Last updated June 2019.