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About The Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

My Calling –

Q: Why did you name your blog Dreaming of Guatemala?

A: I created this blog less than one week after the Lord showed me I would one day serve Him in Guatemala! While discussing possible blog names with my mom one day, her suggestion of Dreaming of Guatemala stuck with me so steadfastly that I knew it was to be my blog’s name. The rest is history!

Q: Have you ever been to Guatemala?

A: No, I have not yet been to Guatemala. In fact, the farthest I’ve been from my home state of Georgia was the one time I went to Michigan when I was little, which means I’ve yet to leave my home country! I’d absolutely love to travel the world someday, and among my top travel destinations is the lovely Guate.

Q: When are you going to Guatemala?

A: This is the truthful answer that has surprised others when I tell them – I don’t know! Although, a more definitive answer to give would actually be: when the Lord leads me. He is the One Who gave me this calling, and I know that it will also be Him Who will one day bring me to this Central American country. Even though I am without travel plans, all of my faith has been put in the promise He has given me, and I intend on trusting wholeheartedly in Him through this waiting process.

Q: How did God reveal this calling to you?

A: I described this experience in full detail on this post, but to put it simply, I was browsing the Hope for Guatemala website one evening (it was the first day of January in 2017!), when I suddenly felt compelled to pray. Before I knew what was happening, I was kneeling beside my bed with tears streaming down my face. The peace that washed over me and filled my being is indescribable, and more beautiful than even I can comprehend. Without a word being spoken, He imparted to me through His Holy Spirit the knowledge that Guatemala was, without a doubt, in my future. Since that day, I have known for certain of this plan He has for my life!

My Blog –

Q: When did you start Dreaming of Guatemala?

A: On January 6th, 2017! I created it that evening, then worked on my first post, as well as the blog layout and design, that whole weekend. (The benefits of starting a blog on a Friday, haha)

Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: For nearly eight years off and on. It has been one crazy journey! Over the years and through different stages of my life, I’ve had personal blogs, photography blogs, informative blogs, and at one time, I had a craft blog. lol This current one is the only one I have up and running at the moment, however.

Q: How do you get more followers?

A: In different posts, I’ve stressed the importance of community on a blog, because interacting with others is a beautiful way to stand out in the online world! When it comes to specifically promoting posts, I don’t do it because it hasn’t worked for me personally in the past. The key to catching readers’ attention are good titles, posts filled with pictures, and epic content that will keep everyone coming back for more. Check out my blog tips for more inspiration!

Q: Why do you get more comments than likes
on some posts?

A: Yeah, I’ve had someone ask me this before, haha! Sometimes, it’s because I’ve had a conversation with one individual in the comment section, so it blows up the comment count for that post, making the number inaccurate for the sake of comment/like ratio. Other times, the people who have liked a particular post contribute more to the post’s conversation. As a whole, because I reply to all comments, the comment count of every post is double the number of bloggers who actually responded. If you’d like to have more conversations with your fellow bloggers on your blog, strike up conversation with them, and reach out to others!

Q: How do you consistently post
and stick to a blog schedule?

A: Throughout my year of blogging in 2017, I tried out a great many things in the area of post planning and organizing, and all of them worked for me at those times in my life. Finding out what works for you is key, and then sticking to that is a great way to fall into the habit of blogging comfortably! First, decide how many times you wish to post a week/month, then write down possible post titles/ideas. To develop a blog schedule, all I do is figure out what types of posts I enjoy doing on which days of the week, which helps create consistency in my posting, as well as predictability to my readers. There’s no right or wrong way – it’s all about what you enjoy doing the most!

Q: How do you collaborate with other bloggers?

A: This one is really easy! If you’re interested in teaming up with another blogger, just send them an email letting them know you’d like to write a post with them. Once you two agree on a topic and a day and time to share the posts, stay in contact as you work on you guys’ posts. Examples: both write separate posts on the same topic, write a part one/part two post to shoutout to each other’s blogs, interview each other, etc.