How to Make Long-Term Goals You Can Actually Achieve

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a beautiful day πŸ™‚ ❀ As you can tell by all of my recent posts, I’m currently figuring out how I want to write post intros. lol as it is, they’ll keep being vague and you’ll have to click on the posts to actually get a feel for what they’re actually about, haha

In the last week of December, I invited all of my followers to vote for which posts would make up my first week of content in the new year! This post, which is all about making long-term goals and advice on reaching them, got the most votes on the sixth poll. I must say, I freaked out a bit because I was expecting (for some reason) one of the other post options to win, and I ended up FORGETTING what I was going to offer advice on for this topic. *slow shrug* Come along with me as I try to remember. haha

For the past few years, I’ve loved the thought of setting new year’s resolutions for myself. However, despite my best intentions, I never found the perfect goal to set that I was actually able to achieve in the twelve months that followed. I found myself disheartened in the first few months of the year, but by April or so, I had returned to regularly scheduled programming: making day goals, week goals, and month goals.

When we set goals that are too big for ourselves, we unintentionally sign up for failure.

New year’s resolutions are exciting and fun to talk about when they’re huge and life-altering and something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time. I get that – they’re a ton of fun to discuss! But what I’ve found in my life personally is that I dream of accomplishing stuff in January that are pretty out of line with what I am able to do in my life.

January is the time for big change, but things can get discouraging quickly. That’s why I’m here to share with you today that it is very possible to set long-term goals that are achievable to the very best of our ability.

Here’s an important secret for you:

When we get caught up in the end goal, we lose sight of the journey.

That’s my quote, by the way. πŸ˜‰

Think about this: you’re planning to go on a road trip with you family. What’s the end goal? To arrive at your destination. How are you guys going to get there? You pick the place/s you want to go, make plans/reservations, pack your bags, get everyone ready, fill up the gas tank on your vehicle, then hit the road.

There is SO MUCH MORE to life than the end goal. ❀

When we make a long-term goal for ourselves, we become very hyper-focused on how we’re going to get to the finish line. It’s hard to pin down what actually needs doing to get anywhere close to there if you do not first train, plan, think ahead, allow for detours, etc.

If you have something that’s really on your heart to work toward achieving, whatever it is, then you should totally go out there and chase that dream! Find little ways every single day to work toward the end result.

If you want to attain fluency in a foreign language, learn a few new words in that language every single day. If you want to start drinking eight glasses of water daily, begin by drinking a few glasses each day and over the course of a few weeks add one. If you want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, start by making one salad, by walking one mile.

We reach the huge goals we’re dreaming of by living in the moment, making little progress every day, and celebrating every step we take.

One thing that has personally truly helped me to love the journey and patiently attain various goals is by looking at nature. The Lord designed the seasons to slowly transition into the next. The life stages of various animals are fluid and sensible. In the lives of humans, we begin as babies, develop into children, go through puberty, reach adulthood, and acquire old age. He perfectly designed us and the world around us to follow in the perfect, beautiful, unchanging steps that make up our lives. When our aspirations are in line with that, we find peace, tranquility, and favor in His sight. ❀

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post could be an inspiration to you to keep dreaming and loving the life that you have. πŸ™‚ How about you?

How can YOU break down your
long-term goals into daily progress?

Special thanks to Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg on Unsplash for the base photo, special thanks to me for the cool text

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