what is a VISIONARY? + tips & tricks if you are one

Hello! I have a really cool topic to share with you today.

Have you ever come across a word, a definition, an idea, description, etc., and it perfectly describes you, but you had no idea before that that it was an actual thing? (Wow, this opening sentence is already quite dramatic haha) This has happened to me more than once, and it’s always so exciting because it means 1) there are other people like you out there!, and 2) you can possibly learn something new about yourself!

This is what happened to me a few days ago when I read the description of a visionary.

So, what is a visionary?

vi·sion·ar·y / ˈviZHəˌnerē / adjective

  1. (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.

Thanks, Oxford!

Okay, a few words from me about this topic before I delve in, just to clear a few things up:

  • This term is most commonly used for individuals in leadership roles, so the information I’ve derived from the cited articles at the bottom of this post has been paraphrased and geared to apply to anyone who thinks and lives like a visionary, regardless of their professional stance. *grins*
  • The secondary definition of “visionary” involves supernatural apparition, which is not what I’m talking about today. That may be the case for some, but it certainly isn’t for me and that is not why I’m interested in exploring how the visionary mind works haha

While companies have jumped on board this type of leadership with excitement and charisma, visionaries existed long before corporate settings ever did. I’m really excited to see what constitutes a visionary and what we can learn from past and current leaders with these characteristics!

*notices on the first article I read that Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are visionaries* *suddenly doesn’t feel like a visionary anymore* Let’s press on

Are YOU a visionary? Let’s check out these traits and see! 😀

  • Visionaries see the world differently. Are you a creative storyteller, an innovative blog post-writer, someone who comes up with business ideas or ways of improving the world? All three of these (especially when combined, haha) are definite signs that you’re a creative and imaginative individual.

“A visionary … embraces the unknown as a blank canvas for innovation, experimentation and pioneering new possibilities.”

  • Visionaries help others see the vision. It’s one thing to have these awesome ideas, but it makes it that much cooler when you can spark others to feel as excited as you do about those goals and dreams! Sometimes, this may just involve telling the people you know about your unique perspective, but there are also instances where your idea may be the springboard for one person (or many!) to do something differently, which is one of the coolest things ever.
  • Visionaries turn their ideas into reality. What sets this kind of person apart from everyone else who has big ideas is ACTION! Have you ever known someone who discusses the innovative plans they have in the early stages, and then later on they worked on making that dream possible and you can see the results? I know how inspiring that is to me!

Visionaries make things happen, they find ways to get the work done, they bypass and jump over obstacles and hurdles. It’s insanely inspiring to watch, and even more epic when you’re the one doing it!

  • Visionaries are constantly learning about themselves and moving forward. If you have a visionary mind, chances are you are on the never-ending journey of exploring your ideas, making progress, and never remaining in the same place for long. This quality is highly reflected in the way that I blog! Over the years, I’ve allowed my content to shift and ebb and flow and directly follow the way I’m living, thinking, and feeling. Streamlining my posts never worked because my ideas and dreams and goals kept pulling me in new directions, which I think is awesome! But it can be hard for readers of visionary bloggers to know where they’re going 😉
  • Visionaries are disciplined. Are you dedicated, passionate, hard-working, self-motivated? These are telltale signs of a visionary! Now, it doesn’t mean that you always respond and think like this in every single situation, but they are recurring traits to pay attention to. 🙂
  • Visionaries are enthusiastic and their passion is contagious. For me personally, when I have an awesome idea for something I can do or change, I get really excited about it! This passion comes across in the way we relay our ideas to those around us – in the facial expressions we use and the hand gestures that effectively illustrate our plans, in our tone of voice and our ability to convey our excitement to others. People love dreamers, especially the ones who are chasing and achieving their dreams!

Ooh I loved learning more about how visionaries think!

I really wanted to explore this leadership style because there’s so much we can learn from the way that visionary leaders think, plan, dream, and achieve.

Now, you certainly do not have to match all of the characteristics listed above to be a visionary, but many of them are connected, and oftentimes with one you will find the others!

You know how most of the personality tests out there kind of imply that whatever result/s you get are yours for life? That is not true of the visionary mindset. Sometimes, we’re born with abilities and tendencies, but it is very possible to learn from the people we’re inspired by (for me right now, that’s visionary leaders!) and model our behaviors and personality after them!

I think it’s awesome when we’re so touched by the way someone lived or is living now that we adapt and apply those admirable qualities to our lives in our own new way.

I’d like to finish up this post by sharing two things that I have learned from my own visionary mindset!

Don’t be afraid to go where your ideas take you! One thing that visionaries do with their dreams that is crucial to recognize is that even when they’re met with opposition, roadblocks, and setbacks, the find new ways to press on toward the goal. This sometimes involves allowing the dream to shift entirely, which requires us to release the old way of viewing those plans and chasing them in the new attainable way we’ve discovered. When I’ve allowed my blog post inspiration to go where they take me instead of quitting writing posts because that one schedule I came up with didn’t work, it is SO rewarding! Make new schedules, transform your dreams, and allow your imagination to flow.

Find ways to keep track of your ideas in the way/s that suit you. When I have too many plans (which happens very often), I become mentally bogged down by them. Sometimes they are conflicting, which results in my being pulled in several directions, but more often than not, I simply do not have enough time in the day to accomplish them! That isn’t my fault, and it takes surrendering my desire to “do it all” and narrowing it down to doing all that I can. When I really need to record and document plans and dreams that are filling my mind, I’ll make a list, start a blog post draft, create a note on my phone, etc. – something that will get the abstract ideas out of my head and onto something I can hold and reference later.

Thank you SO much for reading! This was honestly such a cool post to write (which you could probably tell by the way I wrote it, haha).

Are you a visionary? Or are you inspired by the way visionaries think? How can you apply visionary qualities to your life to achieve your dreams? Let me know in the comments!

Special thanks to the writers at MSU and HuffPost!

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Cool! You know, I’m actually not completely certain what type I am because I test differently almost every time. I’ve gotten the ENFJ before. The type I get the most often is INFP, but I identify with the ENFP more, because even though I do feel introverted I’m not shy at all?? Help, I don’t know who I am. XD


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