I wrote a short story narrating the first six stock photos I saw

Happy Sunday to you! Both of my blogs are currently under construction, which means that my posting habits are a bit under the weather. *pulls out a colorful umbrella with a grin* So, I thought that while we all wait around for the unveiling of the updated, revamped, improved blogs of mine to arrive in all their wonder, allow me to treat you to some fictional lemonade and a really fun short story I wrote last night.

I was browsing stock photos for a collage post I’m working on, and I realized that the last several pictures I had scrolled past all had a story to tell. *arches an eyebrow* Care to see what they made me think of? Let me know in the comments below which tiny story was your favorite!

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for this.” Her apology was quick, but her movements were faster: the ballpoint pen was retracted and the files were back in her case before he could formulate any response.

“How are you feeling?” The question was poised from across the room, but she didn’t bother to respond. There was never true affection behind the formalities, and keeping to herself hurt less than daring to be open.

“You really think you can do this?” Her facial expression challenged him, yet he knew she’d keep falling for him no matter what he did. Alas, his pride went before a fall – turning away from him by that stone wall, she intended on never coming back.

“You look great.” Smiling away from him, she continued to finger the distant ceiling, allowing her muscles to lengthen and strengthen, the beautiful memories they had shared welling up inside of her.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Her smirk appeared genuine, then it gave way to a smile that lasted. Their laughter outlived the sparkler between her fingers.

“You’ve got to be joking.” Her gaze scattered across the distance as she listened to him go on, shaking her head in feigned displeasure.

Whew, that was fun! The stories didn’t end up tying in to each other, but it’s still interesting to read all of them in the order that I wrote them. If nothing else, it’s a great writing exercise – for each one, I looked at the photo, wrote out the first line of dialogue that came to me for each, then narrated a bit of what was happening in the character/s’ minds. I hope you enjoyed it!

44 replies on “I wrote a short story narrating the first six stock photos I saw”

I knowwww, right!? I’m great, thank you for asking!! I didn’t blog for the majority of 2019, because I really wanted to take some time off to work on myself! The new year motivated me to start writing again (since it is, after all, something I love doing). I missed this community so much! How are youuuu? It really has been way too long! 😀

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That’s awesome! I’m so glad you took that time to work on self-improvement – I did that on and off in 2019 which made me feel flighty on my blog but I absolutely LOVE where I am now! 🥰 I’m in a great place emotionally and there’s still so much I want to learn and share. I’m changing the way I blog and I’m so excited about these changes.
I’ve missed you so much! I’m so glad you’re back! 😍💜
That’s awesooooome! *applauds loudly* I’m like the biggest fan of your blog ngl 😂

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Ahh, I’m so happy for you! Sometimes, change can be a scary thing, but once you do it, everything feels so much better!! I’m excited to follow along your new blogging journey! ♡
I’ve missed you too!! I’m so glad we found eachother on this platform, haha! Aww, you’re too kind! Thank youuuu! 😀

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Very true! It’s very daunting when you think about living differently, but once you start actually breaking old habits and forming new ones, it gets easier and easier and more exciting to see all the progress you’re making. 🙂 Aw thank you!!
You’re very welcome! ❤

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I recall when I used to do this a lot when I used to write a lot. Thank you for taking me down a writing memory lane!

Anyways, I love the way you use descriptions and the 5th one is my overall favorite for I love this line:

“Their laughter outlived the sparkler between her fingers.”

It’s always a joy to read your work, Maggie. 😄

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