'The Couple' – A Short Story

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a beautiful day πŸ™‚ ❀ It has been fAR too long since I shared creative writing on here. *checks to see when the last story piece was posted* Good grief – ‘Jay’ was shared in June of last year… and I loved writing that. Anyway, let’s see what I have for today!

In the last week of December, I invited all of my followers to vote for which posts would make up my first week of content in the new year! So, inspirational short story and funny short story tied for first on the very last poll, and I kinda meshed both genres into “The Couple” whoops. I thought about writing two separate stories, but this one turned out so well and I just went with it. Hopefully, ya get a laugh and an “aww” moment because that’s what I was hoping for!

This is my first time sharing basically a movie script without any body language cues because that would have bogged down the dialogue, so I’ll let each reader decide what these characters look like and create all of their little idiosyncrasies. Have fun with it ❀

‘The Couple’

“You know what I love, George?”

“What’s that, honey?”

“The sky seat. It’s my favorite.”

“Yes; that’s why we make the trip up here.”

“Oh, but isn’t it worth it, George?”

“When you put it that way, I suppose it is.”

“It always has been and always shall be.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“Oh, George! We’ve made it! What a wonderful elevator ride!”

“Don’t excite yourself and make a scene, Agnes.”

“We’re far past that stage, George – I am the scene!”

“Let’s just make it to our table comfortably, shall we?”

“Of course. Here, I’ll lead the way.”

“You always do.”

“Alright – now. How shall we sit today?”

“As we always do – in a chair, of whatever sort we choose.”

“Oh, don’t rhyme like that. It reminds me of the days I believed I was a poet.”

“But you are a poet – each word you speak is rhythmic and stirs something within my heart.”

“That’s your pacemaker, dear.”

“Don’t be foolish.”

“I’m not being foolish. Either way, I am the only person who makes you feel like that, which absolutely means I am not a poet!”

“Let’s not fight! I want to eat breakfast!”

“Well, you’re the one who’s shouting!”

“You started it! No, I am done. I’m too hungry.”

“Good. I win, then.”

“No; a surrendered victory is hardly a trophy to behold.”

“At the very least, I have a trophy. Waiter! We need menus!”

“We’ve been coming here since you were a spring chicken. The last thing we need is a menu.”

“Yes, but my eyesight is not what it used to be.”

“You don’t need eyes to order from memory.”

“Yes, well that’s going, too!”

“How would you know? You can’t see to tell!”

“Fine; you will order for me, then. Chicken and eggs – the runny kind.”

“Oh, what a surprise. How adventurous you are.”

“Just as you were, back when we used to be exciting.”

“Well, that certainly stopped since you grew a set of wheels.”

“I loathe the fact that you consider the wheelchair to be part of me.”

“You are certainly well attached to it.”

“Don’t laugh in public, dear – it makes you look weak.”

“What! Weak in restraint? I’m quite enjoying myself.”

“And how do you feel about your cane?”

“Quite fine, actually. You cannot joke about it to the point where it will break me; my cane will still support me.”

“Oh, but you are monstrous.”

“It is only because I love you so.”

“How beautiful it is that we can fight and still love each other. Isn’t it something, George?”

“What is more remarkable is my heightened ability to speak fluent sarcasm. You can thank our grandsons.”

“They’ll certainly be hearing from me.”

So? How’d you like this story? haha honestly, if I overheard an older couple riffing back and forth in a conversation like this at a restaurant, I’d love them immediately. When two people thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, their happiness is contagious! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚ ❀

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β€œDon’t excite yourself and make a scene, Agnes.”

β€œWe’re far past that stage, George – I am the scene!”

new ship and i say this as someone who isn’t usually that invested in ships
this is
beautiful ❀

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