A New (Year's) Hope: Guest Post

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a beautiful new year’s day 🙂 ❤ I already have an awesome guest post to share with you this year! I had initially just planned on doing the blog party (which you can go join in on here!), but when Weez emailed me back last night, I changed my plans. You guys need to read this guest post! (And yes, that is a sly not-so-sly Star Wars reference in the title. I got creative. haha)

I hope that you are just as encouraged by this lovely guest post as I was. Make sure you go check out her blog for more epic writing like this!

A New (Year’s) Hope

When Maggie asked me to do this, she initially asked for a poem. She pointed out that there are many ways to view New Year’s, and that maybe, maybe just maybe, I could try to capture the emotion of it all… in poem form.

I was deeply honored.

I still am.

I will forever be.

Thank you, Maggie.

I tried to wrap my head around that, and wound up warning her that it might be somewhere between a poem and prose. She was okay with that. I’m not fully okay with that (why should it be in-between?) but, something tells me I have to be. Maybe it’s the spirit of rock’n’roll. I don’t know.

It’s New Year’s. I know lots of people are glad (the end of the year, the end of the decade–the start of new, fresh life).

I’m… I’m a bit sad, actually. Except I’m also happy.

It’s… Baby, it’s in-between.

I liked this year. It wasn’t a bad year. It wasn’t a good year, exactly, either, though (do you remember–).

It was in-between.

Do you remember the start of 2019? I do. I remember, “I don’t make resolutions, but…” I was going to write a book. I didn’t exactly do that, but I did write a lot. Enough to fill so many books. I think that means that I did not succeed or fail. I think it means I was… Well, maybe a bit in-between.

I remember thinking, then, some of the things I’ve been thinking today. About “happy” New Year’s. About how usually, people aren’t really happy on New Year’s–or they don’t seem to be. They seem relieved, and a little bit upset. And like next time, next time they’ll do better. This time, this time, they’ll do all of the right things and come out happier.

I couldn’t have told you, last year, why that bothered me. I could’ve made some sad squeaking noises and pushed you away. I could’ve screamed into a pillow and then looked up to tell you I didn’t know. I could’ve–but now, now I can tell you what’s wrong.

On this earth, we will always, always be in-between.

I’m sorry. That’s not encouraging. Or maybe, maybe it is.

You can hustle all of the hustles, drink all of the water, lose all of the weight, read all of the books, and, yes, write your heart out, but, in the end?

That won’t make everything better.

It might make some things better, and some things worse. Mixed bag. Lettuce, cabbage, and spinach. What? Anyways.

Things are always better and worse; bad, and good.

It’s hard, because, you know things should be perfect, and they aren’t.

(I know what you’re thinking: this is in no way encouraging. But, but, hear me out. Because it is).

Do you know why that’s encouraging?

Because, if you trust the One who is in control, you can take a breath.

God’s got this. He always has, and He always will, and, darling, He doesn’t expect us to make everything better. He knows very well how in-between we are, right now–between Eden and Eternity–and He’s already initiated His rescue plan.

He already has everything orchestrated perfectly.

So you can take a breath.

I’m not saying don’t make New Year’s resolutions (I’m going to make one. Probably. Late tonight, when I’m tired and riding a sugar high). I’m saying don’t rely on them to solve your problems.

I’m saying maybe one of our resolutions should be to


(in and out, darling)

And trust Him

(He’s got it, baby, He’s got it)

While we’re in this

(this right here, this–)


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